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Bobby's World
Bobby's World

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 08 September 1990 - 23 February 1998
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Anthony Brad Garrett "Rebel Without a Clue"
Anthony's Dad Brad Garrett "Rebel Without a Clue"
Arsenio Hall Arsenio Hall "The Play's the Thing"
Aunt Ruth Generic Susan Tolsky
Babysitter Nancy Cartwright "Adventures in Bobby Sitting"
Balladeer Jim Cummings "Bobby Slicker"
Bobby Generic Howie Mandel
Captain Squash Gary Owens
Derek Generic Benny Grant (1990-1992)
  Kevin Michaels (1992-1998)
George Pauly Shore "The Best One of the Mall," "Three Kids and a Baby," "It's My Party"
Geriatric Park Owner Maurice LaMarche "Geriatric Park"
Great-Grandpa Generic Frank Welker "Geriatric Park"
Herb Leventhal John Moschitta Jr. "Misery Loves Company"
Howard Generic Howie Mandel
Jackie Debi Derryberry
Jeff Goldplum Maurice LaMarche "Geriatric Park"
Karate Sensei Gilbert Gottfried "Karate Bobby"
Kelly Generic Charity James
Kevin Christine Cavanaugh "Karate Bobby"
Mad Scientist Gilbert Gottfried "Rebel Without a Clue"
Markie Dana Hill "No Sale"
Martha Generic Gail Matthius
Meeker Pat Fraley
Roger Frank Welker
Snurd Jeff Doucette (1990-1991)
  Rob Paulsen (1991-1998)
Surly Jim Cummings "Bobby Slicker"
Uncle Lou Hamilton Camp "Misery Loves Company"
Uncle Ted Generic Tino Insana
Woody Allen Maurice LaMarche "Geriatric Park"
(additional voices) Dan Castellaneta
  Brian Cummings
  Denny Dillon
  Miriam Flynn
  Katie Leigh
  Danny Mann
  Candi Milo
  Pat Musick
  Jim Staahl
  Dave Thomas
  Susan Tolsky
(voice) Charlie Adler "The Revenge of Dr. Noo"
  Sheryl Bernstein "Me and Roger"
  Barbara Billingsley "I Want My Mommy"
  S. Scott Bullock "The Best One of the Mall"
  George Coe "The Music"
  David Doyle "Bobby's Last Stand"
  Stephen Furst "Uncle Ted's Excellent Adventure"
  Teresa Ganzel "Bobby's Big Broadcast"
  Ellen Gerstell "The Revenge of Dr. Noo"
  Jess Harnell "The Music"
  Phil Hartman "My Dad Can Fix Anything"
  Michael Horse "The Music"
  Richard Karron "Swim by Me"
  John Kassir "Bobby's Big Boo-Boo"
  Tress MacNeille "The Night of the Living Pumpkin"
  Kenneth Mars "Clubhouse Bobby"
  Andrea Martin "Bobby Phone Home"
  Julie McWhirter "The Play's the Thing"
  Don Messick "Bobby's Big Broadcast"
  Iona Morris "The Music"
  Hal Rayle "Me and Roger"
  Robert Ridgely "Me and Roger"
  Maggie Roswell "My Dad Can Fix Anything"
  Jonathan Schmock "My Dad Can Fix Anything"
  Glenn Shadix "Bobby the Genius"
  Andre Stojka "Uncle Ted's Excellent Adventure"
  Cree Summer "Baby Brother Blues"
  John Tesh "Clubhouse Bobby"
  Jay Thomas "Bad News Bobby"

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