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Gérard Rinaldi

Gérard Rinaldi

Date of Birth: 17 February 1943

French singer and voice actor

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
American Tail, An (1986, Animated Film) Henri (French)
Balto (1995, Animated Film) Steele (French)
Batman: The Animated Series (1992, Animated Series) Boxy Bennett (French) "Harlequinade"
  Jonah Hex (French) "Showdown"
  Lloyd Ventrix (French) "See No Evil"
  Maxie Zeus (French) "Fire From Olympus"
Dog City (1992, Animated/Live Action/Puppet Series) Eliot Shag (French)
Five Children and It (2004, Animated/Live Action Film) It (French)
Gay Purr-ee (1962, Animated Film) Meowrice (French)
Grasshopper and the Ants, The (1934, Animated Short) Grasshopper (French)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002, Live Action Film) The Sorting Hat (French)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001, Live Action Film) The Sorting Hat (French)
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002, Live Action/Puppet TV Film) Johnny Fiama (French)
Kingdom Hearts (2002, Video Game) Clayton (French)
  Goofy (French)
Little Shop of Horrors (1986, Live Action/Puppet Film) Orin Scrivello (French)
Lucky Luke (1971, Animated Film) Square Dance Caller (French)
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Goofy (French)
Tarzan (1999, Animated Film) Clayton (French)

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