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Darryl Kurylo

Darryl Kurylo

Official Website:

Agency/Contact: Arlene Thornton & Associates

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
Batman: Arkham Knight (2015, Video Game) (voice)
Brutal Legend (2009, Video Game) Druids
Company of Heroes (2006, Video Game) Schultz
Crash of the Titans (2007, Video Game) (additional voices)
Diablo III (2012, Video Game) (additional voices)
Escape From Monkey Island (2000, Video Game) Admiral Casaba
  Monkey 3
God, the Devil and Bob (2000, Animated Series) (voice) "Bob Gets Involved"
Guild Wars 2 (2012, Video Game) Agravaine
Hellboy: The Science of Evil (2008, Video Game) (additional voices)
Kinect Disneyland Adventures (2011, Video Game) (voice)
Kingdom of Paradise (2005, Video Game) Captain
  Soh Yu
Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II, The (2006, Video Game) Glorfindel
Lost: Via Domus (2008, Video Game) (voices)
Power Rangers: Super Legends (2007, Video Game) Black Overdrive Ranger
Prototype 2 (2012, Video Game) Alex Mercer
Punisher, The (2005, Video Game) Jigsaw / John Saint
  Russian Thugs
Sim Animals (2009, Video Game) (animal voices)
Stroker and Hoop (2005, Animated Series) Judd Winner
Totally Spies! (2001, Animated Series) David
Toy Story Racer (2001, Video Game) Slinky Dog
Transformers: Devastation (2015, Video Game) Ground Soldier #2
  Insecticon #1
Yakuza (2005, Video Game) Kazuma

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