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Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 13 August 1942

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aunt Ena Mary Lansing
Bambi Hardie Albright (adolescent)
  Luis Bayardo (Spanish (Latin American)) (adolescent/adult)
  Roberto Chevalier (adult)
(1968 dub)
  Donnie Dunagan (child)
  Bobby Stewart (baby)
  John Sutherland (adult)
Bambi's Mother Mak Darah (French)
  Paula Winslowe
Bullfrog Clarence Nash
Faline Cammie King (child/adolescent)
  Diana Santos (Spanish (Latin American)) (adult)
Flower Horst Buchholz (German) (adult) (1950 dub)
  William Coryn (French) (adult)
(1970s dub)
  Sterling Holloway (adult)
  Arturo Mercado (Spanish (Latin American)) (adult)
Friend Owl Olinto Cristina (Italian) (1948 dub)
  Lauro Gazzolo (Italian) (1968 dub)
  Will Wright
Frightened Pheasant Thelma Boardman
Girl Rabbit Thelma Boardman
Girl Skunk Mary Lansing
Great Prince of the Forest Fred Shields
Mr. Mole Otis Harlan
Mrs. Possum Mary Lansing
Mrs. Quail Thelma Boardman
Pheasant Mary Lansing
  Paula Winslowe
Thumper Peter Behn (child)
  Sam Edwards (adult)
  Corrado Pani (Italian) (child) (1948 dub)
("April Showers" chorus) Betty Bruce
  Mary Moder
  Sally Sweetland
("Love Is a Song" vocalist) Donald Novis
(bird warblings) Marion Darlington
(wind sounds) Ken Darby

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