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Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 1996
Voice Director: April Winchell

Synopsis: This is a half-animated, half live-action point and click game. It is about a cartoonist named Drew Blanc (Christopher Lloyd) who draws a cartoon called "The Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show." He is getting sick and tired of drawing this and when his boss, Sam Schmaltz, tells him to draw yet another episode of the show, he has to do it.

Whilst drawing and thinking, he falls asleep and is whisked away into his drawings. Here he has to save the Fluffy Fluffy Bun Buns from the baddies. The player becomes Drew Blanc, and with help from Flux Wildly, ventures through games and puzzles and talk to other cartoons.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
B.B. Wolf Jim Cummings
Barman Rob Paulsen
Bouncer Tress MacNeille
Bowling Bear Frank Welker
Bricabrac Corey Burton
  Peter Weiss (German)
Chipper Tress MacNeille
Count Nefarious Tim Curry
  Joachim Kerzel (German)
Dough Jim Cummings
Dr. Stern's Receptionist April Winchell
Drew Blanc Helmut Krauss (German)
Elephant Frank Welker
Elmer Frank Welker
Feedback Jim Cummings
Fingers the Cashier Dom DeLuise
Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Tress MacNeille
Fluffy Fluffy Bun Bun Show Announcer Corey Burton
  Walter Wiegand (German)
Flux Wildly Dan Castellaneta
  Robert Missler (German)
Footman Corey Burton
Goggles Corey Burton
  Walter Wiegand (German)
Intercom Voice Corey Burton
  Michael Harck (German)
Jim Jeff Bennett
King Hugh Martin Heckmann (German)
  David Ogden Stiers
Lugnut Rob Paulsen
Marge Tress MacNeille
  Ursula Vogel (German)
Mee Rob Paulsen
Mouse Frank Welker
Ms. Fit April Winchell
Ms. Fortune Tress MacNeille
Outhouse Guard Jeff Bennett
Polly April Winchell
Ray Michael Harck
  Frank Welker
Robot Maker Jeff Bennett
  Michael Harck (German)
Sam Schmaltz Joachim Kerzel (German)
Sam Schmaltz's Assistant Tress MacNeille
Scarecrow Frank Welker
Seedy Jim Cummings
Snout Jim Cummings
Sparky Tress MacNeille
Spike Jeff Bennett
Squirrel Frank Welker
Surveillance Guard Frank Welker
The Carecrow Jeff Bennett
The Myna Bird Frank Welker
Venus Flytrap Frank Welker
Vulture Frank Welker
WACME Quiz Master Corey Burton
  Walter Wiegand (German)
Woof Jeff Bennett
  Martin Heckmann (German)

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