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Jim Meskimen

Jim Meskimen

Date of Birth: 10 September 1959
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA

Official Website: http://www.jimmeskimenvo.com

Agency/Contact: SBV (Sutton, Barth, & Vennari)

voiceography voicedirection
Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
Adam Ruins Everything (2015, Live Action Series) Christopher Columbus "Adam Ruins What We Learned in School"
Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein (1999, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Yesman
Angry Beavers, The (1997, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood (2010, Video Game) (additional voices)
Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005, Animated Series) Avatar Kuruk "Sozin's Comet, Part 2: The Old Masters"
  Fire Nation Soldier "The Waterbending Scroll"
  General How "The Earth King"
Avengers Assemble (2013, Animated Series) A.I.M. Scientist Supreme "Adapting to Change"
  Arsenal "The Arsenal," "Thanos Rising," "Thanos Triumphant"
  Roxxon Guard #3 "Avengers Disassembled"
Back at the Barnyard (2007, Animated Series) Goraldo "The Big Barnyard Broadcast"
Baldur's Gate (1998, Video Game) Edwin
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (2000, Video Game) Edwin Odesseiron
Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (2001, Video Game) Edwin Odesseiron
Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Commissioner James Gordon
  Scarecrow / Jonathan Crane
Batman, The (2004, Animated Series) Chuck "Joker Express"
Batman: Arkham City (2011, Video Game) Officer Tom Miller
Batman: Arkham Knight (2015, Video Game) (voice)
Batman: Arkham Origins (2013, Video Game) Police Officers
  Police Officers
  SWAT Officers
Batman: Gotham Knight (2008, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Deadshot / Floyd Lawton "Deadshot"
  Lt. James Gordon "Crossfire," "In Darkness Dwells," "Deadshot"
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Pt. 1 (2012, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) General Briggs
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns - Pt. 2 (2013, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) President
Big Top Scooby-Doo! (2012, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Detective
  Phil Flaxman
BioShock Infinite (2013, Video Game) (additional voices)
Boondocks, The (2005, Animated Series) Bill O'Reilly "The Trial of R. Kelly"
  Chris Hansen "A Date with the Booty Warrior"
  Doctor "The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show"
  News Reporter "Breaking Granddad"
  Reporter "The Trial of R. Kelly," "The Passion of Ruckus"
Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010, Video Game) John F. Kennedy
Chowder (2007, Animated Series) Birdman "The Garage Sale"
  Guy "The Garage Sale"
  Mr. Fish "The Garage Sale"
Comic Strip, The (1987, Animated Series) (regular voice) ("TigerSharks" segments)
Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (2010, Video Game) (voice)
Constantine: City of Demons (2018, Animated Series) Beroul (Episode 5)
Destroy All Humans! 2 (2006, Video Game) Cosmonauts
  Russian Men
Disney Infinity 3.0 (2015, Video Game) Ultron
Epic Mickey (2010, Video Game) (voice)
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (2012, Video Game) Mad Doctor
EverQuest II (2004, Video Game) Amren Talbot
  Banker Izard
  Baron Zafimus
  Commission Deputy Halford
  Green Hood Trap Master
  Guild Patron Volarian
  Morte Winghammer
  Naturalist Tummyfill
  Overseer Travog
  Sergeant-at-Arms Ironcast
Fantastic 4 (2005, Video Game) (additional voices)
  Classic Doctor Doom
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2011, Video Game) (additional voices)
G.I. Joe: Renegades (2010, Animated Series) News Reporter "The Descent" Pt. 2
  Norton "The Descent" Pt. 2
  SWAT MP "The Descent" Pt. 2
Good Omens (2019, Live Action Series) George H.W. Bush "In the Beginning"
Gordy (1995, Live Action Film) President Clinton
Hitman: Blood Money (2006, Video Game) (voices)
Infamous 2 (2011, Video Game) Rosco Laroche
Justice League (2001, Animated Series) Knight "A Knight of Shadows"
Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Archer
  Captain Super
Justice League: Doom (2012, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) King
Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Victor Fries
Justice League: The New Frontier (2008, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Slam Bradley
Kinect Disneyland Adventures (2011, Video Game) Black Barty
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness (2011, Animated Series) Master Kweng "Shoot the Messenger"
  Meng Tao "Royal Pain"
  Shuyong Tree "A Stitch in Time"
  Shuyong Tree Guardian #1 "A Stitch in Time"
Lego Jurassic World (2015, Video Game) (voice)
Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled (2015, Animated Film) Ultron
Lego Movie Videogame, The (2014, Video Game) Batman / Bruce Wayne
Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, The (2006, Video Game) Elven King Thranduil
Lord of the Rings: War in the North, The (2011, Video Game) Bruni
Loud House, The (2016, Animated Series) Car Lot Manager "Vantastic Voyage"
  Junior Comedian Contest Announcer "No Laughing Matter"
  Junkyard Guy "Vantastic Voyage"
  Ted "Vantastic Voyage"
MAD (2010, Animated Series) Agent K (Episode 62)
  Anchorman (Episode 73)
  Announcer (Episode 60)
  Ashlyn's Dad (Episode 40)
  Audience Member (Episode 54)
  Benedict Arnold (Episodes 78, 90)
  Billy Beane (Episode 38)
  Brainy Smurf (Episode 33)
  Caesar Flickerman (Episode 60)
  Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Episode 84)
  Captain Nicholls (Episode 45)
  Civil War General (Episode 54)
  Danger D'Amo (Episode 39)
  Daniel Radcliffe (Episode 54)
  David Sachs (Episode 102)
  Destin Pfaff (Episode 39)
  Director (Episode 42)
  Donald Chimp (Episode 37)
  Dr. Robert Hexenblatt (Episode 33)
  Droopy (Episode 71)
  Edward Norton (Episode 70)
  Elmont (Episode 88)
  Farmer (Episode 34)
  Finch (Episode 62)
  General Joseph Colton (Episode 84)
  Geoffrey Rush (Episode 53)
  George Clooney (Episode 49)
  Hood-Ini Announcer (Episode 101)
  James "Big Jim" Rennie (Episode 101)
  Jay Lion-O (Episode 45)
  Kevin James (Episode 71)
  Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr (Episode 101)
  Manny (Episode 60)
  Marty (Episode 71)
  Mazer Rackham (Episode 103)
  Mewtwo (Episode 42)
  Monroe (Episode 70)
  Neil Patrick Harris (Episode 83)
  Nesmith (Episode 37)
  Nessie Announcer (Episode 53)
  Nightcrawler / Kurt Wagner (Episode 103)
  North (Santa Claus) (Episode 81)
  Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode 53)
  Papa Smurf (Episodes 33, 38, 100)
  Patrick Winslow (Episode 33)
  Pil-Grimm (Episode 70)
  Pilgrim (Episode 70)
  Powell (Episode 54)
  President Dale Gilcrest (Episode 83)
  Professor X / Charles Xavier (Episode 34)
  Puppeteer (Episode 79)
  Robin Hood (Episode 78)
  RoboCop (Episode 38)
  Snoozeum Announcer (Episode 83)
  Stanton Infeld (Episode 54)
  Teen Titanic Announcer (Episode 45)
  Thaddeus Stevens (Episode 79)
  The Adventures of Tauntaun Announcer (Episode 49)
  Tinky Turner's Self Elf Book Announcer (Episode 73)
  US Therapist (Episode 62)
  Wall Scientist (Episode 81)
Madagascar: The Video Game (2005, Video Game) Albino Crocodile
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Black Order (2019, Video Game) (additional voices)
My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999, Anime Film) (additional voices)
Phineas and Ferb (2007, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Pinky and the Brain (1995, Animated Series) Bob Dole "The Pink Candidate"
  Del Monte "Where the Deer and the Mousealopes Play"
Random! Cartoons (2007, Animated Short) Neighbor John "Thom Cat"
  Stumpy "Thom Cat"
  Thom Cat "Thom Cat"
Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, The (1996, Animated Series) Black Jack Lee Imposter "The Darkest Fathoms"
  Captain Havel "Besieged in Paradise"
  Chief Man in Black "Return of the Anasazi"
  Comm "East of Zanzibar"
  Crew Members "East of Zanzibar"
  Disciple "Future Rage"
  Dr. Vedder "The Edge of Yesterday"
  Man "Besieged in Paradise"
  Pirates "The Darkest Fathoms"
  Torgeson "Future Rage"
Robot Chicken (2005, Stop-Motion Animated Series) Heimlich's Father "Password: Swordfish"
  Sorting Hat "Password: Swordfish"
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue (2006, Animated Series) Agent 1
Shark Tale (2004, Video Game) Lino
Skylanders: Trap Team (2014, Video Game) (voice)
Spider-Man 2 (2004, Video Game) Narrator (PSP version)
Superman: Red Son (2020, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) John F. Kennedy
Superman: The Animated Series (1996, Animated Series) Janitor "Double Dose"
Syndicate (2012, Video Game) (additional voices)
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (2006, Video Game) (voice)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012, Animated Series) Carlos Chiang O'Brien Gambe "Rise of the Turtles" Pt. 2
  Earth Protection Force Soldier "Tokka vs. The World"
  General Griffen "Tokka vs. The World"
  Megalord "Return to New York"
  Police Officer "I, Monster"
  Taxi Cab Driver "Monkey Brains"
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan (2016, Video Game) Stone Warriors
ThunderCats (2011, Animated Series) Aburn "Sight Beyond Sight," "Into the Astral Plane"
  Dog Constable "The Forever Bag"
  Ponzi "Recipe for Disaster"
  Vendor "The Duelist and the Drifter"
ThunderCats Roar (2020, Animated Series) Monkian
Time Squad (2001, Animated Series) George H.W. Bush "Orphan Substitute"
  George W. Bush "Orphan Substitute"
Two and a Half Men (2003, Live Action Series) Gangster #2 "The Sea Is a Harsh Mistress"
Ultimate Spider-Man (2005, Video Game) (additional voices)
Under the Diehard Brand (2009, Audio Book) (voices)

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