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Grim Fandango
Grim Fandango

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: October 1998

A LucasArts game.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aitor David Jeremiah
Alexi David Jeremiah
Beat Waiter Barry Dennen
Bibi Katie Leigh
Bowlsley Keith Szarabajka
Bruno Martinez Jack Angel
Carla Pamela Adlon
Cat Track Announcer Tom Kane
Celso Flores Peter Lurie
Chepito Jack Angel
Chief Bogen Barry Dennen
Chowchilla Charlie Joe Nipote
Clown Joe Nipote
Croupier Kay E. Kuter
Dockmaster Velasco Kay E. Kuter
Domino Hurley Patrick Dollaghan
Don Copal Michael Sorich
Doug Jim Ward
Ensign Arnold Raphael Sbarge
Eva Rachel Reenstra
Gatekeeper Tom Kane
Glottis Alan Blumenfeld
Gunnar Jim Ward
Hector LeMans Jim Ward
Large Hitman Jack Angel
Lola Barbara Goodson
Makeup Woman Katie Leigh
Manuel Calavera Tony Plana
Maximino Bill Capizzi
Mayan Mechanic #1 Raphael Sbarge
Mayan Mechanic #2 Tom Kane
Membrillo Milton James
Mercedes Colomar Maria Canals Barrera
Nick Virago Daragh O'Malley
Olivia Ofrenda Paula Killen
Pugsy Pamela Adlon
Raoul Tom Kane
Salvador Limones Sal Lopez
Seaman Naranja Jack Angel
Skinny Hitman Milton James
Slisko Peter Lurie
Terry Malloy Raphael Sbarge
Thunder Boy #1 Barry Dennen
Thunder Boy #2 David Jeremiah
Toto Santos Morgan Hunter
Tube-Switcher Repairman Michael Sorich
Unicycle Man Keith Szarabajka

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