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Road Rovers
Road Rovers

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 1996
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Blitz Jeff Bennett
Captain Zachary Storm Larry Drake
Colleen Tress MacNeille
Communications Officer Yoshio Be
Confuseus Kevin Michael Richardson
Dr. Jeffrey Otitus Michael McKean
Eisnearian Ambassador Victor Brandt
Exile Kevin Michael Richardson
Gas Station Attendant Rob Paulsen
General Parvo Jim Cummings
Groomer Sheena Easton
Gustav Hovac George Dzundza
Hunter Jess Harnell
Judge Fore Ed Gilbert
Lieutenant Skeam Brian George
Luka Kaylan Romero
Muzzle Frank Welker
Olivia Peru Elizabeth Lamers
Persia Sheena Easton
Professor Eugene Atwater Steve Franken "Still a Few Bugs in the System," "Take Me To Your Leader"
Professor Hubert David Doyle
Prosecutor John Rubinow
Radio Announcer Maurice LaMarche
Sergeant Curse Phil Hayes
Shag Frank Welker
Sport Stephen Furst
Sydney the Archaeologist Lara Cody
The Master Joseph Campanella
Woman Soldier Karla DeVito

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