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Innovative Artists (NY)


235 Park Avenue South - 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Phone Number: 212-253-6900

Innovative Artists (NY) represents the following actors:
Greg Abbey
Corey Anker
Joan Baker
Justis Bolding
Tyler Bunch
Bobby Cannavale
Jessica Cannon
Jarel Davidow
TJ Del Reno
Harvey Fierstein
Babi Floyd
Wayne Grayson
Caitlin Greer
Jason Griffith
Ralph Gunderman
Paul Hecht
Christian Hoff
J.R. Horne
Peter Francis James
Simon Jones
Larry Keith
Patricia Kilgarriff
Matthew Labyorteaux
Daniel Mastrogiorgio
Tom McKeon
Ron McLarty
Jan Milewicz
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Victoria Pontecorvo
Andrew Rannells
Roger Rees
Flo Salant Greenberg
Jerry Sroka
Eric Stuart
Gail Thomas
Marc Thompson
James Warwick
B.D. Wong
Jason Zumwalt

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