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Idaten Jump
Idaten Jump

Genre: Anime Series
Release Date: 07 December 2006
Voice Director: Michael Sorich

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Arthur Brian Beacock
Ayumu Yamato Mona Marshall
Bonnie C. Megan Hollingshead
Bystander Brian Beacock "City"
Cabbage Merchant Michael Sorich "Rain"
Captain Jackal Kirk Thornton "Hidden," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Crewman Steve Blum "Hidden"
  Michael Sorich "Hidden"
Danny Michael Sorich "Rain," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Fisherman Misagi Michael Sorich "Runner"
Gabu Samejima Kirk Thornton
Gen Steve Blum "Reveal," "Who's Who?," "Showdown," "Homecoming"
Germ Man Michael Sorich "Rescue"
Go Steve Blum "Palace"
Henchman #2 Michael Sorich "Reveal"
Hosuke the Owl Michael Sorich
Jero Brian Beacock "City," "Homecoming" Pt. 2
Jero's Dad Steve Blum "City"
Jero's Sister Philece Sampler "City"
Jun Mona Marshall "Rush," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Kakeru Sakamaki Philece Sampler
Ken Steve Staley "Trap," "Homecoming" Pt. 2
Ken (female voice) Philece Sampler "Rush"
Kid Mona Marshall "Challenge"
Kiyoshi Brian Beacock
Koei Steve Blum
Kyoichi Shido Dave Wittenberg
Masumi Yamato Philece Sampler
Mayor of X-City Paul St. Peter
Mokoto Shido Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Mother Philece Sampler "Guardian"
Mr. Teacher Kirk Thornton "Challenge," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Mummy Henchman Michael Sorich "Trap"
Native MTB Rider Dave Wittenberg "Reveal"
Nostradamus Saiyaka Mona Marshall "Who's Who?"
Old Lady Mona Marshall "Challenge"
Patron #1 Michael Sorich "Detour"
Patron #2 Kirk Thornton "Detour"
Pete Kirk Thornton "Rain," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Poison Spider Team Member Steve Blum "Rush"
  Dave Wittenberg "Rush"
Prince Ryota Mona Marshall "Palace"
Rika Philece Sampler "Challenge," "Showdown" Pt. 1, "Homecoming"
Rin Michelle Ruff "Reveal," "Who's Who?"
Rogue MTB Leader Michael Sorich "Idaten Jump"
Rogue MTB Team Member Michael Sorich "Idaten Jump"
  Dave Wittenberg "Idaten Jump"
Sebastian Michael Sorich "Palace"
Seiji Brian Beacock "Rush," "City," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Shadow Paul St. Peter "City," "Showdown" Pt. 1
Shin the Shadow Kirk Thornton "Detour"
Sho Yamato Yuri Lowenthal
Subway Driver Steve Blum "City"
Subway Passenger Steve Blum "City"
Sunset Reiu Michael Sorich "Guardian"
Taiga Samejima Steve Staley
Takeru Yamato Steve Blum
Takuma Kirk Thornton "Rush"
Tasuku Kirk Thornton "Rush"
Team Bandits Member Dave Wittenberg "Detour"
Terry the Megaton Steve Blum "Detour"
Villager Michael Sorich "Challenge"
Waiter Steve Staley "Challenge"
X-Zone Police Captain Kirk Thornton
X-Zone Police Interrogator Dave Wittenberg "Idaten Jump"
Yuki Michelle Ruff
Zentaro Steve Blum "Rush"

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