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New Batman Adventures, The
New Batman Adventures, The

Also Known As: Batman: Gotham Knights; The New Batman/Superman Adventures
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 13 September 1997 - 16 January 1999
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Official Website: http://www.batman-superman.com/batman/index.html

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
50s Batman Gary Owens "Legends of the Dark Knight"
50s Henchmen Kevin Conroy "Legends of the Dark Knight"
  Robert Costanzo "Legends of the Dark Knight"
50s Joker Michael McKean "Legends of the Dark Knight"
50s Robin Brianne Siddall "Legends of the Dark Knight"
80s Robin Anndi McAfee "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Alfred Pennyworth Efrem Zimbalist Jr.
Annie Francesca Smith "Growing Pains"
Auctioneer Peter Renaday "The Demon Within"
Baby Doll / Mary Louise Dahl Laraine Newman "Love is a Croc"
Bane Henry Silva "Over The Edge"
Bartender Malachi Throne "Judgement Day"
Batgirl / Barbara Gordon Tara Strong
Batman / Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy
Bernie Benson Barry Bostwick "Mean Seasons"
Bodyguard John Mariano "Torch Song"
Businessman Efrem Zimbalist Jr. "Chemisty"
Calendar Girl / Page Monroe Sela Ward "Mean Seasons"
Carol Singers Robert Costanzo "Holiday Knights"
  Ron Perlman "Holiday Knights"
Carrie Kelley Anndi McAfee "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Cassidy Karla DeVito "Torch Song"
Catwoman / Selina Kyle Adrienne Barbeau "You Scratch My Back," "Cult of the Cat"
Child Pamela Adlon "Never Fear"
Christine Tara Strong "Chemisty"
Clayface / Matt Hagen Ron Perlman "Holiday Knights," "Growing Pains"
Commissioner James Gordon Bob Hastings
Connie Lauri Johnson "Animal Act"
Connor Ian Buchanan "Old Wounds"
Connor's Son Pamela Hayden "Old Wounds"
Creeper / Jack Ryder Jeff Bennett
Cultist Bob Hastings "Cult of the Cat"
Dean Neil Ross "Old Wounds"
Detective Harvey Bullock Robert Costanzo
Don Mark Rolston "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Donna Day Tippi Hedren "Mean Seasons"
Dr. Margaret Madsen Tress MacNeille "Cold Comfort"
Driver Cop Hal Rayle "Girl's Nite Out"
Emmylou Brown Dina Sherman "Critters"
Enrique El Gancho Sal Lopez "You Scratch My Back"
Ernie Sam McMurray "Joker's Millions"
Etrigan the Demon / Jason Blood Billy Zane "The Demon Within"
Fake Harley Quinn Maggie Wheeler "Joker's Millions"
Fearless Man Charles Rocket "Never Fear"
Female Cultist Tasia Valenza "Cult of the Cat"
Firefly / Garfield Lynns Mark Rolston
Frank David Paymer "Torch Song"
Frederick Fournier Charles Rocket "Mean Seasons"
Gang Leader Matt Landers "Growing Pains"
Gang Member John Rubano "Growing Pains"
Geena Pamela Hayden "Old Wounds"
Gotham Angels Biker Thomas F. Wilson "Torch Song"
Guard Jeff Bennett "Mad Love"
Guards Peter Jason "Judgement Day"
  Loren Lester "Judgement Day"
Gun Runners Michael Donovan "You Scratch My Back"
  Joe Lala "You Scratch My Back"
  Steve McGowan "You Scratch My Back"
Guru Charles Rocket "Never Fear"
Harley Quinn / Harleen Quinzel Arleen Sorkin
Harry Richard Doyle "Love is a Croc"
Harry's Wife Lauri Johnson "Love is a Croc"
Henchman Kevin Conroy "Judgement Day"
Henchmen Bumper Robinson "Mean Seasons"
  Charles Rocket "Mean Seasons"
Henshaw Neil Ross "Old Wounds"
Hips McManus Billy Barty "Double Talk"
Howlin' Jake Thomas F. Wilson "Torch Song"
Husband Kevin Conroy "Mean Seasons"
Ice Maidens Tress MacNeille "Cold Comfort"
  Cree Summer "Cold Comfort"
  Lauren Tom "Cold Comfort"
Irv Kleinman Barry Bostwick "Mean Seasons"
J. Carroll Corcoran Steven Weber "Judgement Day"
Jimmy Olson David Kaufman "World's Finest"
Joe Corey Burton "Holiday Knights"
Joel Phillip Van Dyke "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Joker Mark Hamill
Joker's Lawyer John Garry "Joker's Millions"
Judge Dorian Harewood "Critters"
  Buster Jones "Love is a Croc"
Killer Croc / Waylon Jones Brooks Gardner
King Barlowe Allan Rich "Joker's Millions"
King Barlowe's Bodyguard Jeff Bennett "Joker's Millions"
Klarion the Witch Boy Stephen Wolfe Smith "The Demon Within"
Knife Thrower Corey Burton "Animal Act"
Lawyer John Garry "Over the Edge"
Lex Luthor Clancy Brown "World's Finest"
Little Boy Tress MacNeille "Holiday Knights"
Livewire / Leslie Willis Lori Petty "Girls' Night Out"
Lois Lane Dana Delany "World's Finest"
Lucius Fox Mel Winkler "Double Talk," "Mean Seasons," "The Ultimate Thrill," "Chemistry"
Mad Hatter / Jervis Tetch Roddy McDowall
Man Ken Berry "Never Fear"
Manny Peter Jason "Sins of the Father," "Judgement Day"
Martin Jim Piddock "Cult of the Cat"
Matt Ryan O'Donohue "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Mayor Hamilton Hill Lloyd Bochner "Cold Comfort," "Over the Edge"
Michael Vreeland Tim Matheson "Chemisty"
Miranda Kane Jane Wiedlin "Animal Act"
Miss Solstice Tara Strong "Mean Seasons"
Mo, Lar and Cur Ron Perlman "Holiday Knights"
  Billy West "Beware the Creeper"
Moe Loren Lester "Sins of the Father," "Judgement Day"
Mom Lauri Johnson "Love is a Croc"
Mother Pamela Adlon "Never Fear"
Mr. Freeze / Victor Fries Michael Ansara "Cold Comfort
Mr. Liu Bruce Locke "Chemistry"
Mrs. Segar Patty Maloney "Double Talk"
Mugger Townsend Coleman "Old Wounds"
Mugging Victim Mark Hamill "Old Wounds"
Mugsy Townsend Coleman "Double Talk"
Mutant Leader Kevin Michael Richardson "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Mutant Member Michael McKean "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Nightwing / Dick Grayson Loren Lester
Obese Woman Lauri Johnson "Animal Act"
Old Woman Jane Singer "Critters"
Penguin / Oswald Cobblepot Paul Williams
Pete Corey Burton "Animal Act"
Photographer Ed Gilbert "Chemistry"
Pilot Robert Clotworthy "The Ultimate Thrill"
Poison Ivy / Pamela Isley Diane Pershing
Police Dispatch Tress MacNeille "Holiday Knights"
Police Officer Jeff Bennett "Over the Edge"
Police Sergeant Phil Hayes "Critters"
Raven Tara Strong "The Ultimate Thrill"
Renee Montoya Liane Schirmer
Reporter Robert David Hall "Mean Seasons"
  Phil Hayes "Critters"
Rhino Earl Boen "Double Talk"
Riddler / Edward Nygma John Glover "Judgement Day"
Rob Charles Rocket "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Robbers Bob Hastings "Cult of the Cat"
  Jim Piddock "Cult of the Cat"
Robin / Tim Drake Mathew Valencia
Rocco Townsend Coleman "Old Wounds"
Roxy Rocket / Roxanne Sutton Charity James
Sarah Pamela Adlon "Never Fear"
Scarecrow / Jonathan Crane Jeffrey Combs "Never Fear"
Scarface George Dzundza
Security Guard Hal Rayle "Girls' Nite Out"
  Charles Rocket "Legends of the Dark Knight"
Seymour Grey Ken Berry "Never Fear"
Shannon Jane Wiedlin "Torch Song"
Shopkeeper Bruce Locke "Chemistry"
Sports Commentator Corey Burton "Holiday Knights"
Storekeeper Jeff Bennett "Mad Love"
Strong Man Corey Burton "Animal Act"
Superman / Clark Kent Tim Daly "World's Finest"
Susan Maguire Linda Hamilton "Chemisty"
TV Host Efrem Zimbalist Jr. "Over the Edge"
Teen Cop Bumper Robinson "Mean Seasons"
The Judge Malachi Throne "Judgement Day"
Thomas Blake Scott Cleverdon "Cult of the Cat"
Thrift Shop Owner EG Daily "Beware the Creeper"
Thug Ed Gilbert "Chemisty"
Two-Face / Harvey Dent Richard Moll
Uniformed Cop Corey Burton "Holiday Knights"
Ventriloquist / Arnold Wesker George Dzundza
Veronica Vreeland Marilu Henner "Chemistry"
Vincenzo John Mariano "Torch Song"
Wendy Rachel Davey "Holiday Knights"
Young Woman Rebecca Gilchrist "The Ultimate Thrill"
Zaftig Lady Miriam Flynn "Mean Seasons"

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