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Joey Camen

Joey Camen

Official Website: http://www.voicecomic.com/

Agency/Contact: VOX, Inc.

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
American Pop (1981, Animated Film) Freddie
Asura's Wrath (2012, Video Game) Taison
Brutal Legend (2009, Video Game) Kabbage Boy Bassist
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008, Video Game) Allied Javelin Soldier
  Imperial Tsunami Tank
Cool World (1992, Animated/Live Action Film) Holli's Door
  Interrogator #1
Darkwing Duck (1991, Animated Series) Stegmutt
Dink, the Little Dinosaur (1989, Animated Series) Tiny "Surprise!"
DinoZaurs (2000, Anime Series) Dino Tricera
EverQuest II (2004, Video Game) Generic Male Kerran Guard
  Generic Male Kerran Merchant
  Generic Male Ratonga Merchant
EverQuest II: Desert of Flames (2005, Video Game) (voices)
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007, Video Game) Super-Skrull / Kl'rt
  Thing / Benjamin Grimm
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (2004, Anime Series) (additional voices)
Guild Wars (2005, Video Game) (additional voices)
  King Jalis Ironhammer
Little Dracula (1991, Animated Series) Werebunny
Mafia II (2010, Video Game) Civilians
My Little Pony and Friends (1986, Animated Series) Baby Eagle ("Glo Friends" episode)
Problem Child (1993, Animated Series) Talking Head ?
Project A (1983, Live Action Film) (dubbing voices)
Samurai Champloo (2004, Anime Series) Suzukichi
Shirt Tales, The (1982, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Skylanders: Giants (2012, Video Game) Boomer
Skylanders: Imaginators (2016, Video Game) Boomer
Skylanders: SuperChargers (2015, Video Game) Boomer
  Free Ranger
Skylanders: Swap Force (2013, Video Game) Boomer
  Free Ranger
Skylanders: Trap Team (2014, Video Game) Boomer
  Free Ranger
Smurfs, The (1981, Animated Series) Natural Smurf
Son of Bigfoot, The (2017, Animated Film) Principal Jones
Space Jam (1996, Animated/Live Action Film) Monstar Bang
Superman (1988, Animated Series) Short Henchman "Triple-Play"
Superman Returns (2006, Video Game) Metallo / John Corben
  NPR Announcer
Swan Princess II: Escape From Castle Mountain, The (1997, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Knuckles
Transformers: Dark of the Moon - The Video Game (2011, Video Game) (additional voices)
Ultimate Spider-Man (2005, Video Game) (additional voices)
What-A-Mess (1995, Animated Series) (additional voices)
Wild Life, The (2016, Animated Film) Scrubby

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