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George of the Jungle
George of the Jungle

Genre: Animated TV Series
Release Date: 09 September 1967

Voice Director: Jay Ward

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ape Albert Augier (French)
  Paul Frees
Appian Way Daws Butler "One of Our States is Missing"
Baron Otto Matic Paul Frees
Briggs Bad Wolf Daws Butler "Briggs Bad Wolf"
Clutcher Daws Butler
District Commissioner Paul Frees
Dr. Chicago Daws Butler "Next Time, Take the Train," "The Trouble I've Seed"
Dr. Could-Be Daws Butler "The Wild Hair"
Dr. Gizmo Daws Butler "Dr. Gizmo"
Fat Man Paul Frees "The Fat Man"
Fred Paul Frees
Fried Tucker Paul Frees "Rotten Hood"
Geezer Daws Butler "The Geezer"
George of the Jungle Gerard Hernandez (French)
  Bill Scott
Gertie Growler Bill Scott
Igor Paul Frees "The Wild Hair"
Laundry Man / Shrimp Chop Fooey Daws Butler "The Laundry Man"
Louie the Lapin Paul Frees "The Easter Bunny"
Magic Mirror Paul Frees "Merlin Brando"
Marigold June Foray
Merlin Brando Daws Butler "Merlin Brando"
Muscle Daws Butler "The Muscle"
Narrator Claude Dasset (French)
  Paul Frees
Native Witch Doctor (Doc) Bill Scott
Noodle Daws Butler "The Noodle"
Oo Oo Bird Daws Butler "Oo Oo Birds"
Oyster Daws Butler "The Oyster"
Prince Blackhole of Calcutta Daws Butler "The Elephant Spreader"
Race Caller Paul Frees
Rotten Hood Daws Butler "Rotten Hood"
Salvador Rag Dolly Daws Butler "Salvador Rag Dolly"
Sarah Madre June Foray "The Treasure of Sarah Madre"
Shep Bill Scott
Shingles Daws Butler "The Fat Man"
Super Chicken / Henry Cabot Henhaus III Bill Scott
Tiger (Titheridge) Daws Butler "The Sultan's Pearl," "Oo-Oo Birds of a Feather," "The Treasure of Sierra Madre," "Big Flop at the Big Top"
Tiny Tony Tuxedo Bill Scott "Little Scissors"
Tom Slick Bill Scott
Tooki Tooki Bird Bill Scott
Ursula June Foray
Weevil (Plumtree) Paul Frees "The Sultan's Pearl," "Oo-Oo Birds of a Feather," "The Treasure of Sierra Madre," "Big Flop at the Big Top"
Wild Ralph Hiccup Daws Butler "Wild Ralph Hiccup"
Zipper Daws Butler "The Zipper"
(various villains) Francis Lax (French) ("George of the Jungle" segments)

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