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Timon and Pumbaa
Timon and Pumbaa

Also Known As: The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 16 September 1995 - 01 January 1999

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Airplane Crew Frank Welker "Manhatten Mishap"
Angel Jeff Bennett "Timon's Time To Go"
Announcer Clancy Brown "Boo Hoo Bouquet"
Anteater Jeff Bennett "Paraguay Parable"
Antelope Jeff Bennett "Timon's Time To Go"
Armadillo Rob Paulsen "TV Dinner"
Auto Shop Boss Brad Garrett "Shopping Mauled"
Baby Bird Jim Cummings "Timon's Time To Go"
Baby Ostrich Jim Cummings "Can't Take a Yolk"
Bahuka Eddie Deezen "Oahu Wahoo!"
Bampuu Ernie Sabella "Kenya Be My Friend?"
Bandits Jeff Bennett "Timon on the Range"
Banzai Rob Paulsen
Bar Girl April Winchell "Yukon Con"
Bartholomew Frank Welker "Shake Your Djibouti"
Beast Jeff Bennett "Beast of Eden"
Bernice Tress MacNeille "Nearly Departed"
Bigfoot Bill Fagerbakke "Bigfoot Littlebrain"
Bird Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Black Panther Kitten Frank Welker "Unlucky in Lesotho"
Boss Beaver Brad Garrett
Boudreaux the Opossum Jim Cummings "Okay Bayou?"
Boy Beaver Mark Schiff "Amusement Bark"
Bruce the Crab Jim Cummings "Back Out in the Outback"
Bugs Jess Harnell "Rocky Mountain Lie"
Bull Elephants Frank Welker "No Good Samaritan"
Butterfly Collector Rob Paulsen "Catch Me If You Kenya"
Captain Ahab Maurice LaMarche "Library Brouhaha"
Captain Bloodbeard W. Morgan Sheppard "Pirates of Pumbzance"
Captain of the Guard Jim Cummings "Once Upon a Timon"
Carnomatic Cravometer Frank Welker "Congo on Like This"
Casino Dealer Rob Paulsen "Luck Be a Meerkat"
  Frank Welker "Nearly Departed"
Cave of Manhood Voice Jim Cummings "Isle of Manhood"
Cheetahto Jim Cummings
Cheetato Rob Paulsen
Chef Claude Rob Paulsen "Just When You Though You'd Cuisine It All"
Computer Voice Jim Cummings "Forbidden Pumbaa"
Count Down Jeff Bennett "The Spy's the Limit"
Coyote Howl Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Creepy Fortune Teller Corey Burton "Werehog of London"
Crickets Frank Welker "Sense and Senegambia"
Cupid Debi Derryberry "Timon in Love"
Dad Kevin Schon "Sitting Pretty Awful"
Delivery Guy Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Dr. Caliostro Billy West "Monster Massachusetts"
Dr. Tobias J. Exeter Billy West "Pig-Malion"
Duke Meerkat Jeff Bennett "Once Upon a Timon"
Early Bird Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Ed Jim Cummings
Eddie the Snake Richard Karron "Brazil Nuts"
Einstein the Elephant Jim Cummings "Good Mousekeeping"
El Toro Jeff Bennett "The Pain in Spain"
Eleanor Dewberry Valery Pappas "Why No Rhino"
Elephant Jeff Bennett "Good Mousekeeping"
  Jim Cummings "Can't Take a Yolk"
Emcee Brian Cummings "Africa Dabra"
Employment Office Lady Paddi Edwards "Pirates of Pumbzance"
Empress of Etiquettica April Winchell "Visiting Pig-nitaries"
Empress of Etiquettica's Assistant Tony Jay "Visiting Pig-nitaries"
Enos the Bat Charlie Adler "Jamaica Mistake?"
Fairy Russi Taylor "Isle of Manhood"
Female Flying Squirrel April Winchell "Saskatchewan Catch"
Female Gorilla Jim Cummings "Truth or Zaire"
Female Phone Voice Tress MacNeille "Early Bird Watchers"
Female Ted April Winchell "You Ghana Join the Club?"
Female Tiger April Winchell "Doubt of Africa"
Female Voice B.J. Ward "The Spy's the Limit"
Flight Attendant Candi Milo "Recipe for Disaster"
  Tara Strong "Luck Be a Meerkat"
Fox Jeff Bennett "Puttin' on the Brits"
Foxhound Jeff Bennett "Puttin' on the Brits"
Fred S. Scott Bullock
Fronk Corey Burton "Swiss Missed"
Genie David Leisure "Wishy Washy"
Ghost Frank Welker "Ghost Boosters"
Giant Panda Frank Welker "Don't Break the China"
Giant Vulture Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Girl EG Daily "Shopping Mauled"
Gopher Jim Cummings
Gorilla Brian Cummings "Africa Dabra"
  Jim Cummings "Sitting Pretty Awful"
Happy Dog Steve Mackall "Lets Serengeti Out of Here," "Shake Your Djibouti"
Herman Richard Karron "Beauty and the Wildebeast"
Herman the Wildebeest Richard Karron "Beauty and the Wildebeest"
Hippos Frank Welker "Uganda Be an Elephant"
Homeowner Frank Welker "Ghost Boosters"
Hotel Manager Maurice LaMarche "Roach Hotel"
Hyena Joe Alaskey "Guru Some"
Intercom Voice Brian Cummings "Shopping Mauled"
Irwin Charlie Adler "Frantic Atlantic," "Shopping Mauled"
Jacob Marley Maurice LaMarche "Library Brouhaha"
Jean Farrell Valery Pappas "The Truth About Kats and Hogs"
Jeweler Rob Paulsen "Ocean Commotion"
Jeweler's Wife Tress MacNeille "Ocean Commotion"
Joey Kath Soucie "Ready, Aim, Fire"
Judge Rhino Brad Garrett "The Law of the Jungle"
Julian Dewberry Billy West "Why No Rhino"
Jumbo Jumbo Pat Fraley "Zazu's Off Day Off"
Jungle Inspector Tony Jay "Zazu's Off-by-One Day"
King Leopold Frank Welker "No Good Samaritan"
King Leopold's Daughter Tara Strong "No Good Samaritan"
Knife Store Owner Brad Garrett "Shopping Mauled"
Lara Kath Soucie "Beauty and the Wildebeest"
Lara's Friend Kath Soucie "Beauty and the Wildebeest"
Leslie Lambeau Grey Griffin "It Runs Good," "Stay Away from My Honey!"
Lester Jim Cummings "Be More Pacific"
Lion Cubs Frank Welker "No Good Samaritan"
Lion of Savage Rock Rodger Bumpass "You Ghana Join the Club?"
Little Jimmy Joe Alaskey "Nest Best Thing," "Jailhouse Shock"
Madame Costanza April Winchell "Beetle Romania"
Magic Rabbit Charlie Adler "Africa Dabra"
Male Flying Squirrel Rob Paulsen "Saskatchewan Catch"
Male Phone Voice Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Male Ted Charlie Adler "You Ghana Join the Club?"
Martin Pardon Rob Paulsen "TV Dinner"
Mayor Frank Welker "Washington Applesauce"
Mel Jeff Bennett "Beauty and the Wildebeest"
Mom Grey Griffin "Sitting Pretty Awful"
Monster Jim Cummings "Forbidden Pumbaa"
Monti Quinton Flynn "Kenya Be My Friend?"
Moon Brian Cummings "Wide Awake in Wonderland"
Mother Eagle Joycee Katz "To Killaminjaro Bird"
Mother Ostrich Tress MacNeille "Can't Take a Yolk"
Mouse Corey Burton "Werehog of London"
Mr. Bear Jim Cummings
Mr. Buttons Charlie Adler "Madagascar About You"
Mr. Happy Steve Mackall "Lets Serengeti Out of Here," "Shake Your Djibouti"
Mr. Pig Keith David "Animal Barn"
Mr. Spy Maurice LaMarche "The Spy's the Limit"
Mr. Vam Pirebat Jeff Bennett "Jamaica Mistake?"
Mummies Kevin Michael Richardson "Living in De Nile"
NASA Chairman Billy West "Astro-Nots"
Natives Jeff Bennett
Ned the Elephant Frank Welker
Nefu Tahj Mowry "Rafiki's Apprentice"
Nobi Jim Cummings "Good Mousekeeping"
Ostrich Jim Cummings "Timon's Time To Go"
Owl Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Pageant Host Roger Rose "Miss Perfect"
Paperboy Dee Bradley Baker "How to Beat the High Costa Rica"
Photographer Jeff Bennett "Beast of Eden"
Pimon Billy West "Kahuna Potato"
Pizza Delivery Man Brian Cummings "Yosemite Remedy"
Plane Pilot Steve Mackall "Recipe for Disaster"
Polar Bear Frank Welker "Klondike Con"
Police Officer Kevin Schon "Jailhouse Shock"
  Frank Welker "Klondike Con"
Postal Clerk Tress MacNeille "Early Bird Watchers"
Prison Guard Jim Cummings "Jailhouse Shock"
Pumbaa Ernie Sabella
Pumbaa (Old) Jim Cummings "Amazon Quiver"
Pumbaa Jr. Nancy Cartwright "Never Everglades"
Puppet Russi Taylor "Isle of Manhood"
Purplest Stupidest Pirates Jeff Bennett "Handle With Caribbean"
  Townsend Coleman "Handle With Caribbean"
  Brian Cummings "Handle With Caribbean"
Quint Corey Burton
Rabbit Charlie Adler "Mojave Desserted"
Raccoons Jeff Bennett "Alcatraz Mataz"
Rafiki Robert Guillaume
Ralph the Snake Rob Paulsen "Brazil Nuts"
Resident Clancy Brown "Boo Hoo Bouquet"
Rich Woman Candi Milo "All Pets Are Off"
Rita Book Tress MacNeille "Library Brouhaha"
Ron the Cameraman Jim Cummings "TV Dinner"
Rooster Jim Cummings "Animal Barn"
  Frank Welker "Early Bird Watchers"
Ropa Candi Milo "Recipe for Disaster"
Rosebud Kath Soucie "Madagascar About You"
Salesman Frank Welker "Nearly Departed"
Scientist Billy West "Astro-Nots"
Shark Frank Welker "Nearly Departed"
Shenzi Tress MacNeille
Simba Cam Clarke
Simon Rob Paulsen "Big Top Breakfast"
Simon's Father Jim Cummings "Big Top Breakfast"
Singer Jess Harnell "The Spy's the Limit"
Skunk Lady Charlie Adler "Scent of the South"
Snail Jeff Bennett "I Don't Bolivia"
Speedy the Snail Corey Burton
  Stefano Onofri (Italian)
Stinkbug Jess Harnell "Rocky Mountain Lie"
Sun Brian Cummings "Wide Awake in Wonderland"
Suzie Kath Soucie "Ready, Aim, Fire"
Tarsier / Wolf Frank Welker "Congo on Like This"
Tatiana Tress MacNeille "Once Upon a Timon"
Thief Steve Mackall "Yosemite Remedy"
Thief the Raccoon Steve Mackall "Yosemite Remedy"
Tiger Jim Cummings "Catch Me If You Kenya"
Timon Quinton Flynn (1995)
  Mark Lesser (French)
  Antti Pekkanen (Finnish)
  Kevin Schon (1996-1998)
Timon (Manly Voice) Jim Cummings "Isle of Manhood"
Timon's Mother Estelle Harris "Mombasa-In-Law"
Torgo Maurice LaMarche "Monster Massachusetts"
Toucan Dan Jeff Bennett "I Don't Bolivia," "Alcatraz Mataz"
Triplets EG Daily "Sitting Pretty Awful"
Tumbaa Kevin Michael Richardson "Kahuna Potato"
Tutun Pharaoh Kevin Michael Richardson "Living in De Nile"
Uncle Boaris Jim Cummings "Russia Hour"
Uncle Ernie Frank Welker "Sense and Senegambia"
Veterinarian Charlie Adler "Shopping Mauled"
Vicky Grey Griffin "Werehog of London"
Victor Corey Burton "Werehog of London"
Vulture Police Officers Townsend Coleman
  Brian Cummings
Vultures Jeff Bennett "Good Mousekeeping"
  Jim Cummings "Good Mousekeeping"
Waiter Brian Cummings "Shopping Mauled"
Wild Goose Jim Cummings "Cooked Goose"
Wolverine Pat Fraley "I Think I Canada"
Woman Grey Griffin "Werehog of London"
Woman in Crowd Tress MacNeille "Nearly Departed"
Woodpecker Gilbert Gottfried "Mozam-Beaked"
Woody Woodeater Jim Cummings "Going Uruguay"
Zazu Michael Gough (II)
Zebanesian Chef Charlie Adler "Shopping Mauled"
Zebra Corey Burton "Guru Some"
  Frank Welker "Unlucky in Lesotho"
(additional voices) Rauno Ahonen (Finnish)
  Veikko Honkanen (Finnish)

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