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Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 20 October 2010 - 11 November 2012
Voice Director: Jamie Simone

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
A.I.M. Computer Vanessa Marshall "Hail HYDRA"
A.I.M. Drone Kyle Hebert "Secret Invasion"
  James C. Mathis III "Alone Against A.I.M."
  Nolan North "Alone Against A.I.M."
  Bumper Robinson "Alone Against A.I.M."
  Fred Tatasciore "Secret Invasion"
  Rick D. Wasserman "Secret Invasion"
A.I.M. Pilot Fred Tatasciore "Hail HYDRA"
A.I.M. Scientist Dwight Schultz "Alone Against A.I.M."
  Jim Ward "Widow's Sting," "Hail HYDRA"
A.I.M. Scientist Supreme Nolan North "The Breakout" Pt. 1, "Alone Against A.I.M."
A.I.M. Soldier Phil LaMarr "Everything is Wonderful"
  Rick D. Wasserman "Everything is Wonderful"
Abigail Brand Mary Elizabeth McGlynn "Welcome to the Kree Empire"
Abomination / Emil Blonsky Robin Atkin Downes
Absorbing Man / Carl Creel Rick D. Wasserman
Adam Warlock Kirk Thornton "Michael Korvac"
Agent McCarthey Steve Blum "Nightmare in Red"
Anaconda / Blanche Sitznski Vanessa Marshall "Yellowjacket"
Ant-Man / Hank Pym Wally Wingert
Ant-Man / Scott Lang Crispin Freeman
Arnim Zola Grant Moninger
Assistant Kyle Hebert "Prisoner of War"
Balder Nolan North "Thor the Mighty," "The Breakout" Pt. 1
Baron Heinrich Zemo Robin Atkin Downes
Baron Strucker Jim Ward
Beta Ray Bill Steve Blum "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill"
Betty Brant Grey Griffin "Along Came a Spider..."
Black Panther / T'Challa James C. Mathis III
Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff Vanessa Marshall
Blizzard / Donnie Gill Troy Baker "The Breakout" Pt. 1, "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow"
Bruce Banner Gabriel Mann
Bucky / James Barnes Scott Menville
Bulldozer / Henry Camp James C. Mathis III "Gamma World" Pt. 1
Captain America / Steve Rogers Brian Bloom
  Jari Salo (Finnish)
Captain Marvel / Mar-Vell Roger Craig Smith "459"
Carina Korvac Jennifer Hale "Michael Korvac"
Cassandra Lang Colleen O'Shaughnessey "To Steal an Ant-Man"
Chemistro / Curtis Carr Nolan North "This Hostage Earth," "Acts of Vengeance"
Child Kang the Conqueror Phil LaMarr "New Avengers"
Civilian Vanessa Marshall "Along Came a Spider..."
Clay Quartermain Troy Baker
Cobra / Klaus Voorhees James C. Mathis III "Ultron-5"
Colonel Glenn Talbot Troy Baker
Colonel Tom Parker Jon Curry "Code Red"
Communications Officer Fred Tatasciore "The Ultron Imperative"
Constrictor / Frank Payne Troy Baker "Yellowjacket"
  Cam Clarke "The Breakout" Pt. 1
Crimson Dynamo / Anton Vanko Chris Cox "The Breakout" Pt. 1
Crossfire / William Cross Neil Ross "To Steal an Ant-Man"
Damocles Jim Ward "Meet Captain America," "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow," "Welcome to the Kree Empire"
Damocles Officer Alex Désert "Meet Captain America"
Dispatch Nolan North "Thor the Mighty"
Doc Samson / Leonard Samson Cam Clarke
Dock Worker Fred Tatasciore "Some Assembly Required"
  Rick D. Wasserman "Some Assembly Required"
Doctor Doom / Victor von Doom Lex Lang "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
Doughboy Grant Moninger "Living Legend"
Dr. Lyle Getz Kyle Hebert
Dum Dum Dugan John DiMaggio "The Fall of Asgard"
Dwarf Troy Baker "The Fall of Asgard"
Eitri John DiMaggio "The Fall of Asgard"
Enchantress / Amora Kari Wahlgren
Falcon / Samuel Wilson Lance Reddick
Fandral Chris Cox "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Faradei Troy Baker "The Fall of Asgard"
Female Kang the Conqueror Colleen O'Shaughnessey "New Avengers"
Frost Giants J.B. Blanc "Thor the Mighty"
  Fred Tatasciore "Thor the Mighty," "The Fall of Asgard"
  Rick D. Wasserman "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Gamma Monsters Steve Blum "Gamma World" Pt. 1
Graviton / Franklin Hall Fred Tatasciore "The Breakout" Pt. 2
Grey Gargoyle / Paul Pierre Duval Troy Baker
Griffin / Johnny Horton Fred Tatasciore "Who Do You Trust?"
Grim Reaper / Eric Williams Lance Henriksen
Groot Troy Baker "Michael Korvac"
Guide Rick D. Wasserman "The Casket of Ancient Winters"
HYDRA Computer Vanessa Marshall "Widow's Sting"
HYDRA Scientist Steve Blum "Meet Captain America"
HYDRA Soldier Chris Cox "Hail HYDRA"
  Phil LaMarr "Living Legend"
  Jim Ward "Hail HYDRA"
Hawkeye / Clint Barton Chris Cox
Heimdall J.B. Blanc "Thor the Mighty"
Hela Nika Futterman "The Fall of Asgard," "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Henry Peter Gyrich Jim Ward "Welcome to the Kree Empire"
Hoarfen Fred Tatasciore "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Hulk Fred Tatasciore
Hulkbuster Pilot Fred Tatasciore "Gamma World" Pt. 2
Hulkbuster Soldier Phil LaMarr "Panther's Quest"
Human Torch / Johnny Storm David Kaufman "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
Invisible Woman / Susan Storm Erin Torpey "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
Iron Fist / Danny Rand Loren Lester "To Steal an Ant-Man"
Iron Man / Tony Stark Eric Loomis
J. Jonah Jameson J.K. Simmons "Along Came a Spider..."
J.A.R.V.I.S. Phil LaMarr
  Jari Salo (Finnish)
Jack Fury Alex Désert "Meet Captain America"
Jane Foster Kari Wahlgren
Jasper Sitwell Tom Kane "Come the Conqueror"
Jimmy Woo Nolan North
Jocasta Colleen O'Shaughnessey "Ultron Unlimited"
Kalum Lo Fred Tatasciore "Welcome to the Kree Empire"
Kang the Conqueror Jonathan Adams
Karnilla Kari Wahlgren "This Hostage Earth"
Klaw / Ulysses Klaw Mark Hamill
Korvac / Michael Korvac Troy Baker "Michael Korvac"
Kree Black Ops Commander James C. Mathis III "Operation Galactic Storm"
Leader / Samuel Sterns Jeffrey Combs
Living Laser / Arthur Parks Nolan North
Loki Graham McTavish
Lucia von Bardas Kirsten Potter "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
Luke Cage Christopher B. Duncan "To Steal an Ant-Man"
MODOK / George Tarleton Wally Wingert
Mad Thinker Danny Mann
Madame Hydra / Ophelia Sarkissian Vanessa Marshall "Gamma World" Pt. 1, "Widow's Sting"
Man-Ape / M'Baku Kevin Michael Richardson
Mandrill / Jerome Beechman Fred Tatasciore "Some Assembly Required"
Maria Hill Kari Wührer
Mister Fantastic / Reed Richards Dee Bradley Baker "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
Mockingbird / Barbara Morse EG Daily
Ms. Marvel / Carol Danvers Jennifer Hale
N'Gassi Kevin Michael Richardson "The Man in the Ant Hill"
Narrator Jim Ward "Meet Captain America"
Newscaster Loren Lester "To Steal an Ant-Man"
Nick Fury Alex Désert
Odin Clancy Brown
Ogre Steve Blum "Meet Captain America"
  Rick D. Wasserman "The Fall of Asgard"
Older Kang the Conqueror Jonathan Adams "New Avengers"
Paramedic Gary Anthony Williams "Thor the Mighty"
Piledriver / Brian Calusky Nolan North "Thor the Mighty," "Gamma World" Pt. 1
Pilot Jon Curry "Code Red"
Police Chief Daran Norris "Along Came a Spider..."
Police Officer J.B. Blanc "Powerless"
  Kirk Thornton "Michael Korvac"
Professor Andre Thorton Tom Kane "Behold... The Vision"
Purple Man / Zebediah Killgrave Brent Spiner "Emperor Stark"
Quake / Daisy Johnson Lacey Chabert
Quasar / Phyla-Vell Moira Quirk "Michael Korvac"
Queen Veranke EG Daily
Rattler / Gustav Krueger Chris Cox "Yellowjacket"
Ravonna Cindy Robinson "Meet Captain America"
Red Hulk Fred Tatasciore
Red Skull / Johann Schmidt Steve Blum
Reporter Eric Loomis "The Deadliest Man Alive"
Robbie Robertson Troy Baker "Along Came a Spider..."
Rocket Raccoon Greg Ellis "Michael Korvac"
Ronan the Accuser Keith Szarabajka "Welcome to the Kree Empire"
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Troy Baker "Nightmare in Red"
  Steve Blum "Winter Soldier"
  Roger Craig Smith "Assault on 42," "Operation Galactic Storm"
  Fred Tatasciore "Hail HYDRA"
  Jim Ward "Iron Man is Born," "Widow's Sting"
  Rick D. Wasserman "Assault on 42," "Operation Galactic Storm"
S.H.I.E.L.D. Computer Vanessa Marshall "Hulk Vs the World"
  Kari Wührer "The Ultron Imperative"
S.H.I.E.L.D. Doctor Phil LaMarr "The Breakout" Pt. 2
Scanner Drone Brian Bloom "Alone Against A.I.M."
  Nolan North "Alone Against A.I.M."
Security Guard Neil Ross "To Steal an Ant-Man"
Sif Nika Futterman "Thor the Mighty," "The Fall of Asgard," "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Skrull Fred Tatasciore "Secret Invasion"
  Jim Ward "Prisoner of War"
Skrull Commander Rick D. Wasserman "Prisoner of War," "Secret Invasion"
Skrull Interrogator Troy Baker "Prisoner of War"
Skuttlebutt Mick Wingert "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill"
Spider-Man / Peter Parker Drake Bell "Along Came a Spider..."
Star-Lord / Peter Quill Steve Downes "Michael Korvac"
Stark Industries Executive James C. Mathis III "Alone Against A.I.M."
  Dwight Schultz "Alone Against A.I.M."
Super-Skrull / Kl'rt Kyle Hebert
Supreme Intelligence David Kaye "Live Kree or Die"
Surtur Rick D. Wasserman
Sydren Troy Baker
T'Chaka Hakeem Kae-Kazim "The Man in the Ant Hill"
TV Host Fred Tatasciore "The Deadliest Man Alive"
Technovore Dwight Schultz "Alone Against A.I.M."
Terrax Kevin Grevioux "Avengers Assemble"
Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross Keith Ferguson
Thing / Benjamin Grimm Fred Tatasciore "The Casket of Ancient Winters," "The Private War of Doctor Doom"
Thor Rick D. Wasserman
Thugs Crispin Freeman "To Steal an Ant-Man"
  Neil Ross "To Steal an Ant-Man"
Thunderball / Eliot Franklin Gary Anthony Williams "Thor the Mighty"
Troll Clancy Brown "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Ulik Troy Baker "The Fall of Asgard"
Ultron Tom Kane
Ultron Synthezoid Tom Kane "Come the Conqueror," "The Kang Dynasty"
  Wally Wingert "The Man in the Ant Hill"
Vapor / Ann Darnell Colleen O'Shaughnessey "Gamma World" Pt. 1
Vector / Simon Utretch Cam Clarke "Gamma World" Pt. 1
Virginia "Pepper" Potts Dawn Olivieri
Vision Peter Jessop
Volstagg Fred Tatasciore "The Fall of Asgard," "A Day Unlike Any Other"
Waitress Vanessa Marshall "Hulk Vs the World"
Wakandan Soldier James C. Mathis III "Behold... The Vision"
War Machine / James Rhodes Bumper Robinson
Wasp / Janet van Dyne Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Whirlwind / David Cannon Troy Baker
Winter Soldier / James Barnes Jon Curry
Wolverine / Logan Steve Blum
Wonder Man / Simon Williams Phil LaMarr
Wrecker / Dirk Garthwaite J.B. Blanc "Thor the Mighty"
Yon-Rogg Fred Tatasciore "459," "Welcome to the Kree Empire"

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