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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 13 September 1993 - 14 November 1998
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Adam Jeff Bennett "Guardin' the Garden"
Alfred Hitchcock Frank Welker "The Boids"
Andrea Romano Andrea Romano "Yes, Always"
Announcer Jim Cummings "Amazing Gladiators"
  Joe Leahy "Wally Llama"
Bailiff Peter Renaday "...And Justice for Slappy"
Baloney Jeff Bennett
Barbara Walters Tress MacNeille "Meet John Brain"
Beanie the Brain-Dead Bison Avery Schreiber "Hooray for Slappy," "Scare Happy Slappy," "Rest in Piece"
Bobby John Mariano
Buddy Jim Cummings "The Warner's 65th Anniversary Special"
Bugs Bunny Greg Burson
Buttons Frank Welker
Camenbert Jim Cummings "Les Miseranimals"
Captain Ahab Frank Welker "To Be or Not Moby"
Captain Mel Jeff Bennett "H.M.S. Yakko"
Carloota Ivy Austin "West Side Pigeons"
Cat Ballou Nancy Linari "Les Miseranimals"
Caw-Caw Frank Welker "The Boids"
Charlton Woodchuck Jeff Bennett
Chicken Boo Frank Welker
Chicken Boo Theme Song Singer Rob Paulsen
Clive Frank Welker "The Big Kiss"
Commandant George DiCenzo "O Silly Mio/Puttin' on the Blitz/The Great Wakkorotti: The Summer Concert"
Crook Neil Ross "Super Buttons"
Czar Nicholas II Barry Dennen "Pavlov's Mice," "Nothing But the Tooth"
Daniel Boone Jim Cummings "Frontier Slappy"
Director's Voice Andrea Romano "Cutie and the Beast"
Don Pepperoni Frank Welker "Mobster Mash"
Dot Warner Ranja Bonalana (German)
  Ilaria Latini (Italian)
  Tress MacNeille
  Barbara Tissier (French)
Dr. Otto Scratchansniff Rob Paulsen
  Antti Pekkanen (Finnish)
Dr. Roma William Katt "No Face Like Home"
Dracula Dan Castellaneta "Draculee, Draculaa"
Eggbert Chuck McCann "Critical Condition"
Eve Tress MacNeille "Guardin' the Garden"
Fat Space Bug Jim Cummings ?
Flavio Hippo Frank Welker
Floyd John Roarke "Boot Camping"
God Malachi Throne "Guardin' the Garden," "Ark Lark"
Googi Goop Desiree Goyette "The Girl With the Googily Goop"
Grigori Rasputin John Glover "Nothing But the Tooth"
Helga Lisa Raggio "A Christmas Plotz"
Hello Nurse Tress MacNeille
Irma (Survey Lady) Deanna Oliver "Survey Ladies"
Ivan Plotski George Dzundza "Plane Pals"
Judge John Ingle "La La Law"
Katie Ka-Boom Laura Mooney
Katie's Dad Rob Paulsen
Katie's Mom Mary Gross
Katrina Elisabeth Moss "Puttin' On the Blitz"
Katzeneisnerman Townsend Coleman "Hurray for North Hollywood"
King #1 Jim Cummings "Little Drummer Warners"
King Arthur Dave Thomas "Sir Yaksalot"
Kitty Ducockus Karen Hartman "Les Miseranimals"
Kitty Litter Lisa Raggio "Les Miseranimals"
Mabelle Rebecca Gilchrist "Amazing Gladiators"
Marita Hippo Tress MacNeille
Mary Hartless Valri Bromfield "Taming of the Screwy", "Rest in Pieces"
Michelangelo Buonarroti Maurice LaMarche "Hooked on a Ceiling"
Michigan J. Frog Jeff McCarthy "Night of the Living Buttons"
Mindy Nancy Cartwright
Mindy's Dad Frank Welker
Mindy's Mom Tress MacNeille
Minerva Mink Julie Brown
Miserable Diner Paul Eiding "Les Miseranimals"
Miss Tanaka Julia Kato "Taming of the Screwy"
Mother Plotz Nancy Linari "A Christmas Plotz"
Mr. Director Paul Rugg
Mr. Kato Robert Ito "Taming of the Screwy"
Mrs. Jenny Vernee Watson-Johnson "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock"
Narrator Ernie Anderson "Guardin' the Garden," "Noah's Lark"
  Tom Bodett ("Good Idea, Bad Idea" and "Mime Time" segments)
  Jim Cummings "Nighty-Night Toon," "The Brave Little Trailer"
  Tony Jay "Gunga Dot"
  Neil Ross "Super Buttons"
  Frank Welker
Ned Flatt Harry Shearer "Fair Game"
Newt Arte Johnson
Noah Maurice LaMarche "Noah's Lark"
Noodles Brian Stokes Mitchell "West Side Pigeons"
Obese Orson Jim Cummings "Back in Style"
Otto Jim Cummings "International Friendship Song"
Papa Jan Rabson "Hollywoodchuck"
Pesto Chick Vennera
Pinky Rob Paulsen
  Hideyuki Umezu (Japanese)
  Vincent Violette (French)
President Bill Clinton Frank Welker
Princess Jane Singer "Windsor Hassle"
Queen Mum Mark Slaughter "Windsor Hassle"
Queenie Valri Bromfield "Smitten with Kittens"
Ralph the Guard Frank Welker
Ralph's Wife Frank Welker
Rena Rat Gail Matthius "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock"
Reporter Lauri Fraser "Meet John Brain"
Rita Bernadette Peters
Robin Vernee Watson-Johnson "Morning Malaise"
Rock Singers Jim Cummings "Woodstock Slappy"
Ross Perot Frank Welker "Icebreakers"
Runt Frank Welker
Sabina's Mom Gail Matthius "Jingle Boo"
Satan Ron Perlman "Hot, Bothered, and Bedeviled"
Sgt. Sweete Ron Perlman "Boot Camping"
Sid the Squid Jack Burns "Hooray for Slappy," "Scare Happy Slappy," "Rest in Piece"
Singer Bobbi Page
Singing Mother Julie Bernstein "Cutie and the Beast"
Skippy Squirrel Nathan Ruegger
Slappy Squirrel Hisako Kyoda (Japanese)
  Sherri Stoner
Sodarn Hinsane Frank Welker "Baghdad Cafe"
Spike Dorian Harewood "Taming of the Screwy"
Spink Michael McKean "King Yakko"
Squit Maurice LaMarche
Stephen Wolf John P. McCann "...And Justice for Slappy"
Steven Seagull David Kaufman "Miami Mamma-Mia"
Suzanne Slimmers Tress MacNeille "Meet John Brain"
Thaddeus Plotz (The CEO) Yves Barsacq (French)
  Frank Welker
The Brain Rauno Ahonen (Finnish)
  Pierre Hatet (French)
  Maurice LaMarche
The Flame Luke Ruegger "The Flame"
The Godpigeon Maurice LaMarche
The Serpent Jeff Bennett "Guardin' the Garden"
Tinker Justin Garms
Toe Jim Cummings "Space-Probed"
Tristesse Jeff Bennett "Les Miseranimals"
Tweedledum Jim Cummings "Mindy in Wonderland"
Tympannini John Rhys-Davies "Piano Rag"
Umlatt of Dunlikus Christopher Guest "King Yakko"
Vern Bear Edward Asner "Garage Sale of the Century"
Wakko Warner Jess Harnell
Wally Llama Richard Libertini "Wally Llama"
Walter Wolf Jess Harnell
  Frank Welker "Hooray for Slappy"
Yakko Warner Rob Paulsen
  Frank Schaff (German)
  Petteri Summanen (Finnish)
Yee Haw Girl Gail Matthius "Bubba Bo Bob Brain"
(additional voices) Veikko Honkanen (Finnish)
(burp effects) Maurice LaMarche ("The Great Wakkarotti" segments)

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