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Bionic Six
Bionic Six

Also Known As: Bionic 6
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 19 April 1987 - 16 November 1987
Voice Director: Howard Morris

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bob Hal Rayle
Bunjiro "Bunji" Bennett / Karate-1 Brian Tochi
Chopper Frank Welker
Dr. Harland Nails / Kaleidoscope Neil Ross
Dr. Hugo Fish Howard Morris
Dr. Wilmer Scarab Jim MacGeorge
Eric Bennett / Sport-1 Hal Rayle
F.L.U.F.F.I. Neil Ross
Glove Frank Welker
Helen Bennett / Mother-1 Carol Bilger
J.D. Bennett / I.Q. Norman Bernard
Jack Bennett / Bionic-1 John Stephenson
Joe Kapoola Hal Rayle
Klunk John Stephenson
Madame-O Jennifer Darling
Mechanic Frank Welker
Meg Bennett / Rock-1 Samantha Paris
Metalhead Alan Oppenheimer
Momo Yashima Shűko Akune
Mrs. Scarab Jim MacGeorge
Peter Wilcox / Perceptor Neil Ross
Professor Amadeus 'Mattie' Sharp Alan Oppenheimer
Rivet Rick Brian Tochi
Ronnie Gordon (I.Q.'s friend) Susan Blu
Shadow Boxer Hal Rayle
Techno Tex Howard Morris
(additional voices) Bever-Leigh Banfield
  Arthur Burghardt
  Michael Mish
  Michael Sheehan

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