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Joey Mazzarino

Joey Mazzarino

Sometimes Credited As: Joe Mazzarino, Joseph Mazzarino
Date of Birth: 1968

Spouse: Kerry Butler

voiceography awards
Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, The (1999, Live Action/Puppet Film) Bug
Big Bag (1996, Animated/Live Action/Puppet Series) Chelli
  Lyle the Sock
Billy Bunny's Animal Songs (1993, Puppet Direct-to-Video Special) Frog
Blue's Room (2004, Live Action/Puppet Series) Boogie Woogie
CinderElmo (1999, Live Action/Puppet Special) King Fred
Cookie Thief, The (2015, Live Action/Puppet Special) Leonardo da Crunchy
  The Cream
Dog City (1992, Animated/Live Action/Puppet Series) Artie Springer
  Officer Fuzzy "The Dog Pound"
Elmo Saves Christmas (1996, Live Action/Puppet Special) Lightning the Reindeer
Elmo's Christmas Countdown (2008, Live Action/Puppet Special) Papa Bear
  Stan the Snowball
Elmo's Musical Adventure: Peter and the Wolf (2001, Live Action/Puppet Direct-to-Video Film) Papa Bear
Elmopalooza (1998, Live Action/Puppet Special) Horatio the Elephant
Kermit's Swamp Years (2002, Live Action/Puppet Direct-to-Video Film) Goggles
  Joe the Armadillo (DVD extras)
  Turtle #1
Muppet Time (1994, Live Action/Puppet Short) Icky No-No
  Kirby Pig
Panwapa (2008, Live Action/Puppet Series) Bill the Bug
Saturday Night Live (1975, Live Action Series) Murray Monster (Episode 784)
Sesame Street (1969, Animated/Live Action/Puppet TV Series) Anything Muppet Cableman Episode 3812
  Baseball Hat (Episode 3796)
  Bed (Episode 3983)
  Big Bad Wolf (1990-2006)
  Big Rad Wolf (Episode 3001)
  Birthday Cake (Episode 4184)
  Blögg ("Abby's Flying Fairy School" animated segments, 2009-)
  Carson Daly Muppet (Episode 4304)
  Cheese (Episode 4108)
  Chicken (Episode 3087)
  Clumsy (Episode 4114)
  Cousin Bear (Episodes 3927, 3987)
  Cowboy with a Drawl (Episode 4081)
  Dan Rather-not (Episode 4160)
  Davy Jones (Episode 4403)
  Detective Eliot Stabler Muppet (Episode 4109)
  Fiverine (Episode 4504)
  Football (Episode 4274)
  Frazzle (Episode 4419)
  Geppetto (Episode 4143)
  Glass of Water (Episode 3831)
  Grampy Bear (Episode 4417)
  Grover's Back-Up Monster Singer (Episode 4525)
  Gulliver the Sea Gull (Episode 4021)
  Gus Hopper (Episodes 3225, 4087)
  Hairy Hairy More Contrary (Episode 4198)
  Helmet (Episode 3969)
  Henry Piggins (Episode 4081)
  Horatio the Elephant
  Itchy the Rottendoodle (Episode 4127)
  Izzy (Episode 4029)
  Jack (Episode 4211)
  Jack Be Nimble
  Jamie Fox (Episode 4111)
  Jax (Episode 4405)
  Joe Hundred Guy (Episode 4063)
  Joey Monkey
  Lamb (Episode 2835)
  Mack (Episode 4224)
  Mailbox (Episode 4031)
  Meloni (Episode 4109)
  Merry Monster
  Mr. Gue (Episode 4260)
  Mr. MiCookie (Episode 4405)
  Murray (Episode 4116)
  Murray Monster (2007-)
  Nucky Ducky Thompson (Episode 4305)
  Old MacDonald
  Only One Cannoli (Episode 4504)
  Papa Bear
  Pedro (Episode 3438)
  Philip (Episode 4405)
  Phooey Louie (Episode 3950)
  Pipe Organ
  Provenza (Episode 4213)
  Rico the Robot (Episodes 4186, 4196)
  Sheepa the Sherpa (Episode 4418)
  Spalding Monster (Episode 3117)
  Spill O'Reilly (Episode 4160)
  Stinky the Stinkweed
  Swampy (Episode 4104)
  The Great In-Betweeni (Episode 4308)
  The Top Banana (Episode 3862)
  Three Little Pigs
  Tito the Bat (Episode 3499)
  Tooth Fairy (Episode 3060)
  Two-Headed Monster (Left Head) (2001-2016)
  Zostic ("Super Morphin Mega Monsters" segments)
  Zucchin-eye (Episode 4525)
Sesame Street Christmas Carol, A (2006, Live Action/Puppet Direct-to-Video Film) Joe Marley
  Joey Dickens
Sesame Street Stays Up Late! (1993, Live Action/Puppet Special) MNN Logo Purple Monster
Sheep in the Big City (2000, Animated Series) Dr. Oh-No-No-No ?
  Frankie Von Fashion ?
  Shrimpy the Shrimp Who Raps ?
Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, The (1996, Live Action/Puppet Series) Elwood the Jester "The King's Beard"
  Lester McBird "Lester Leaps In"

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