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Lloyd in Space
Lloyd in Space

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2001

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Brittany Anndi McAfee
Brock Rockman John O'Hurley "The Hero of Urbit-Knarr"
Douglas McNoggin Pamela Hayden
Douglas' Father Michael Bell "Campout on Zoltan III"
Dr. Werner Von Brain Tony Jay "Caution: Wormhole!"
Eddie R. Horton Justin Shenkarow
Eileen Michelle Horn "The Big Sleepover"
Francine Nebulon Nicolette Little
Grandpa Leo Brian Doyle-Murray "Campout on Zoltan III"
Harvulian "Boomer" Standervault Diedrich Bader
Kurt Blobberts Bill Fagerbakke
Larry Eddie Deezen
Lloyd Nebulon Courtland Mead
Mrs. Bolt Tress MacNeille
Mylaar Michelle Horn "Lovebeam #9"
Nora Nebulon April Winchell
Officer Frank Horton Clancy Brown
Orange Alien Mike Judge "Boomer's Secret Life"
Ranger Wormy Ben Stein "Caution: Wormhole!"
Rodney Glaxer Warren Sroka
Station Brian George
Vice-Principal Feely Richard Kind
Violet Ashley Johnson "The Big Sleepover"
(additional voices) Pamela Adlon
  Jeff Bennett
  Danny Cooksey
  Rachel Crane
  Chris Marquette
  Kevin Michael Richardson
  Justin Jon Ross
  Frank Welker

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