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Replacements, The
Replacements, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 28 July 2006
Voice Director: Charlie Adler

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
1950's Filmstrip Narrator Chip Chinery "Halloween Spirits"
Abbey Tempestt Bledsoe (2008 - )
  Erica Hubbard (2006-2007)
  Taru Tikkanen (Finnish)
Ace Palmeiro Dee Bradley Baker
Agent B Carolyn Seymour "London Calling"
Agent G Michael York "London Calling"
Agent K Susa Saukko (Finnish)
  Kath Soucie
Alfred P. Dunleavy Jim Cummings "Ratted Out"
Amanda McMurphy Candi Milo "The Truth Hurts"
Bailey Ashley Eckstein "Glee by the Sea"
Buck Spikes John DiMaggio "Todd Strikes Out"
Buford Joe John DiMaggio "Carnie Dearest"
Buzz Winters Grey Griffin
  Oskari Tamminen (Finnish)
C.A.R.T.E.R. (C.A.R.) Seppo Kolehmainen (Finnish)
  David McCallum
C.L.I.V.E. Hugh Bonneville "London Calling"
Campaign Commercial Announcer Jim Cummings "Running From President"
Cap'n Jack Splatter Jeff Bennett "Going Overboard"
Carson Palmer Carson Palmer "Ball Hogs"
Celebrity Starr Miley Cyrus "The Frog Prince"
Conrad Fleem Jeff Bennett
  Juha Paananen (Finnish)
Davey Hunkerhoff Zac Efron "Davey Hunkerhoff"
Dick Daring Rauno Ahonen (Finnish)
  Daran Norris
Donny Rottweiler Samuel Harjanne (Finnish)
  Jess Harnell
Dr. Hans Herkener Jeff Bennett "Jumping Mad"
Dustin Dreamlake Jason Marsden "Riley's Birthday"
Emile Zupeck Daran Norris "Halloween Spirits"
Fabian Le'Tool Rob Paulsen "Cinde-Riley," "Ratted Out," "Zoo or False"
Fleemco Workers Maurice LaMarche
George Washington Rob Paulsen "Quiet Riot"
Goober Dee Bradley Baker
Gordo Glideright Jeff Bennett "Jumping Mad," "A Daring Romance"
Guy in Jerky Suit Maurice LaMarche "The Jerky Girls"
Hakobo Candi Milo
Herr Doofentänzer Dee Bradley Baker "German Squirmin"
Hiram Smeck Rob Paulsen "Zoo or False"
Johnny Hitswell Dee Bradley Baker
  Samuel Harjanne (Finnish)
Lady Lady Grey Griffin "Best Friends for Never," "Serf's Up"
M.C. McC Phil LaMarr "Boyzroq"
Marvin Jason Marsden "Going Overboard"
Master Craig Rob Paulsen "Master Pho"
Master Pho James Sie "Master Pho"
Mayor Stickler Phil Hendrie "Skate Gate"
Miss Osburn Tara Strong "Quiet Riot"
Mistress Serena Susan Blakeslee "Fiddlin' Around"
Mr. Fraley J.P. Manoux "The Truth Hurts"
Mr. Kelpman Chip Chinery "Halloween Spirits," "Truth or Daring"
  Daran Norris "Halloween Spirits"
Mr. Lasley Chip Chinery "The Spy Who Wasn't Riley"
Mr. Paul Daran Norris "German Squirmin"
Mr. Rothswillow Diedrich Bader "Zoo or False"
Mr. Sulley Jim Ward "Carnie Dearest"
Mr. Vanderbosh Rob Paulsen "Quiet Riot," "Best Friends for Never," "Conrad's Day Off"
Mrs. Kelpman Mary Elizabeth McGlynn "Halloween Spirits," "Truth or Daring"
Mrs. Van Dorn Candi Milo "Cheer Pressure"
Mrs. Zupeck Mary Elizabeth McGlynn "Halloween Spirits"
Nature Activist Cree Summer "Zoo or False"
Officer Stample Daran Norris "The Insecurity Guard"
One Man Band Player Daran Norris "Tasumi Unmasked"
Petting Zoo Owner Jess Harnell "Zoo or False"
Prime Minister Ricobo Charlie Adler "Running From President"
Principal Cutler Jeff Bennett
Reporter Candi Milo "Ratted Out"
Riley Daring Grey Griffin
  Saara Lehtonen (Finnish)
Ring Announcer Jim Cummings "Best Friends for Never," "Serf's Up"
RoboFleem S-G-X Diedrich Bader "The Insecurity Guard"
Scientist Candi Milo "Ratted Out"
Scientists Jim Cummings "Ratted Out"
Scoutleader Susan Mindy Sterling "The Jerky Girls"
Sheldon Klutzberry Jeff Bennett
Sierra McCool Tara Strong
Skateboarder J.P. Manoux "Skate Gate"
Skip Tripper Jason Dolley "The Campiest Episode Never"
Sky Blossoms Tara Strong "Cheer Pressure"
Sloan Stone Daran Norris "The Jerky Girls," "The Majestic Horse"
Store Owner James Sie "Tasumi Unmasked"
T-Bone Jess Harnell
T.S. Fardsworth Jim Cummings "Davey Hunkerhoff"
Tasumi Lauren Tom
Tim Gunn Tim Gunn "Heartbreak in the City"
Todd Daring Nancy Cartwright
Trevor Bodie Matthew Lillard "Skate Gate"
Trixie Candi Milo "Maid for K"
Uncle Phil Migrave Bruce Campbell "Jumping Mad"
Vanessa Bonnie Wright "London Calling"
(additional voices) Petri Hanttu (Finnish)
  Mirjami Heikkinen (Finnish)

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