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Afro Samurai
Afro Samurai

Genre: Anime Series
Release Date: 04 January 2007
Voice Director: Jamie Simone
Official Website: http://www.afrosamurai.com/

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Afro Samurai Samuel L. Jackson
  Jan-David Rönfeldt (German)
Afro Samurai (Teen) Phil LaMarr
Afro Samurai (Young) Crystal Scales
Assassin Dave Wittenberg "Revenge"
Assassin #1 Dwight Schultz "Revenge"
Assassins Steve Blum "Duel"
Brother 1 Phil LaMarr
Brother 2 John DiMaggio
Brother 3 Phil LaMarr
Brother 4 T.C. Carson
Brother 5 Phil LaMarr
Brother 6 Greg Eagles
Dharman S. Scott Bullock "Duel"
Foo Jeff Bennett "Duel"
Giant John DiMaggio "Revenge"
Hachiro Jeff Bennett "The Dream Reader"
Ivanov John DiMaggio "The Clan of the Empty Seven"
Jinno Donald Reignoux (French)
Jinno / Kuma Yuri Lowenthal
Jiro Tara Strong "Duel"
Justice Ron Perlman
Juzo Fred Tatasciore "Revenge"
Kihachi Liam O'Brien "Revenge"
Kuma Bruno Choël (French)
Kuro Phil LaMarr "Revenge"
Matasaburo Dave Wittenberg "Duel"
Ninja Ninja Samuel L. Jackson
Okiku Kelly Hu
Otsuro Tara Strong "The Dream Reader"
Oyuki Grey Griffin "Revenge"
Patrons John DiMaggio "Revenge"
  Liam O'Brien "Revenge"
  Dwight Schultz "Revenge"
  Fred Tatasciore "Revenge"
  Dave Wittenberg "Revenge"
Punk Dave Wittenberg "Revenge"
Rokutaro: Afro's Father Greg Eagles "Revenge"
Ronin Dwight Schultz "Revenge"
Sasuke Jason Marsden "Duel"
Shuzo Fred Tatasciore "Duel"
Soshun John Kassir "Revenge"
Sword Master T.C. Carson "The Dream Reader," "Duel"
Woman Grey Griffin "Revenge"
Yashichi James Arnold Taylor "The Dream Reader"

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