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Rocky and His Friends
Rocky and His Friends

Also Known As: The Bullwinkle Show, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle
Genre: Animated TV Series
Release Dates: 19 November 1959 - 12 September 1964

Voice Director: Jay Ward

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Aesop Charles Ruggles
Aesop Jr. Daws Butler
Annie Oakley Dot Scott "Annie Oakley" ("Peabody" segment)
Boris Badenov Paul Frees
Bullwinkle J. Moose Bill Scott
Captain Peter "Wrongway" Peachfuzz Paul Frees (episode 56 onward)
  Bill Scott "Jet Fuel Formula" (episodes 19-29)
Chauncey Bill Scott
Citizen #4 Julie Bennett "The Little Princess" ("Fractured Fairytale" segment)
Cloyd Paul Frees "Jet Fuel Formula," "Metal Munching Moon Mice," "Missouri Mish Mash" serials
Dudley Do-Right Bill Scott
Edgar Paul Frees
Fearless Leader Bill Scott
Fisherman's Wife Julie Bennett "The Fisherman and His Wife" ("Fractured Fairytale" segment)
General William Conrad "Jet Fuel Formula" (episode 1)
Gidney Bill Scott "Jet Fuel Formula," "Metal Munching Moon Mice," "Missouri Mish Mash" serials
Homer Bill Scott
Inspector Fenwick Paul Frees
Lucrezia Borgia Dot Scott "Lucrezia Borgia"
Mr. Big Bill Scott "Upsidaisium," "Metal Munching Moon Mice"
Mr. Peabody Bill Scott
Narrator William Conrad ("Rocky and Bullwinkle" segments)
  William Conrad ("Dudley Do-Right" episodes 26-39)
  Paul Frees ("Dudley Do-Right" episodes 1-25)
  Edward Everett Horton ("Fractured Fairytales" segments)
Natasha Fatale June Foray
Nell Fenwick June Foray
Poetic Girl Julie Bennett "The Goblins" ("Fractured Fairytale" segment)
Princess Irene Julie Bennett "The Goblins" ("Fractured Fairytale" segment)
Queen Elizabeth Dot Scott "Sir Walter Raleigh" ("Peabody" segment)
Red Wood Hans Conried "Stokey the Bear" ("Dudley Do-Right" episode)
Rocky the Flying Squirrel June Foray
Russian Economist William Conrad "Box Top Robbery" (episode 41)
Sam the Native William Conrad "Topsy Turvy World" (episode 220)
Sherman Walter Tetley "Peabody's Improbable History" segments
Snidely Whiplash Hans Conried
The Little Princess Julie Bennett "The Little Princess" ("Fractured Fairytale" segment)
Three-Fingers William Conrad "Buried Treasure" (episodes 127-130, 131-132, 134-137)
Various Princes Daws Butler "Fractured Fairy Tales" segments
Witness William Conrad "Missouri Mish Mash" (episodes 193-194)
Wossamotta U Professor #4 William Conrad "Wossamatta U" (episode 351)

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