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Kenta Miyake

Kenta Miyake

Sometimes Credited As: 三宅健太
Date of Birth: 23 August 1977
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Agency/Contact: 81 Produce

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
.hack//Roots (2006, Anime Series) Tawaraya/Touta (Japanese)
Batman Ninja (2018, Anime Direct-to-Video Film) Bane (Sengoku period version) (Japanese)
  Bane (Sengoku period version)
Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King (2012, Anime Film) Nosferatu Zodd (Japanese)
Blassreiter (2008, Anime Series) Hermann Salza (Japanese)
Bleach (2006, Anime Series) Shiroganehiko (Japanese)
Book of Bantorra, The (2009, Anime Series) Mince (Japanese)
Casshern Sins (2008, Anime Series) Robot (Japanese) (Episode 1)
D.Gray-man (2006, Anime Series) Skin Boric (Japanese)
Daughter of Twenty Faces, The (2008, Anime Series) Muta (Japanese)
Dead or Alive 5 (2012, Video Game) Bass Armstrong (Japanese)
Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon (2002, Anime Film) Grizzmon (Japanese)
Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Burst Mode Invoke!! (2006, Anime Film) Ogremon (Japanese)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009, Anime Series) Scar (Japanese)
Gintama (2006, Anime Series) Harada (Japanese)
Grim & Evil (2001, Animated Series) Grim Reaper (Japanese)
Heat Guy J (2002, Anime Series) Giobanni Gallo (Japanese)
Hello Kitty's Animation Theater (2000, Anime OVA Series) Master (Japanese) "Little Match Girl"
Is This a Zombie? (2011, Anime Series) Zarii (Japanese)
Koi Kaze (2004, Anime Series) Koshiro Saeki (Japanese)
Macross Frontier (2007, Anime Series) Bobby Margot (Japanese)
  Ranzou Saotome (Japanese)
Macross Frontier ~The False Songstress (2009, Anime Film) Ranzo Saotome (Japanese)
My Bride's a Mermaid (2007, Anime Series) Gouzaburou Seto (Japanese)
Noein - To Your Other Self (2007, Anime Series) Takuya Mayuzumi (Japanese)
Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle (2011, Anime Series) Funga (Japanese)
Pokemon Black and White (2010, Anime Series) Sakaki (Japanese)
Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019, Live Action Film) Sebastian (Japanese)
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl (2006, Anime Series) Elekid
Pokemon Ranger and The Temple of the Sea (2007, Anime Film) Donphan
Seiyu's Life! (2015, Anime TV Series) Kaibara (Japanese)
Shakugan no Shana (2005, Anime Series) Sydonay (Japanese) "Senpen"
Sonic X (2003, Anime Series) Vector the Crocodile (Japanese)
Spider Riders (2006, Anime Series) Ebony (Japanese)
  Stags (Japanese)
Street Fighter X Tekken (2012, Video Game) Eddy Gordo (Japanese)
  Zangief (Japanese)
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (2014, Video Game) Abomasnow
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (2007, Anime Series) Gyuzak (Japanese) (Episode 2)
Tenjho Tenge (2004, Anime Series) Kouji Sagara (Japanese)
Transformers: Animated (2007, Animated Series) Bulkhead (Japanese)
Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE The Movie: Princess of the Birdcage Kingdom (2005, Anime Film) Captain (Japanese)
Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations (2007, Anime OVA Series) Kusanagi (Japanese)
Wander Over Yonder (2013, Animated Series) Lord Hater (Japanese)
Winnie the Pooh (2011, Animated Film) Backson (Japanese)
Zettai Karen Children (2008, Anime Series) Muscle Ōkama (Japanese)

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