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Also Known As: Star Wars: Ewoks; The All-New Ewoks The Ewoks and Star Wars Droids Adventure Hour
Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 1985 - 1987

Notes: Second half of the first season aired as part of The Ewoks and Star Wars Droids Adventure Hour with Star Wars Droids, both recorded in Toronto, Canada.

Only the "Ewoks" portion was renewed for a second season, retitled The All-New Ewoks, and featured an entirely new voice cast recorded in San Francisco.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ashma Tabitha St. Germain
Aunt Bozzie Pam Hyatt (1985-1986)
Baby Nippet Alyson Court (1985-1986)
  Linda Joy (German)
Baby Wiley Michael Fantini (1985-1986)
Chief Chirpa George Buza (1985-1986)
  Rick Cimino (1986-1987)
Chukah-Trok Michael Pritchard (1986-1987)
Chukah-Trok Don McManus (1985-1986)
Kaink Pauline Rennie ?
King Gorneesh Dan Hennessey (1985-1986)
  Daniel Cody Ryan (1986-1987)
Latara Taborah Jonson (1985-1986)
  Sue Murphy (1986-1987)
Logray Doug Chamberlain (1985-1986)
  Rick Cimino (1986-1987)
  Pierre Trabaud (French)
Malani Alyson Court (1985-1986)
  Jeanne Reynolds (1986-1987)
Morag Jackie Burroughs (1985-1986)
Mring Mring the Gupin Ron James
Princess Kneesaa Jeanne Reynolds (1986-1987)
  Cree Summer (1985-1986)
Punt Rob Cowan
Queen Slugga Lucille Bliss (1986-1987)
Shodu Warrick Esther Scott (1986-1987)
Teebo James Cranna (1986-1987)
  Inez GŁnther (German)
  Eric Peterson (1985-1986)
Trebla Alan Fawcett "The Travelling Jindas," "The Curse of the Jindas"
Trome #2 Marvin Goldhar
Ubel Hadley Kay (Season 1)
Umwak (Dulok Shaman) Don Francks (Season 1)
Urgah Melleny Brown (Season 1)
Weechee Greg Swanson (1985-1986)
Wicket W. Warrick Denny Delk (1986-1987)
  Jim Henshaw (1985-1986)
  Pierre Trabaud (French)
Widdle Warrick John Stocker (1985-1986)
(additional voices) Richard Devon (1986-1987)
  Bob Sarlatte (1986-1987)
  Dan St. Paul (1986-1987)
  Morgan Upton (1986-1987)

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