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Legion of Super Heroes
Legion of Super Heroes

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 23 September 2006
Voice Director: Susan Blu

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abel Madison Davenport "Unnatural Alliances"
Alexis Luthor Tara Strong "Legacy"
Bouncing Boy / Charles Taine Michael Cornacchia
Brainiac 1.0 Corey Burton "Message in a Bottle," "Dark Victory"
Brainiac 5 Adam Wylie
Brainiac 6 Corey Burton "Dark Victory" Pt. 2
Calamity King / E. Davis Ester Alexander Polinsky "The Karate Kid"
Chameleon Boy / Reep Daggle Alexander Polinsky
Chancellor Richard McGonagle "Message in a Bottle"
Chlorophyll Kid / Ral Benem Alexander Polinsky "The Substitutes"
Color Kid / Ulu Vakk James Arnold Taylor "The Substitutes"
Colossal Boy / Gim Allon Adam Wylie
Coluan Hive Mind Kari Wahlgren "Dark Victory" Pt. 2
Computo Adam Wylie "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2
Controller David Lodge "Sundown" Pt. 2
Cosmic Boy / Rokk Krinn Wil Wheaton
Dark Circle Guard Andy Milder "In Your Dreams"
Diplomat Dave Wittenberg "In Your Dreams"
Dr. Mar Londo Dorian Harewood "Cry Wolf"
  Harry J. Lennix "Timber Wolf"
Dr. Neerg Victor Raider-Wexler "Cry Wolf"
Drax Greg Ellis "Phantoms"
Dream Girl / Nura Nal Tara Platt "In Your Dreams"
Emerald Empress / Sarya Jennifer Hale "Man of Tomorrow," "Champions," "Sundown" Pt. 2
  Tara Strong "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2
Esper / Meta Ulnoor Tara Strong "Lightning Storm," "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2
Ferro Lad / Andrew Nolan Dave Wittenberg "Chain of Command," "Sundown" Pt. 1, "Sundown" Pt. 2
Galactic Games Announcers Lex Lang "Champions"
  David Lodge "Champions"
Gatekeeper Adam Wylie "Message in a Bottle"
Grimbor the Chainsman / Markx Grimbor Lex Lang "The Karate Kid," "In the Beginning"
Guide-Bot Billy West "Brain Drain"
Gullug Dave Wittenberg "In Your Dreams"
High Elder Richard McGonagle "Child's Play," "Trials"
Hunter / Adam Orion Khary Payton "Lightning Storm"
Imperiex Phil Morris
Infectious Lass / Drura Sehpt Kari Wahlgren "The Substitutes"
K3NT Amy Hill "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 1
  Sab Shimono "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 1
Kandorians Richard McGonagle "Message in a Bottle"
  Phil Morris "Message in a Bottle"
Karate Kid / Val Armorr Keith Ferguson
Lightning Lad / Garth Ranzz Andy Milder
Lightning Lord / Mekt Ranzz James Arnold Taylor
Lord Reesmu David Sobolov "Who Am I?"
Matter-Eater Lad / Tenzil Kem Lionel Melet (French) "The Substitutes," "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2
  Alexander Polinsky "The Substitutes," "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2
Mordru Richard McGonagle "Child's Play"
  Jim Ward "Trials"
Nemesis Kid / Hart Druiter Keith Ferguson
Ontirr Bumper Robinson "In Your Dreams"
Persuader / Nyeun Chun Ti David Sobolov "Who Am I?"
Phantom Girl / Tinya Wazzo Heather Hogan
Porcupine Pete / Peter Dursin James Arnold Taylor "Lightning Storm," "The Substitutes"
R.J. Brande Lex Lang "In the Beginning"
Referee Lex Lang "The Karate Kid"
Reptilian Scientist Victor Raider-Wexler "Cry Wolf"
Roderick Doyle Wil Wheaton "In the Beginning"
Ron-Karr Shawn Harrison "Lightning Storm," "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2, "Who Am I?"
Saturn Girl / Irma Ardeen Kari Wahlgren
Senator Tolay Yuri Lowenthal "In the Beginning"
Shrinking Violet / Salu Digby Kari Wahlgren
Star Boy / Thom Kallor Bumper Robinson
Starfinger / Char Burrane Taylor Negron "The Substitutes"
Stone Boy / Dag Wentim Yuri Lowenthal "The Substitutes"
Superman / Clark Kent Yuri Lowenthal
Superman Robot Yuri Lowenthal "Message in a Bottle"
Superman-X / Kell-El Yuri Lowenthal
Terra-Man Jeff Black "Unnatural Alliances"
Thanagarian Commander Wil Wheaton "Dark Victory" Pt. 2
Tharok / Sheldon Calden David Lodge
Timber Wolf / Brin Londo Shawn Harrison
Triplicate Girl / Duo Damsel / Luornu Durgo Christelle Reboul (French)
  Kari Wahlgren
Tyr Khary Payton "Lightning Storm," "The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow" Pt. 2
Ultra Boy / Jo Nah James Arnold Taylor
Winema Wazzo April Winchell
Woodhouse John DiMaggio "Legacy"
Zyx Lauren Tom "Child's Play," "Trials"

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