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Innovative Artists


1505 10th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Phone Number: 310-656-5172

Official Website: http://www.iala.com

Innovative Artists represents the following actors:
Charlie Adler
Eva Almos
Dominic Armato
Jodi Benson
Jeff Bergman
Alex Borstein
Jonathan Brandis
Amick Byram
Mary Jo Catlett
Jesse Corti
Keith David
Holly Dorff
Michael Dorn
Richard Doyle
Elena Franklin
Caroline Gelabert
Henry Gibson
H. Richard Greene
Dorian Harewood
Edward Hibbert
Walter Jones
Hadley Kay
Tom Kenny
Paula Killen
Paul Kirby
Noah Michael Levine
Richard McGonagle
Valery Pappas
CCH Pounder
Kimmy Robertson
Rocco Rosanio
Glenn Shadix
W. Morgan Sheppard
Stuart Stone
Richard Thomas
Pamela Tyson
Brenda Vaccaro
April Winchell
Lisa Zane
Ian Ziering

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