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Takahiro Sakurai

Takahiro Sakurai

Date of Birth: 13 June 1974
Birthplace: Okazaki, Aichi, Japan

Agency/Contact: 81 Produce

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
.hack//Roots (2006, Anime Series) Haseo (Japanese)
Adventure Time (2010, Animated Series) Marshall Lee (Japanese) "Bad Little Boy"
AnoHana (2011, Anime Series) Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyuki (Japanese)
Bakemonogatari (2009, Anime Series) Meme Oshino (Japanese)
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King (2012, Anime Film) Griffith (Japanese)
Betrayal Knows My Name (2010, Anime Series) Luka Crosszeria (Japanese)
Black Blood Brothers (2006, Anime Series) Jirou Mochizuki (Japanese)
Black Butler II (2010, Anime Series) Claude Faustus (Japanese)
Black Cat (2005, Anime Series) Jenos Hazard (Japanese)
Canvas2 ~Niji-iro no Sketch~ (2005, Anime Series) Hiroki Kamikura (Japanese)
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (2006, Anime Series) Suzaku Kururugi (Japanese)
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 (2008, Anime Series) Suzaku Kururugi (Japanese)
Cross Game (2009, Anime Series) Yuuhei Azuma (Japanese)
Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier (2001, Animated Series) Joe Shimamura / Cyborg 009 (Japanese)
D.Gray-man (2006, Anime Series) Yu Kanda (Japanese)
Demon Slayer (2019, Anime TV Series) Giyu Tomioka (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure (1999, Anime Series) Keisuke Tachikawa (Japanese)
  Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure (2013, Video Game) Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure 02 (2000, Anime Series) Koshiro Izumi (adult) (Japanese) (Episode 50)
  Steve (Japanese) "Digimon World Tour" Pt. 1
  Syakomon (Japanese) "Digimon World Tour" Pt. 1
  Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back (2001, Anime Film) Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure tri.: Reunion (2015, Anime Film) Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure: (2020, Anime TV Series) Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure: Character Songs + Mini-Drama CD 2 (1999, Drama Album Recording) Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Adventure: Our War Game (2000, Anime Film) Tentomon (Japanese)
Digimon Xros Wars (2010, Anime Series) Dondokomon (Japanese)
  Dorulumon (Japanese)
Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leapt Through Time (2011, Anime Series) Astamon (Japanese)
  Dorulumon (Japanese)
  Harpymon (Japanese)
  Psychemon (Japanese)
  Tentomon (Japanese)
Dissidia: Final Fantasy (2008, Video Game) Cloud Strife (Japanese)
Familiar of Zero (2006, Anime Series) Guiche (Japanese)
Familiar of Zero: Futatsuki no Kishi, The (2007, Anime Series) Guiche (Japanese)
Familiar of Zero: Princess no Rondo, The (2008, Anime Series) Guiche (Japanese)
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (2005, Anime Film) Cloud Strife (Japanese)
Fireworks (2017, Anime Film) Mr. Mitsuishi (Japanese)
Genji Monogatari Sennenki (2009, Anime Series) Hikaru Genji (Japanese)
Gravitation (2000, Anime Series) Host (Japanese)
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Maihitoyo~ (2006, Anime Film) Suefumi Oono (Japanese)
Hatsukoi Limited (2009, Anime Series) Hiroyuki Sogabe (Japanese)
Heat Guy J (2002, Anime Series) Boma (Japanese)
Heaven's Memo Pad (2011, Anime Series) Hiro (Japanese)
Hello Kitty's Animation Theater (2000, Anime OVA Series) Fritz (Japanese) "The Nutcracker"
  Goldbug (Japanese) "Thumbelina"
  Harp (Japanese) "Jack and the Beanstalk"
  Reindeer (Japanese) "The Snow Queen"
  Soldier "The Story of King Midas"
Hero Tales (2007, Anime Series) Ryuko (Japanese)
Hikaru no Go (2001, Anime Series) Toshinori Honda (Japanese)
House of Five Leaves (2010, Anime Series) Yaichi (Japanese)
Jang Geum's Dream (2005, Animated Series) Leon Oswald (Japanese)
Jing: King of Bandits (2002, Anime Series) Russian (Japanese) (Episode 9)
Kaleido Star (2003, Anime Series) Leon Oswald (Japanese)
Karas (2005, Anime OVA Film) Eko (Japanese)
Kids on the Slope (2012, Anime Series) Arita (Japanese) (Episode 8)
Kingdom Hearts II (2005, Video Game) Cloud Strife (Japanese)
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (2011, Video Game) Cloud Strife (Japanese)
Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic (2012, Anime Series) Jafar (Japanese)
Mononoke (2007, Anime Series) Medicine Seller (Japanese)
Mr. Osomatsu (2015, Anime TV Series) Osomatsu (Japanese)
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (2011, Anime Series) Luke Banjo Crossfield (Japanese)
Polar Bear Cafe (2012, Anime Series) Polar Bear (Japanese)
Princess Tutu (2002, Anime Series) Fakir (Japanese)
Psycho-Pass (2012, Anime Series) Shogo Makishima (Japanese)
Rozen Maiden: Träumend (2005, Anime Series) Shirosaki (Japanese)
Twilight (2008, Live Action Film) Edward Cullen (Japanese)
Zatch Bell! (2003, Anime Series) Kiyomaro Takamine (Japanese)
[C] - Control (2011, Anime Series) Masakaki (Japanese)

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