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Tak and the Power of Juju
Tak and the Power of Juju

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 31 August 2007
Voice Director: Ginny McSwain

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alice Kari Wahlgren "Great Juju Impersonator"
Ann Kari Wahlgren "Great Juju Impersonator"
Announcer Lloyd Sherr "Secession"
Antelope Kari Wahlgren "This Bites"
Ants Dannah Phirman "Our Favorite Juju"
  Lloyd Sherr "Our Favorite Juju"
Art Maurice LaMarche "Great Juju Impersonator"
Baboon John DiMaggio "Little Chief"
  Maurice LaMarche "Our Favorite Juju"
Baby Rhino Kari Wahlgren "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
Belly Juju Maurice LaMarche "Big Boss Brawl," "Lok the Offender," "Joy Ride"
Blanca Dannah Phirman "Great Juju Impersonator"
Bleeta Ungataka Kari Wahlgren
Blod Ungataka Rene Mujica
Brain Juju Rob Paulsen "Lok the Offender"
Bug Juju Wayne Knight "Our Favorite Juju"
Burt Rob Paulsen "Joy Ride"
Chaka Ungataka Mindy Sterling
Chief Maurice LaMarche
Chief Tina Tina Melanie Chartoff "The Three Chiefs"
Chief Zoksnob Jeff Bennett "The Three Chiefs," "Chief?"
Darkness Juju Mitch Watson "Destiny Schmestiny"
Dinky Juju Maurice LaMarche "Lok the Offender"
Donna the Sheep April Winchell
Doris (Dragon Head of Bulldrafish Juju) Dannah Phirman
Emu Kari Wahlgren "Joy Ride"
Fergalstad S. Scott Bullock "Pugnacious No More"
Giant Bug John DiMaggio "Pugnacious No More"
Gillbert (Fish Head of Bulldrafish Juju) Rob Paulsen
Girl Dannah Phirman "Girls Only"
  Kari Wahlgren "Little Chief"
Golem Kirk Ward "Big Boss Brawl"
Gremlin Juju Jeff Bennett "Lok the Offender"
Guard Chief John DiMaggio "Joy Ride"
Guy Rob Paulsen "Joy Ride"
  Lloyd Sherr "Little Chief"
Guys John DiMaggio "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
  Maurice LaMarche "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
Henry/George (Bull Head of Bulldrafish Juju) Maurice LaMarche
Hrumpyfrump Hal Sparks "Secession"
Husband Stone Head John DiMaggio
Jeera Kari Wahlgren
Jibolba Lloyd Sherr
Judge Juju Rob Paulsen "Lok the Offender," "Joy Ride," "Step Juju"
Keeko John DiMaggio
Killjoy Juju Mary Birdsong "The Party"
Linda the Sheep Dannah Phirman
Log Hermit Maurice LaMarche
Lok Patrick Warburton
Love Juju Danielle Schneider "Love Hurts"
Mask Guy Lloyd Sherr
Monkey Hal Sparks "Frien-e-mies"
Motiki Nick Jennings "The Gift"
Navis Maurice LaMarche "The Littlest Gratch"
  Kari Wahlgren "The Littlest Gratch," "Girls Only"
Oonga Ungataka Lloyd Sherr
Party Juju Rob Paulsen "The Party," "Lok the Offender"
Pig Maurice LaMarche "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
Psychic Juju S. Scott Bullock
Pugnacious Juju Kirk Ward "Big Boss Brawl," "Boom! Bang! Boom!," "Pugnacious No More"
Pupununu Maurice LaMarche "Joy Ride"
Pupununu #2 Rene Mujica "Bad Luck's Back"
Pupununu Woman Dannah Phirman "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
Really Really Revolting Juju Hal Sparks "The Beast"
Repugnant Juju Dannah Phirman "The Beast," "Lok the Offender"
Repulsive Juju John DiMaggio "The Beast," "Big Boss Brawl," "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
Rhino Maurice LaMarche "Boom! Bang! Boom!"
Roadkill Juju John DiMaggio "Joy Ride"
Slog Megan Cavanaugh
Sonny Ray John DiMaggio "Pugnacious No More"
Spider Juju Maurice LaMarche "Zaria's in Charge," "Big Boss Brawl"
Statue Answering Machine Nika Futterman "Great Juju Impersonator"
Tak Hal Sparks
Takeeta Hal Sparks "Girls Only"
Traloc Jeff Bennett
Vendor Juju Nick Jennings "The Gift"
Wife Stone Head Kari Wahlgren
Zaria Dannah Phirman
Zaria Admirer Hal Sparks "Zaria's in Charge"

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