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Futurama: Bender's Game
Futurama: Bender's Game

Genre: Animated Direct-to-Video Film
Release Date: 2008

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
"The Scary Door" Narrator Maurice LaMarche
Amy Wong Lauren Tom
Bellboy Robot John DiMaggio
Bender Bending Rodriguez John DiMaggio
Calculon Maurice LaMarche
Centaur Maurice LaMarche
Centaurette Tress MacNeille
Chickens Frank Welker
Chinese Boy Lauren Tom
Cook David Herman
Cubert Farnsworth Kath Soucie
Dr. John Zoidberg Billy West
Dr. Ogden Wernstrom David Herman
Dr. Perceptron Maurice LaMarche
Dwarf Billy West
Dwight Conrad Phil LaMarr
E. Gary Gygax E. Gary Gygax (archive footage)
Farmer Billy West
Frydo's Reflections John DiMaggio
  David Herman
George Takei's Head George Takei
Hermaphrobot John DiMaggio
Hermes Conrad Phil LaMarr
Hood Ornament Thief John DiMaggio
Ignar John DiMaggio
Indian Boy Kath Soucie
Intercom Robot Tress MacNeille
Killbots Maurice LaMarche
Larry David Herman
Linda Tress MacNeille
Mad Hatter Robot Maurice LaMarche
Military Man David Herman
Mom Tress MacNeille
Monkey Frank Welker
Morbo Maurice LaMarche
Morcs Maurice LaMarche
Natalie Maines Tress MacNeille
Nibblonians David Herman
  Phil LaMarr
Nurse Ratchet Tress MacNeille
Officer Smitty Billy West
Officer URL John DiMaggio
Pay 'n' Chew Robot Phil LaMarr
Peaches Phil LaMarr
Philip J. Fry Billy West
Polar Bear Frank Welker
Professor Hubert Farnsworth Billy West
Rat Frank Welker
Redneck David Herman
Rich Little's Head Rich Little
Roberto David Herman
Rosie the Robot Tress MacNeille
Sal John DiMaggio
Scruffy the Janitor David Herman
Ship's Computer Tress MacNeille
Slave Robot Phil LaMarr
Slurm Queen Tress MacNeille
Swamp Hag Tress MacNeille
Treedledum Billy West
Trolls Frank Welker
Tunneling Horror Frank Welker
Turanga Leela Katey Sagal
Turanga Morris David Herman
Tyrannosaurus Rex Frank Welker
Vending Machine Robot Maurice LaMarche
Walt Maurice LaMarche

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