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Harry Bartell

Harry Bartell

Date of Birth: 28 November 1913
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Date of Death: 26 February 2004

Trivia: Harry Bartell had the distinction of being heard in the first radio broadcast of Gunsmoke in 1952 and the last in 1961, in entirely different roles.

Title Character Episode / Addl. Info
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The (1939, Radio Series) Announcer (1945-1946)
  Binyon "The Strange Adventure of the Uneasy Easy Chair"
Crime Classics (1953, Radio Series) Brutus "Twenty Three Knives Against Caesar"
  Deputy "Billy Bonney, Bloodletter- Also Known as the Kid"
  Edward Stokes "The Checkered Life and Sudden Death of Colonel James Fisk Jr."
Escape (1947, Radio Series) Alsim "Operation Fleur de Lis"
  Bellhop "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
  Bijou "The Red Mark"
  Brewer "Treasure Incorporated"
  Clothing Store Owner "Border Town"
  Desk Clerk "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
  Doctor "Present Tense"
  Drunk "The Man Who Stole the Bible"
  Kenny "Finger of Doom"
  Mayor Wain "Wild Jack Rhett" (Feb. 15, 1953)
  Peyton Farquar "An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge"
  Pitting "How Love Came to Professor Guildea"
  Police Commissioner "Papa Benjamin"
  Ronald A. Dawson "The Second Class Passenger" (Jan. 07, 1948)
  Sgt. Klitheroe "The Earth Men"
Fort Laramie (1956, Radio Series) Lt. Seiberts
Gunsmoke (1952, Radio Series) Doc Holliday "Doc Holliday"
  Franklin J. Reeves "Robber Bridegroom"
  Hotel Clerk "Brush at Elkader"
  Jim Buck "The Choice"
  Jim Thompson "The Brothers"
  Lt. Flagg "The Indian Horse"
  Mr, Ship "The Trial"
  Mr. Hightower "Billy the Kid"
  Mr. Jonas "Dooley Surrenders"
  Teeters "Crack-Up"
  Van Wolcott "The Trial"
On Stage (1953, Radio Series) Preacher "The Hanging at Four Oaks"
Suspense (1942, Radio Series) Bill Hodges "Murder Goes for a Swim"
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The (1962, Stop-Motion Animated/Live Action Film) Priest (looping)
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (1949, Radio Series) Captain Garcia "The Confidential Matter"
  Harry Branson (1956-1960)
  Hob Fulton "The Lake Mead Mystery Matter"
  Jefe Valazquez "The Alder Matter"
  Joe McNab "The Star of Capetown Matter"
  Lt. Cal Hudson "The Burning Carr Matter"
  Pat McCracken "The Sea Legs Matter" pt. 1-3
  Sgt. David Reynosa "The Caylin Matter"
  Tommy Green "The Medium, Well Done Matter" pt. 1-2

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