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Jonny Quest
Jonny Quest

Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 18 September 1964 - 1965

Note: In 1986, when the series was syndicated as part of The Funtastic World of Hanna Barbera block, 13 newly-produced episodes were added. Apart from Don Messick, all other principal regular roles were recast. The series also introduced Jessica, who would later feature in the TV movie specials and the 1990s series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Airport PA Janet Waldo "The Riddle of Gold"
Bandit Don Messick
Baron Heinrich Von Freulich Everett Sloane "Shadow of the Condor"
Chopper J. Pat O'Malley "Attack of the Tree People"
Commissioner Wa Keye Luke "The Quetong Missile Mystery"
Deen Everett Sloane "Turu the Terrible"
Dr. Ahmed Kareem Vic Perrin "The Curse of Anubis"
Dr. Ashida Henry Corden "Dragons of Ashida"
Dr. Benton Quest Don Messick (1964-1965; 1986)
  John Stephenson (1964)
Dr. Norman John Stephenson "The Invisible Monster"
Dr. Zin Vic Perrin
Drena Hartmann Cathy Lewis "Pursuit of the Po-ho"
Eka Danny Bravo "A Small Matter of Pygmies"
Emil Don Messick "Pursuit of the Po-Ho"
Governor Henry Corden "The Fraudulent Volcano"
Hadji Danny Bravo (1965-1966)
  Rob Paulsen (1986)
Hardrock Jeffrey Tambor (1986)
Jessie Georgi Irene (1986)
Jezebel Jade Cathy Lewis "Double Danger," "Terror Island"
Jonny Quest Tim Matheson (1965-1966)
  Scott Menville (1986)
Jose Doug Young "Skull and Double-Cross Bones"
Lor Henry Corden "The Dreadful Doll"
Lt. Singh Sam Edwards "The Quetan Missile Mystery"
Montoya Henry Corden "Treasure of the Temple"
Mr. Corvin Daws Butler "Riddle of Gold"
Native Guide Nestor Paiva "Treasure of the Temple"
Pasha Jesse White "Calcutta Adventure"
Pirate Captain Henry Corden "Skull and Double-Cross Bones"
Po-Ho Chief Nestor Paiva "Pursuit of the Po-Ho"
Portuguese Boat Helmsman Nestor Paiva "The Mystery of the Lizard Men"
Professor Erickson Vic Perrin "The House of Seven Gargoyles"
Raj Guru Sam Edwards "Monster in the Monastery"
Roger "Race" Bannon Mike Road (1965-1966)
  Granville Van Dusen (1986)
Simon 11 Henry Corden "The Fraudulent Volcano"
Simon 3 Don Messick "The Fraudulent Volcano"
Stewardess Janet Waldo "The Riddle of Gold"
? Marvin Miller "The Riddle of Gold"
(additional voices) Michael Bell (1986)
  Candy Ann Brown (1986)
  Greg Burson (1986)
  Howard Caine (1986)
  Roger C. Carmel (1986)
  Peter Cullen (1986)
  Jennifer Darling (1986)
  Barry Dennen (1986)
  Richard Erdman (1986)
  Bernard Erhard (1986)
  Richard Gautier (1986)
  Ernest Harada (1986)
  Dorian Harewood (1986)
  Darryl Hickman (1986)
  Aron Kincaid (1986)
  Ruth Kobart (1986)
  Keye Luke
  Allan Lurie (1986)
  Steve McGowan (1986)
  Soon-Tek Oh (1986)
  Andre Stojka (1986)
  George Takei (1986)
  Les Tremayne (1986)
  Helene Udy (1986)
  B.J. Ward (1986)
  Frank Welker (1986)
  Stan Wojno (1986)
  Doug Young (1965-1966)
  Keone Young (1986)

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