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Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Genre: Animated/Live Action Film
Release Date: 07 October 1971

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bookman Corey Burton (ADR voice)
(25th Anniversary Edition)
  Henri Virlojeux (French)
Captain Greer Joe Baker (ADR voice)
(25th Anniversary Edition)
  Jacques Marin (French)
Charlie Raśl Aldana (Spanish (Latin American))
  Gregory Grudt (ADR voice)
(25th Anniversary Edition)
Colonel Heller Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
Fisherman Bear Francisco Colmenero (Spanish (Latin American))
  Dallas McKennon
  Edgar Ott (German)
King Leonidas Arnold Marquis (German)
  Lennie Weinrib
Mr. Codfish Erich Fiedler (German)
  Bob Holt
Mr. Widdenfield Corey Burton (ADR voice for Arthur Malet)
(25th Anniversary Edition)
Mrs. Hobday Fay DeWitt (ADR voice)
(25th Anniversary Edition)
  Angela Villanueva (Spanish (Latin American))
Paul Diana Santos (Spanish (Latin American))
Professor Emelius Browne Jeff Bennett (ADR voice for David Tomlinson)
(25th Anniversary Edition)
  Friedrich Schoenfelder (German)
Russian Portabello Road Vendor Thurl Ravenscroft (singing voice)
Secretary Bird Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
  Lennie Weinrib
Swinburne Georges Atlas (French)
  Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American))
(animal noises) James MacDonald
(chorus) Gene Merlino

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