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Justice League Unlimited
Justice League Unlimited

Also Known As: JLU
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 2004 - 2006
Voice Director: Andrea Romano
Official Website: http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/tv_shows/jlu/

A revamped version of Justice League

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abnegazar Wayne Knight "The Balance"
Agent King Faraday Scott Patterson
Amanda Waller CCH Pounder
Amazo Robert Picardo
Angle Man Phil LaMarr "The Great Brain Robbery"
Aquaman Scott Rummell
Ares / Mr. Sera Michael York "Hawk & Dove"
Atom / Ray Palmer John C. McGinley "The Return," "Dark Heart," "Clash"
Atomic Skull / Joseph Martin Lex Lang "The Great Brain Robbery," "Alive," "Destroyer"
B'wana Beast Peter Onorati "This Little Piggy"
Bat-Lash Ben Browder "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales"
Batman / Bruce Wayne Kevin Conroy
  Radoslaw Pazura (Polish)
Big Barda Farrah Forke "The Tie That Binds"
Billy Batson Shane Haboucha "Clash"
Black Canary Morena Baccarin "The Cat and the Canary," "Double Date," "Grudge Match"
Blockbuster / Mark Desmond Dee Bradley Baker "Kid Stuff"
Bonk / Ben Knox Adam Baldwin "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Booster Gold / Michael Jon Carter Tom Everett Scott "The Greatest Story Never Told"
Bouncing Boy Googy Gress "Far From Home"
Brainiac Corey Burton
Brainiac 5 Matt Czuchry "Far From Home"
Captain Atom / Nathaniel Adam Chris Cox "The Greatest Story Never Told," "Task Force X," "Question Authority"
  George Eads "Initiation"
Captain Boomerang / George Harkness Donal Gibson "Flash and Substance"
  Pascal Renwick (French)
Captain Cold / Leonard Snart Lex Lang "Flash and Substance"
Captain Marvel Jerry O'Connell "Clash"
Cheetah / Barbara Ann Minerva Sheryl Lee Ralph "Kid Stuff"
Chronos / David Clinton Peter MacNicol "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales," "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Chucko Don Harvey "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Circe Rachel York "This Little Piggy"
Clock King / Temple Fugate Alan Rachins "Task Force X"
Commander Michael Beach "Dark Heart"
Crimson Avenger Kevin Conroy "This Little Piggy"
Dana Tan Lauren Tom "Epilogue"
Darkseid Michael Ironside "Alive," "Destroyer"
Deadman / Boston Brand Raphael Sbarge "Dead Reckoning"
Deadshot / Floyd Lawton Michael Rosenbaum "Task Force X"
Dee Dee / Delia Dennis Melissa Joan Hart "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Dee Dee / Diedre Quinn Melissa Joan Hart "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Devil Ray Michael Beach "To Another Shore," "Dead Reckoning"
Doctor Fate / Kent Nelson Oded Fehr "The Return," "Wake the Dead," "The Great Brain Robbery"
Doctor Light / Kimiyo Hoshi Lauren Tom "Epilogue"
Doctor Polaris Michael Rosenbaum "I Am Legion," "The Great Brain Robbery"
Doomsday Michael Jai White "The Doomsday Sanction"
Dove / Don Hall Jason Hervey "Hawk & Dove"
Downpour Grey Griffin "Ultimatum"
Dr. Achilles Milo Armin Shimerman "Doomsday Sanction"
Dr. Tracey Simmons Lori Loughlin "The Greatest Story Never Told"
El Diablo Nestor Carbonell "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales"
Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny Jeremy Piven "The Greatest Story Never Told," "The Ties That Bind," "Clash"
Emerald Empress Joanne Whalley "Far From Home"
Enid Clinton Mindy Sterling "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales," "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Felix Faust Robert Englund "The Balance"
Fire / Beatriz Bonilla da Costa Maria Canals Barrera "I Am Legion"
Flash / Wally West Michael Rosenbaum
Future Batman / Terry McGinnis Will Friedle "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped" "Epilogue"
  Radoslaw Pazura (Polish) "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped" "Epilogue"
Galatea Nicholle Tom "Fearful Symmetry," "Flashpoint," "Panic in the Sky"
General Hardcastle Charles Napier "Fearful Symmetry"
General Nardoc Lex Lang "Hawk and Dove"
General Wade Eiling J.K. Simmons
Gentleman Ghost / James Craddock Robin Atkin Downes "Ancient History"
Ghoul / Stewart Carter Winthrop III Michael Rosenbaum "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Giganta Jennifer Hale
Gorilla Grodd Powers Boothe
Granny Goodness Edward Asner "The Ties That Bind"
Green Arrow / Oliver Queen Kin Shriner
Green Lantern / Hal Jordan Adam Baldwin "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Green Lantern / John Stewart Phil LaMarr
Green Lantern / Kai-Ro Lauren Tom "Epilogue"
Green Lantern / Kyle Rayner Will Friedle "The Return"
Hath-Set Hector Elizondo "Ancient History"
Hawk / Hank Hall Fred Savage "Hawk & Dove"
Hawkgirl / Shayera Hol Maria Canals Barrera
Hawkman / Carter Hall James Remar "Shadow of a Hawk," "Ancient History"
Hephaestus Edward Asner "Hawk & Dove"
Huntress / Helena Bertinelli Amy Acker
Jonah Hex Adam Baldwin "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales"
Juice CCH Pounder "Ultimatum"
Kanto Corey Burton "Alive"
Kasnian Monk Patrick Bauchau "Hawk & Dove"
Key Corey Burton "I Am Legion"
Killer Frost Jennifer Hale
Lex Luthor Clancy Brown
Loana Dana Delany "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Lois Lane Dana Delany
Long Shadow Gregg Rainwater "Ultimatum"
Lord Hades Bob Joles "The Balance"
Lt. Kragger Hector Elizondo "Hunter's Moon"
Mairzey Takayo Fischer "I Am Legion"
Mantis J.K. Simmons "Question Authority"
Martian Manhunter / J'onn J'onzz Carl Lumbly
Maxwell Lord Tim Matheson "Ultimatum"
Mayor Lani Minella "Flash and Substance"
Mercy Graves Lisa Edelstein "Clash"
Metallo / John Corben Malcolm McDowell "Chaos at the Earth's Core"
Metron Daniel Dae Kim "Alive," "Destroyer"
Mirror Master Alexis Denisof "Flash and Substance"
Mister Miracle / Scott Free Ioan Gruffudd "The Ties That Bind"
Mister Terrific / Michael Holt Michael Beach "Patriot Act," "The Great Brain Robbery," "Destroyer"
Mongul Eric Roberts "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Morgaine Le Fay Olivia d'Abo "Kid Stuff"
Oberon Dick Miller "The Ties That Bind"
Orion Ron Perlman "Flash and Substance"
Paran Dul Elizabeth Peņa "Hunter's Moon"
Plastique / Bette Sans Souci Juliet Landau "Task Force X"
Professor Emil Hamilton Robert Foxworth "Fearful Symmetry," "Ultimatum," "Doomsday Sanction," "The Clash"
Queen Hippolyta Susan Sullivan "The Balance"
Question / Vic Sage Jeffrey Combs
Red Tornado Powers Boothe "This Little Piggy"
Rick Flag Jr. Adam Baldwin "Task Force X"
Roulette / Veronica Sinclair Virginia Madsen "The Cat and the Canary," "Grudge Match"
S.T.R.I.P.E. / Pat Dugan Phil LaMarr
Shadow Thief James Remar "Shadow of a Hawk," "Ancient History"
Sheriff Ohiyesa Smith Jonathan Joss "The Once and Future Ting, Part 1: Weird Western Tales"
Shifter Grey Griffin "Ultimatum"
Shining Knight / Justin Arthur Chris Cox "Patriot Act"
Sinestro Ted Levine "The Great Brain Robbery"
Skeets Billy West "The Greatest Story Never Told"
Solomon Grundy / Cyrus Gold Bruce W. Timm "Wake the Dead"
Sonar / Bito Wladen Corey Burton "Grudge Match"
Speedy Mike Erwin "Patriot Act"
Stargirl / Courtney Whitmore Giselle Loren
Static / Virgil Hawkins Phil LaMarr "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Supergirl / Kara Zor-El Nicholle Tom
Superman / Clark Kent George Newbern
Tala Juliet Landau
Thanagarians David Barrera "Hunter's Moon"
  Nathan Fillion "Hunter's Moon"
Tharok Tomas Arana "Far From Home"
The President Robert Forster "Flashpoint," "Divided We Fall"
Tobias Manning Ed O'Ross "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales"
Toyman Bud Cort "Alive"
Trickster / Jesse James William Coryn (French) "Flash and Substance"
  Mark Hamill "Flash and Substance"
Vigilante / Greg Saunders Nathan Fillion
Virman Vundabar Arte Johnson "The Ties that Bind"
Vixen / Mari McCabe Gina Torres "Wake the Dead," "Hunter's Moon," "Shadow of the Hawk," "Ancient History," "Grudge Match"
Warhawk Peter Onorati "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales," "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Warlord / Travis Morgan Paul Guilfoyle "Chaos at the Earth's Core"
Wildcat / Ted Grant Dennis Farina "The Cat and the Canary"
Wind Dragon James Sie "Ultimatum"
Wonder Woman / Princess Diana Susan Eisenberg
Woof the Hyena-Man Dee Bradley Baker "The Once and Future Thing: Time, Warped"
Zatanna Jennifer Hale

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