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Jason Spisak

Jason Spisak

Sometimes Credited As: Jason Spivak
Date of Birth: 29 August 1973

Official Website: http://www.jasonspisak.com

Agency/Contact: VOX, Inc.

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
Avengers Assemble (2013, Animated Series) Fan Boy "The Thunderbolts"
  Justin Hammer
  Speed Demon / Stanley Stewart "The Dark Avengers," "Terminal Velocity," "Avengers' Last Stand," "Avengers Underground"
Batman: Bad Blood (2016, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Calculator / Noah Kuttler
  Killer Moth / Drury Walker
Ben 10 (2005, Animated Series) Gatorboy "Ready to Rumble"
Dead Rising (2006, Video Game) (additional voices)
  Jack Hall
Desperate Housewives: The Game (2006, Video Game) Player's Son
Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back (2001, Anime Film) Tai Kamiya
DinoZaurs (2000, Anime Series) Kaito Tatsuno
Dissidia: Final Fantasy (2008, Video Game) Bartz Klauser
Fallout: New Vegas (2010, Video Game) Vulpes Inculta
Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (2015, Video Game) Izana
Final Fantasy XIII-2 (2011, Video Game) (additional voices)
God of War (2018, Video Game) (additional voices)
Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011, Animated Series) Razer
Guardians of the Galaxy (2015, Animated Series) Grandmaster / En Dwi Gast "Take the Milano and Run," "Fox on the Run"
  Sakaaran Sentry #1 "Fox on the Run"
Guild Wars 2 (2012, Video Game) Ftokchak
Initial D (1998, Anime Series) Kenji (Tokyopop Dub)
Initial D: Second Stage (1999, Anime Series) Kenji (Tokyopop Dub)
JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Flash / Barry Allen
  Taxi Driver
Last of Us, The (2013, Video Game) (additional voices)
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League - Cosmic Clash (2016, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Captain Fear
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League - Gotham City Breakout (2016, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Grungle
Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash (2018, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Joker
Lego DC Super-Villains (2018, Video Game) Brain
  Flash / Wally West
Lego Jurassic World (2015, Video Game) (voice)
Lego Marvel's Avengers (2016, Video Game) Justin Hammer
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2016, Video Game) (voice)
Little Polar Bear, The (2001, Animated Film) Seagull #2
Mafia II (2010, Video Game) Marty
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 - The Black Order (2019, Video Game) Loki
Mega Man Star Force (2007, Anime Series) Geo Stelar
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (2014, Video Game) Orcs
Powerpuff Girls, The (2016, Animated Series) Pack Rat "Little Octi Lost," "Strong-Armed"
s-CRY-ed (2001, Anime Series) Ryuhou
Saint Tail (1995, Anime Series) (additional voices)
Scooby-Doo! and the Gourmet Ghost (2018, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Bradley Bass
Spider-Man (2017, Animated Series) Alistair Smythe
  Audience Member "Horizon High" Pt. 1
  Driver "The Day Without Spider-Man"
  Man on the Street "Kraven's Amazing Hunt"
  Purse Snatcher "The Day Without Spider-Man"
  Scorpion / Mac Gargan "Horizon High" Pt. 2, "Kraven's Amazing Hunt," "The Day Without Spider-Man"
Spider-Man (2018, Video Game) (additional voices)
  Scorpion / Mac Gargan
Spyro Reignited Trilogy (2018, Video Game) (Voice)
Squirrel Boy (2006, Animated Series) Oscar
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008, Animated Series) Christo "Pursuit of Peace"
  Citizen "Front Runners," "The Soft War," "Tipping Points"
  Coruscant Guard "Pursuit of Peace"
  Lux Bonteri
  Pirates "A Test of Strength"
  Rebel "Front Runners," "The Soft War," "Tipping Points"
  Zinn Paulness "Pursuit of Peace"
Teen Titans: The Judas Contract (2017, Animated Direct-to-Video Film) Bryce Peterson
  Kid Flash / Wally West
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Video Game (2014, Video Game) Rat King
Tokyo Pig (1997, Anime Series) Angus
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2001, Anime Series) Koji Onishi
Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015, Animated Series) Paralon
Ultimate Spider-Man (2005, Video Game) Taxi Driver
Uncharted: Golden Abyss (2012, Video Game) Jason Dante
Vampire: The Masquerade (2000, Video Game) (voice)
Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (2004, Video Game) Hammer
Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra (2006, Video Game) Hammer
Young Justice (2010, Animated Series) Eddie Corliss "Another Freak"
  Kid Flash / Wally West
  Monkey "Image," "Nightmare Monkeys"
Zatch Bell! (2003, Anime Series) Kiyo Takamine
  Mohawk Ace
Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Fury (2005, Video Game) Kiyo Takamine
  Mohawk Ace

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