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Balto II: Wolf Quest
Balto II: Wolf Quest

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 2001

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aleu Lacey Chabert
Aniu Monnae Michaell
Balto Maurice LaMarche
Boris Charles Fleischer
Dingo Nicolette Little
Fox Mary Kay Bergman
Hunter Joe Alaskey
Jenna Jodi Benson
Luc Kevin Schon
Muc Kevin Schon
Muru Peter MacNicol
Nava the Wolf Shaman David Carradine
Niju the Evil Wolf Mark Hamill
Nuk Joe Alaskey
Saba Melanie Spore
Sumac Rob Paulsen
Terrier Rob Paulsen
Wolverine 1 Kevin Schon
Wolverine 2 Rob Paulsen
Wolverine 3 Mary Kay Bergman
Yak Jeff Bennett

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