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Pom Poko
Pom Poko

Genre: Anime Film
Release Date: 1994

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bunta Kevin Michael Richardson
Gonta Clancy Brown
Gyobu Jess Harnell
Hage Kincho Brian George
Hayashi Brian Posehn
Kiyo Jillian Bowen
Koharu Olivia d'Abo
Male Tanuki B Tomokazu Seki (Japanese)
Narrator Maurice LaMarche
Oroku Tress MacNeille
Osho Andre Stojka
Otama Russi Taylor
Ponkichi David Oliver Cohen
Racoon on Street Mark Silverman
Reporter Mark Moseley
Ryutaro John DiMaggio
Sasuke Marc Donato
Seizaemon J.K. Simmons
Shokichi Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Talk Show Host Mark Silverman
Tamasaburo Wally Kurth
Woodland President Kevin Michael Richardson
(additional voices) Newell Alexander
  Erica Beck
  Jeff Bennett
  Clancy Brown
  Mitch Carter
  David Cowgill
  Holly Dorff
  Ike Eisenmann
  Richard Steven Horvitz
  Maurice LaMarche
  Mark Moseley
  Mary Matilyn Mouser
  Jordan Orr
  Peter Renaday
  J.K. Simmons
  Alyson Stoner
  Jonathan Taylor Thomas
  Audrey Wasilewski
  Adam Wylie
  Olivia d'Abo

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