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Shirley Mitchell

Shirley Mitchell

Date of Birth: 04 November 1919
Birthplace: Toledo, Ohio, USA
Date of Death: 11 November 2013

Agency/Contact: Cunningham, Escott, Slevin, & Doherty (CESD)

Spouse: The late composer Jay Livingstone (lyricist for The Bugs Bunny Show opening, "This Is It.")

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
Cathy (1987, Animated Special) Anne Andrews
CBS Radio Workshop, The (1956, Radio Series) Jackie "Housing Problem"
  Waitress "People Are No Good"
  Woman #3 "Air Raid"
Desperate Housewives: The Game (2006, Video Game) Mrs. Davenport
Fibber McGee and Molly (1935, Radio Series) Alice Darling (1943-1946)
Great Gildersleeve, The (1941, Radio Series) Leila Ransom
Jack Benny Program, The (1932, Radio Series) June Crosby (ca. 1955)
Life of Riley, The (1944, Radio Series) Honeybee Gillis
MAD (2010, Animated Series) Betty White (Episode 56)
Rockford Files, The (1974, Live Action Series) Thelma Sue Bigley "Just by Accident"
Roman Holidays, The (1972, Animated Series) Henrietta
  Laurie Holiday
Scooby-Doo Show, The (1976, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Young Love (1949, Radio Series) Molly Belle
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (1949, Radio Series) Nurse "The Hope to Die Matter"
  Operator "The False Alarm Matter"
  Sylvia "The Cronin Matter"

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