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Batman, The
Batman, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 11 September 2004 - 08 March 2008
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alfred Pennyworth Alastair Duncan
  Vesa Hämes (Finnish)
Amanda Grey Griffin "Call of the Cobblepot"
Anchorman Zachary Throne "White Heat"
Announcer Joshua Seth (Kids' WB commercials)
  Fred Willard "RPM"
Bagley Henry Gibson "Topsy Turvy"
Bane Antti Jaakola (Finnish)
  Ron Perlman "Team Penguin"
  Joaquim de Almeida "Traction"
Batgirl / Barbara Gordon Danielle Judovits
Batman / Bruce Wayne Kari Leppälä (Finnish)
  Rino Romano
Becky Jennifer Hale "The Big Dummy"
Black Mask / Roman Sionis James Remar "The Breakout," "The Batman/Superman Story" Pt. 1, "What Goes Up"
Boy Zach Shada "Ring Toss"
Bruiser Maurice LaMarche "A Matter of Family"
Campus Guard Townsend Coleman "Seconds"
Captain Slash Diedrich Bader "The Metal Face of Comedy"
Cash Tankinson Patrick Warburton "JTV," "Cash for Toys"
Catwoman / Selina Kyle Gina Gershon
Chief Angel Rojas Jesse Corti
  Edward James Olmos "The Bat in the Belfry"
  Pasi Ruohonen (Finnish)
Chuck Jim Meskimen "Joker Express"
Clayface / Basil Karlo Lex Lang "The Batman/Superman Story"
  Wallace Langham "Clayfaces"
Clayface / Detective Ethan Bennett Steve Harris
  Sasu Moilanen (Finnish)
Clea Allison Mack "The Everywhere Man"
Cluemaster / Arthur Brown Glenn Shadix "Q & A"
Commissioner James Gordon Mitch Pileggi
Cosmo Krank Patton Oswalt "Cash for Toys"
  Marc Perez (French) "Cash for Toys"
Count Vertigo / Werner Zytle Greg Ellis "Vertigo"
Crime Boss #1 Joe Lala "Traction"
Crime Boss #2 Michael Bell "Traction"
Crime Boss #3 Joe Lala "Traction"
Curator Peter Jessop "What Goes Up"
D.A.V.E. Jeff Bennett "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind"
Detective Ellen Yin Ming-Na Wen
Doctor Jill Talley "Vertigo"
  Zachary Throne "White Heat"
Dr. Jane Blazedale Rachael MacFarlane "White Heat"
Dr. Kirk Langstrom Peter MacNicol "The Man Who Would Be Bat," "Pets"
  Taisto Oksanen (Finnish) "The Man Who Would Be Bat"
Duncan Andre Sogliuzzo "The Butler Did It"
Everywhere Man / John Marlowe Brandon Routh "The Everywhere Man"
Ewan Ian Abercrombie "The Icy Depths"
Female Caller Christie Mellor "Two of a Kind"
Firefly / Phosphorus / Garfield Lynns Jason Marsden "The Big Heat," "Fire and Ice," "Team Penguin," "White Heat"
Flash / Barry Allen Charlie Schlatter "A Mirror Darkly," "Lost Heroes"
Fox / David David Faustino "Attack of the Terrible Trio"
Francis Gray Dave Foley "Seconds"
Freddy Jim Cummings "Swamped"
Gearhead Will Friedle "RPM"
Georgia Billie Hayes "Grundy's Night Out"
Gorman Bob Gunton "Riddler's Revenge"
Green Arrow / Oliver Queen Chris Hardwick "Vertigo," "Lost Heroes"
Green Lantern / Hal Jordan Dermot Mulroney "Ring Toss," "Lost Heroes"
Guard Michael Bell "Thunder"
Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel Hynden Walch "Two of a Kind"
Hawkman / Katar Hol Robert Patrick "What Goes Up," "Lost Heroes" Pt. 2
Herbert Ziegler Udo Kier "Q & A"
Hideto Katsu Keone Young "The Cat and the Bat"
Hugo Strange Frank Gorshin "Meltdown," "Strange Minds," "A Fistful of Felt"
  Richard Green "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind," "Strange New World," "Rumors"
Jake Chris Pratt "Attack of the Terrible Trio"
Jimmy Olsen Jack DeSena "The Batman/Superman Story" Pt. 1
John Grayson Kevin Conroy "A Matter of Family"
Joker Aarre Karén (Finnish)
  Kevin Michael Richardson
Julie Brooke Shields "Riddler's Revenge"
Kid Rob Paulsen "Attack of the Terrible Trio"
Killer Croc / Waylon Jones Ron Perlman
Killer Moth / Drury Walker Jeff Bennett "Team Penguin"
  Marc Perez (French) "Team Penguin"
Killgore Steed Charles Napier "The Laughing Cats"
Lady Julianne Grossman "Clayfaces"
Lex Luthor Clancy Brown "The Batman/Superman Story"
Lois Lane Dana Delany "The Batman/Superman Story" Pt. 1
Lucius Fox Louis Gossett Jr. "The Joining" "The Batman/Superman Story"
Martian Manhunter / J'onn Jonzz Dorian Harewood "The Joining," "Lost Heroes"
Marty Slack Patton Oswalt "The Metal Face of Comedy"
Maxie Zeus Phil LaMarr "Thunder"
Mayor Hamilton Hill Lex Lang "The Batman/Superman Story" Pt. 1
Mayor Marion Grange Adam West
Mercy Graves Gwendoline Yeo "The Batman/Superman Story"
Metallo / John Corben Lex Lang "The Batman/Superman Story" Pt. 1
Mirror Master / Sam Scudder John Larroquette "A Mirror Darkly"
Miss Potter Monica Richardson "Joker Express"
Moviestar Cathy Cavadini "The Big Chill"
Mr. Freeze / Victor Fries Clancy Brown
  Pasi Ruohonen (Finnish)
Mrs. Brown Edie McClurg "Q & A"
Mugsy John DiMaggio "The Big Dummy," "A Fistful of Felt"
Nightwing / Dick Grayson Jerry O'Connell "Artifacts," "The Metal Face of Comedy"
Number One Diedrich Bader "The Breakout"
  John Mariano "What Goes Up"
Oracle / Barbara Gordon Kellie Martin "Artifacts"
Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot Antti Jaakola (Finnish)
  Tom Kenny
Pilot Robert David Hall "Artifacts"
Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley Piera Coppola
Prank / Donnie Michael Reisz "Apprentice"
Ragdoll Jeff Bennett "Ragdolls to Riches," "Team Penguin"
Reporter Michael Bell "Thunder"
  Cathy Cavadini "The Big Chill"
  Julianne Grossman "Clayfaces"
Rhino John DiMaggio "The Big Dummy," "A Fistful of Felt"
Riddler / Edward Nygma Robert Englund "Riddled," "Night and the City," "Riddler's Revenge"
  Antti Jaakola (Finnish)
Robin / Dick Grayson Evan Sabara
  Alexis Tomassian (French)
Robinson Sprang Neil Ross "The Cat and the Bat"
Ross Darren Fred Willard "Q & A"
Rumor / Mario Ron Perlman "Rumors"
Rupert Thorne Victor Brandt "The Bat in the Belfry"
  Pasi Ruohonen (Finnish) "The Bat in the Belfry"
Scarface Dan Castellaneta
Scorn / Andy Mallory Daryl Sabara "The End of the Batman"
Shadow Thief / Carl Sands Diedrich Bader "What Goes Up"
Shark / Justin Googy Gress "Attack of the Terrible Trio"
Sinestro Miguel Ferrer "Ring Toss"
Smoke Amanda Anka "A Mirror Darkly"
Socialite Jill Talley "Vertigo"
Solomon Grundy Kevin Grevioux "Grundy's Night"
Spellbinder Michael Massee "The Butler Did It"
Superior Kurt Fuller "Artifacts"
Superman / Clark Kent George Newbern "The Batman/Superman Story," "Lost Heroes"
Technician #2 Lex Lang "What Goes Up"
Temblor Jim Cummings "Batgirl Begins Pt. 1"
Tony Zucco Mark Hamill "A Matter of Family"
Toyman / Jack Nimball Richard Green "Lost Heroes" Pt. 1
Ventriloquist / Arnold Wesker Dan Castellaneta
  Marc Perez (French)
Vic Jim Cummings "Swamped"
Virginia Billie Hayes "Grundy's Night Out"
Vulture / Amber Grey Griffin "Attack of the Terrible Trio"
Warden Robert Clotworthy "What Goes Up"
Wife Cathy Cavadini "The Big Chill"
Worker #2 Roger Rose "The Joining" Pt. 1
Wrath / William Mallory Christopher Gorham "The End of the Batman"
Yelena Kilmanov Kath Soucie "Q & A"
Young Artie Kath Soucie "Q & A"
(additional voices) Juha Paananen (Finnish)

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