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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera
El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 03 March 2007
Voice Director: Andrea Romano

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Albino Burrito / Davi Jessica DiCicco "Curse of the Albino Burrito," "Burrito's Little Helper"
Bank Teller John DiMaggio "Oso Solo Mio"
Big Man Jon Polito "Party Monsters," "Miracle City Undercover"
Black Cuervo / Zoe Avers Candi Milo
Captain Photon / Raheem Phil LaMarr "Party Monsters"
Che Grey Griffin "Fool's Goal"
Computer Voice Alanna Ubach "The Golden Eagle Twins"
Comrade Chaos Jack Angel "Old Money"
Don Baffi Jon Polito "Party Monsters," "Miracle City Undercover"
Don DiNero Eric Bauza "The Golden Eagle Twins"
Dr. Chipolte Jr. / Diego Richard Steven Horvitz
Dr. Chipolte Sr. Richard Steven Horvitz
Dr. Enchanto / Dedro Jeff Bennett "Party Monsters"
El Cucharon Efren Ramirez "Miracle City Worker"
El Mar Verde Danny Trejo "Yellow Pantera"
El Oso John DiMaggio
El Tarantula Carlos Alazraqui "Old Money"
El Tigre / Manny Rivera Alanna Ubach
Flama Dama Grey Griffin "Dia De Los Malos"
Frida Suarez Grey Griffin
General Chaputza John DiMaggio "Fool's Goal," "Fool Speed Ahead"
Golden Eagle Twins Candi Milo "The Golden Eagle Twins"
Golden Leon Miguel Sandoval "The Grave Escape"
Iron Pinata John DiMaggio "Dia De Los Malos"
Kid Alanna Ubach "The Cuervo Project"
Knuckles Jeff Bennett "Party Monsters," "Miracle City Undercover"
Lady Gobbler Carlos Alazraqui
Mano Negra Charlie Adler "Old Money"
Maria Rivera April Stewart
Monsterzuma Clancy Brown "The Bride of Puma Loco"
Mrs. E. Child Grey Griffin "The Golden Eagle Twins"
Muncipal President Rodriguez John DiMaggio
News Announcer John DiMaggio "The Golden Eagle Twins"
Puma Loco / Grandpapi Rivera Carlos Alazraqui
Sartana of the Dead Susan Silo
Science Teacher Carlos Alazraqui "The Cuervo Project"
Sean Carlos Alazraqui "Moustache Love"
Sega Alanna Ubach "Silver Wolf"
Senor Chapi Carlos Alazraqui
Senor Sinestro / Sergio Jeff Bennett "El Tigre, El Jefe," "The Late Manny Rivera"
Seventh Samurai George Takei "Rising Son"
Silver Sombrero Jeff Bennett "Crouching Tigre, Hidden Dragon"
Silver Wolf Candi Milo "Silver Wolf"
Sofia Grey Griffin "Moustache Love"
Tere Candi Milo "The Golden Eagle Twins"
The Industrialist Bruce Campbell "Crouching Tigre, Hidden Dragon"
The Silver Echo / Marni Pamela Adlon "Party Monsters"
Ticket Vendor Carlos Alazraqui "Silver Wolf"
Tiny Carlos Alazraqui "Party Monsters," "Miracle City Undercover"
Titanium Titan Rene Mujica "Adios, Amigos," "Clash of the Titan"
Torta Vendor John DiMaggio "Oso Solo Mio"
Voltura Grey Griffin
Waldo Grey Griffin "Silver Wolf," "The Cuervo Projects"
White Pantera / Rodolfo Rivera Eric Bauza

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