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Higglytown Heroes
Higglytown Heroes

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2004

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Air Traffic Controller Hero Roberto Alcaraz "Dirigible Day"
Airplane Pilot Hero Leanza Cornett "The Cuckoo County Caw-Caw Contest"
Allergist Hero Jon Curry "Easy to Get Sneezy"
Ambulance Driver Hero Erik Estrada "Baby Boom"
Animal Control Officer Hero Stephnie Weir "Look Who's Squawking"
Animal Shelter Worker Hero Carlos Alazraqui "Kip's Shadow"
Artist Hero Miguel Sandoval "Green in the Gills"
Auctioneer Hero Jeff Bennett "The Big Pink Elephant Sale"
Aunt Mellie Mindy Sterling
Babysitter Hero Alanna Ubach "Big Night Out"
Baker Dave Wittenberg "Wait For Me"
Baker Hero Rocco DiSpirito "Patty Cake"
Banker Hero Simon Templeman "Wayne's Pieces of Gold"
Barber Hero Rob Paulsen "Baby Boom", "Wayne's Lollipop"
Barnabus Q. Giggle William Sanderson "Hop Hop Hooray"
Beekeeper Hero Kate Pierson "Two Bees or Not Two Bees"
Bike Repairman Hero J.P. Manoux "Wayne's Cycle Recycle"
Bitty Rachel York
Bridge Builder Hero Scott McShane "X Marks the Spot"
Bulldozer Operator Hero Joey Fatone "Corn to be Wild"
Bus Driver Hero Stuart Pankin "Catch Up With Ketchup"
Camel Rider Catero Colbert "12-Pie Abe"
Camp Counselor Hero Meghan Strange "Happy Campers"
Carpenter Hero Ricki Lake "The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club"
Coach Hero Steve Harris "Havin' A Ball"
Coast Guard Hero Henry Dittman "Windy Watchers"
Cowboy Hero Trace Adkins "Higgly Hoedown"
Cowgirl Sal Susan Blakeslee "Happy Campers"
Crane Operator Hero Diedrich Bader "Twinkle's Favorite Author"
Customer Service Representative Hero Jo Anne Worley "Whing-A-Ding Whirly Box"
Dance Instructor Hero Debbie Allen "All the Wrong Moves"
Dentist Hero Gwendoline Yeo "Kip's Sweet Tooth"
Doctor Hero Wayne Brady "A Slippery Situation", "Wayne Listens Up"
Dog Trainer Hero Jorge Garcia "Me and My Shadow"
Drawbridge Operator Hero Matthew Kaminsky "Eubie's Big Boat Float"
Dump Truck Driver Hero Lesley Boone "Eubie's View"
Electrician Hero Lance Bass "Electric Evening," "A Valentine for Ms. Fern"
  Charlie Schlatter "Calling All Heroes"
Environmentalist Hero Jentle Phoenix "Calling All Ducks"
Eubie Taylor Masamitsu
Farmer Hero Travis Tritt "Halloween Heroes"
Farmer Lulu the Dairy Farmer Lesley Boone "Hay Hay Hay!!"
Ferry Boat Captain Hero Billy Vera "Hat's All Folks"
Fireman Hero Donald Faison "Up a Tree", "Kip Joins the Circus"
Forest Ranger Hero Irene Bedard "Fran Takes a Hike"
Fran Edie McClurg
Freight Train Conductor Hero John O'Hurley "Choo-Choo Zucchini"
Fripp Jim Wise
Gardener Hero Steven Weber "Flower Power"
Gloria the Waitress Anne Heche
Grandmama Betty White
Grandpa Krank Dee Bradley Baker
Grandpapa David Jeremiah
Great-Aunt Shirley Gayla Goehl "Balloon-A-Palooza"
  Cicely Tyson "Wayne's 100 Special Somethings"
Grocery Clerk Hero Smokey Robinson "Soup With Stars"
Head Elf Tom Kenny "Twinkle's Star"
Hector the Prospector Hero Wally Wingert "Canyon Capers"
Helicopter Pilot Hero Wilmer Valderrama "Higgly Island"
Higglyhune Thom Adcox Hernandez "Higgly Island"
  Lara Jill Miller "Higgly Island"
Higglyhune Chief Jess Harnell "Higgly Island"
House Painter Dee Bradley Baker "A Totally Secret Valentine"
House Painter Hero Bobby Holliday "Something Ducky Going On"
Ice Resurfacer Hero Peter Siragusa "Twinkle's Terrific Twirl"
Janitor Hero Bill Farmer "All Washed Out," "The Pink Elephant Sale"
Jasper Bill Farmer "Hats All Folks"
Jax Jesse Corti "Meet Eubie's Cousin", "Bright Lights, Big City"
  Jesse David Corti
Judge Hero Masasa Moyo "Don't Fence Me In"
Kip Rory Thost
Laundry Worker Hero Jess Harnell "Wayne's Day to Shine"
Librarian Hero Tim Curry "Great Un-Expectations", "Twinkle's Favorite Author"
Lifeguard Hero Phil LaMarr "A Really Hot Day"
Lighthouse Keeper Hero Debi Mae West "Out to Sea"
Locksmith Hero J. Grant Albrecht "Unlock the Magic"
Lunch Lady Hero Ruth Williamson "Wayne's Toasty Invention"
Mail Carrier Hero Kathie Lee Gifford "Missing Grandpop," "Twinkle's Favorite Author"
Mapmaker Hero David Jeremiah "All Mapped Out"
Marine Biologist Hero Debra Wilson "Little Big Fish"
Mayor of Higglytown Rob Paulsen "Calling All Heroes"
Maître d' Dee Bradley Baker "Wait For Me"
Mechanic Hero Lesley Boone "A Hoppin' Poppin' Problem"
Motel Owner Hero Jessica Walter "Overnight Moose"
Mountain Rescue Hero Michael T. Weiss "Wayne's Day Out"
Mover Hero Neil Kaplan "Let's Get Moving"
Mr. Sugarcoat Tom Kenny "Wayne's Good Guesses"
Ms. Fern Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Museum Curator Hero Aisha Tyler "Amazing Museum"
Musician Hero Dee Bradley Baker "Saturday Night Higgly"
  Mindy Sterling "Saturday Night Higgly"
  Alanna Ubach "Saturday Night Higgly"
Newspaper Reporter Hero Tom Kenny "The Day the Diner Stood Still"
Nicky the Blind Art Teacher Sharon Stone "Twinkle's Masterpiece"
Optometrist Hero Wally Kurth "Star Struck"
Orchestra Conductor Hero David Naughton "Higgly Harmonies"
Paleontologist Hero Mo Collins "Wayne's Big, Big Discovery"
Photographer Hero Charles Janasz "Say Cheese"
  Kathy Najimy "The Legend of Higsquatch"
Physical Therapist Hero Debi Mae West "Shuffleboard Buddies"
Pix the Elf Sean Astin "Twinkle's Star"
Pizza Guy Dee Bradley Baker
Playground Monitor Hero Raven Symone "Meet Eubie's Cousin"
Plumber Hero Camryn Manheim "Twinkle Tooth", "Wayne's Wet Pet"
Plunkie Alanna Ubach
Policeman Hero Matthew St. Patrick "Balloon-a-Palooza"
Policewoman Hero Katey Sagal "Snow Dazed", "Smells Like a Mystery", "Balloon-a-Palooza"
Principal Higgins Dee Bradley Baker "Spell it Safe"
Printer Hero Henry Winkler "Kip's Rocket Rescue"
Private Investigator Hero Henry Dittman "Mystery at Kip's House," "A Totally Secret Valentine"
Radio Announcer Jeffrey Tambor "Calling All Heroes"
Receptionist Hero Charlie Schlatter "Hop Hop Hooray"
Referee Hero Chris Carmack "Good Sports"
Rescue Worker Hero Rob Paulsen "Calling All Heroes"
Road Worker Hero Jonathan Adams "Kip Hits the Road"
Roofer Hero Julianne Grossman "Buki-Buki Boo Boo"
Sanitation Worker Hero Jim Wise "Stinky Situation"
Santa Claus John Astin "Twinkle's Star"
School Nurse Hero Naomi Judd "Eubie's Pink Spots"
Science Fair Judge Mo Collins "Wayne's Pieces of Gold"
Sheep Shearer Hero Gayla Goehl "Shear Luck"
Shelby the Safety Patroller Hero Anna Maria Perez de Tagle "Spell It Safe"
Sign Language Interpreter Hero Henry Dittman "Signs of Spring"
Ski Patrol Hero Kimberly Brooks "High-Country Hiccups"
Sled Dog Musher Dave Wittenberg "Frozen Fish Follies"
Snow Plow Driver Hero Serena Williams "Eubie's Turbo Sled"
Spanish Girl Darlene Mendoza "Say What?"
Stan the Bricklayer Hero Joseph Gian "Tis the Season to be Snowy"
Street Sweeper Hero Maggie Wheeler "Higgly Frog Day"
Submarine Captain Hero Jesse Corti "Twinkle Twinkle Little Fish"
Tailor Hero Matt Cavenaugh "Wayne's Ripping Adventure"
Taxi Driver Hero Marissa Jaret Winokur "Bright Lights, Big City"
Telephone Operator Hero Cyndi Lauper "Smooth Operator"
Tini Valyn Hall "The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club," "Kip's Sweet Tooth"
  Lara Jill Miller
Tour Guide Stephnie Weir "Overnight Moose"
Tour Guide Hero Jim Wise "Monster Sandwiches"
Tow Truck Driver Hero John Michael Higgins "First Snow"
Translator Hero Nathalia Hencker "Say What?"
Tree Trimmer Hero Gregory Jbara "Kip Gets Swing Fever"
Truck Driver Hero Thomas F. Wilson "Kip's Dad Gets a Strike"
Tug Boat Captain Hero Ed McMahon "Ship Ahoy!"
Twinkle Liliana Mumy
Uncle Lemmo Kevin Michael Richardson
Uncle Zeke Dee Bradley Baker "Higgly Island"
Uncle Zooter Dee Bradley Baker
Usher Hero Shawn Southwick "Bingo Bongoes"
Veterinarian Hero Frances Conroy "Flappy's Not Happy"
  Michael T. Weiss "Higglies on Horseback"
Waiter Hero Wally Wingert "Wait for Me"
Wayne Frankie Ryan Manriquez
Weather Girl Hero Susan Lucci "Weather or Not"
Wiki Valyn Hall "The Happy Friendly Sparkly Toast Club," "Kip's Sweet Tooth"
  Lara Jill Miller
X-Ray Technician Hero David Jolliffe "A Slippery Situation"
Zookeeper Hero Alyson Reed "Eubie's Ele-Fantastic Day," "Wayne's Wet Pet"

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