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Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 13 January 2006
Official Website: http://www.oentertainment.com/KidORama/TheBarnyard/thebarnyard.htm

Sequel: The CGI animated series Back at the Barnyard

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Baron Eero Saarinen (Finnish)
Ben the Cow Sam Elliott
Bessie the Cow Wanda Sykes
Budd the Jersey Cow John DiMaggio
Chicks Paul Butcher
  Liliana Mumy
Dag the Coyote David Koechner
Daisy the Cow Julianne Buescher (ADR voice match)
  Courteney Cox
Duke the Dog Dom Irrera
Eddy the Jersey Cow S. Scott Bullock
Etta the Hen Andie MacDowell
Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beatty Steve Oedekerk
Everett the Dog Lloyd Sherr
Farmer Fred Tatasciore
Freddy the Ferret Cam Clarke
  Petri Hanttu (Finnish)
Gopher Rob Paulsen
Hanna the Hen Megan Cavanaugh
Igg the Jersey Cow Rauno Ahonen (Finnish)
  Maurice LaMarche
Maddy the Chick Madeline Lovejoy
Miles the Mule Danny Glover
Mr. Nathan Beady Steve Oedekerk
Mrs. Nora Beady Maria Bamford
Officer O'Hanlon John DiMaggio
Otis the Cow Kevin James
Peck the Rooster Rob Paulsen
Pig Tino Insana
Pip the Mouse Jeffrey Garcia
Root the Rooster Earthquake
Snotty Boy's Father Steve Oedekerk
Snotty Boy's Friends Katie Leigh
  Laraine Newman
Snotty Boy's Mother Jill Talley
(additional barnyard voices) Keith Anthony
  William Calvert
  Eddie Frierson
  Nika Futterman
  Nicholas Guest
  Archie Hahn
  Katie Leigh
  Christie Mellor
  Jacqueline Pinol
  Philip Proctor
  Justin Shenkarow
  Lynne Marie Stewart
  Audrey Wasilewski
  Claudette Wells

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