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New Adventures of Captain Planet, The
New Adventures of Captain Planet, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 10 September 1993
Voice Director: Kris Zimmerman

After Turner Productions merged with Hanna-Barbara, Hanna-Barbara took over production of the series from DIC.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alligator Amy Bibi Osterwald "Never the Twain Shall Meet"
Argos Bleak S. Scott Bullock
Bad Breeder Frank Welker "101 Mutations"
Bambi Blight Kath Soucie "Hollywaste"
Belinda Bubblebutt Kath Soucie "Greed Is the Word"
Big Ed Bakar Hoyt Axton "High Steaks"
Billy Jean Candi Milo "Going Bats, Man"
Boaters Jeff Bennett "Greed Is the Word"
  Richard Gautier "Greed Is the Word"
Bob Nick Chinlund "101 Mutations"
Bus Driver David Ackroyd "101 Mutations"
Butterfly Nancy Linari "Twelve Angry Animals"
Captain Planet David Coburn
Caucasian Patrol Member Tristan Rogers "Horns A'Plenty"
Citizen Robert Guillaume "Bug Off!"
Claud Stalker Charlie Adler "5-Ring Panda-Monium"
Columbus Jim Cummings "Twelve Angry Animals"
Danny Dazzleduff Fred Schneider "Greed Is the Word"
Dokey Pinehead Frank Welker "Whoo Gives a Hoot?," "Dirty Politics"
Don Porkaloin Edward Asner "The Ghost of Porkaloin Past"
Dr. Babs Blight Mary Kay Bergman
Dr. Derrick B.J. Ward
Dr. Russell Dionne Warwick "Sea No Evil"
Dr. Russell's Assistant Ed Begley Jr. "Sea No Evil"
Duke Nukem Maurice LaMarche
Dusty Dennis Weaver "High Steaks"
Eco the Clown Jonathan Winters "Who's Running the Show?"
Elephant Dorian Harewood "Twelve Angry Animals"
Factory Worker Frank Welker "Never the Twain Shall Meet"
Fred Lerner Ted Turner "Who's Running the Show?"
Gaia Margot Kidder
Georgina Carbor Cree Summer "Little Crop of Horrors"
Gi Janice Kawaye
Goki Kadeem Hardison "Gorillas Will Be Missed"
Good Breeder Darleen Carr "101 Mutations"
Gorillas Frank Welker "Gorillas Will Be Missed"
Grizzly Bear Frank Welker "Twelve Angry Animals"
Hoggish Greedly Edward Asner
Jake Perry King "Whoo Gives a Hoot"
Jane Green Melissa Manchester "Dirty Politics"
Joey Justin Shenkarow "101 Mutations"
Judge Vernee Watson-Johnson "Whoo Gives a Hoot?'
Kujo Paul Williams "5-Ring Panda-Monium"
Kwame LeVar Burton
Lead Suit Frank Welker
Lexel Starvak Casey Kasem "You Bet Your Planet"
Linka Kath Soucie
Looten Plunder Ed Gilbert
MAL Tim Curry
Ma-Ti Scott Menville
Madame Mao Page Leong "5-Ring Panda-Monium"
Magpie Frank Welker "Twelve Angry Animals"
Mame Slaughter Mitzi McCall "5 Ring Panda-Monium"
  Theresa Saldana "Orangu-Tangle," "Horns A'Plenty"
Mammoth Brock Peters "Twelve Angry Animals"
Oakey Pinehead Richard Gautier "Whoo Gives a Hoot?"
Ooze Cam Clarke
Orangutans Frank Welker "Orangu-Tangle"
Owner David Ackroyd "101 Mutations"
Poor Man Greg Eagles "Never the Twain Shall Meet"
Poor Woman Iona Morris "Never the Twain Shall Meet"
Production Assistant Arnold Stang "Hollywaste"
Rancher Jim Cummings "Twelve Angry Animals"
Rigger John Ratzenberger
Salesgirl Mariann Aalda "101 Mutations"
Sheriff Sorrell Booke "Jailhouse Flock"
Sly Sludge Jim Cummings
Snow Leopard Frank Welker "Twelve Angry Animals"
Stalker Slaughter Charlie Adler
Suchi Frank Welker
Tank Flusher Frank Welker
Thylacines Charlie Adler "Twelve Angry Animals"
  Frank Welker "Twelve Angry Animals"
Timber Wolf Dorian Harewood "Twelve Angry Animals"
Verminous Skumm Maurice LaMarche
Wheeler Joey Dedio
Wheeler's Dad George Hearn "Talkin' Trash"
Wheeler's Mom Marcia Wallace "Talkin' Trash"
Yeti Tony Jay "Twelve Angry Animals"
You Bet Your Planet Announcer Gene Wood "You Bet Your Planet"
Zarm Malcolm McDowell
(additional voices) Carlos Alazraqui
  Jack Angel
  Michael Bell
  Robby Benson
  Candy Ann Brown
  Kevin Conroy
  Peter Cullen
  Linda Dangcil
  Takayo Fischer
  Robert Foxworth
  Mark Hamill
  David Hayter
  Michael Horse
  Helen Hunt
  Robert Ito
  René Le Vant
  Loren Lester
  Marilyn Lightstone
  Victor Love
  Allan Lurie
  Jason Marsden
  Anndi McAfee
  Kevin Michaels
  Larry Moss
  Nicholas Omana
  Robert Patrick
  Rob Paulsen
  Robert Picardo
  Don Reed
  Peter Renaday
  Robert Ridgely
  Roger Rose
  Neil Ross
  Rodney Saulsberry
  Pepe Serna
  Russi Taylor
  Paula Tiso
  Brian Tochi
  Marcelo Tubert
  Manu Tupou
  Granville Van Dusen
  Lark Voorhies
  Eugene Williams
  Marquise Wilson
  Kris Zimmerman

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