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Back at the Barnyard
Back at the Barnyard

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 29 September 2007
Official Website: http://www.nick.com/shows/back-at-the-barnyard

The sequel to the 2006 CGI animated movie Barnyard.

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Abby the Cow Leigh Allyn Baker
Alien Cam Clarke "War of the Pranks"
Angry Chick Chris Hardwick "A Barn Day's Night"
Announcer Cam Clarke "A Barn Day's Night"
  Chris Hardwick
Aubrey Paul Greenberg "Pigmalion"
Badger Rob Paulsen "Meet the Ferrets"
Baxter the Dog Kevin McDonald
Bessy the Cow Leigh Allyn Baker "Hypno-A-Go-Go" (Cheerleader)
  Rica Matsumoto (Japanese)
  Wanda Sykes
Big Bones Mingion Jim Cummings "Iron Cow"
Bigfoot Dee Bradley Baker
Bikers Cam Clarke "Otis Season"
  John DiMaggio "Otis Season"
Bingo the Chimpanzee Mark DeCarlo "The Right Cow"
Blitzen Chris Hardwick "It's an Udderful Life"
Boil the Chick Chris Hardwick
British Guy Fred Tatasciore "It's an Udderful Life"
Bronco Betsey Grey Griffin "Rodeoitis"
Brunhilde Megan Cavanaugh "Pig Amok"
Bud the Jersey Cow John DiMaggio
Captain Tom Jim Cummings "Free Schmoozy"
Chubs Malone Mark DeCarlo "Otis' Eleven"
Crook Cam Clarke "Cowman and Ratboy," "Chez Pig"
Crows Lloyd Sherr "Cows Night Out", "Brave Udders"
Don Bling Kevin Michael Richardson "Raging Cow"
Donner John DiMaggio "It's an Udderful Life"
Dr. Ernst Furtwangler Billy West "Saving Mrs. Beady"
Dr. Glove the Veterinarian Audrey Wasilewski
Driver Rob Paulsen "Cow's Night Out"
Driver Dog Rob Paulsen "A Barn Day's Night"
Duke the Dog Dom Irrera
  Yuji Ueda (Japanese)
Eddy the Jersey Cow S. Scott Bullock
Etta the Hen Leigh Allyn Baker
  Megumi Toyoguchi (Japanese)
Eugene "Snotty Boy" Beady Steve Oedekerk
Everett the Dog Lloyd Sherr
Farmer Buyer Fred Tatasciore
Freddy the Ferret Cam Clarke
Freddy's Dad Tom Kane "Meet the Ferrets"
Freddy's Mom Jennifer Hale "Meet the Ferrets"
Goat Chris Hardwick "Cow's Night Out," "A Barn Day's Night"
Goraldo Jim Meskimen "The Big Barnyard Broadcast"
Great-Aunt Gertie Tress MacNeille "Pig Amok"
Hannah the Hen Grey Griffin "Pecky Suave"
Hens Leigh Allyn Baker "Meet the Ferrets"
  Chris Hardwick "Meet the Ferrets"
Hilly Bursford John DiMaggio
Hockey Mask Bob Bobcat Goldthwait "Back at the Booyard"
Horse John DiMaggio "Saving Mrs. Beady," "Raging Cow," "Some Like It Snotty"
  Kevin Michael Richardson "Raging Cow"
Hospital PA Announcer Maria Bamford "Saving Mrs. Beady"
Husband Rob Paulsen "Otis Season"
Igg the Jersey Cow Maurice LaMarche
Ivana Sugardadsky Valery Pappas "The Farmer Takes a Woman"
Jessica Allspice Maria Bamford
Joey the Calf Rob Paulsen
Juanita Grey Griffin "Big Top Barnyard"
Judge Beauregard Beaumont XVII Jim Ward "Cowdyshack"/"Adventures in Snotty Sitting"
Krowser Krebs Thomas F. Wilson "Brave Udder"
Macy the Lamb Maile Flanagan
Male Doctor Cam Clarke "Saving Mrs. Beady"
Man Cam Clarke "Cow's Night Out"
  Rob Paulsen "Cow's Night Out"
Max Fripplehoot Maurice LaMarche "Chez Pig"
Mayor Jeff Bennett "Otis Season"; "It's an Udderful Life"
Mertin Fargleman Tom Kenny "Cowman: The Uddered Avenger"
Mountain Joe Rob Paulsen "Barnyard Idol"
Mr. Fluffy Cam Clarke "The Haunting"
Mr. Nathan Beady Steve Oedekerk
Mrs. Nora Beady Maria Bamford
Narrator Chris Hardwick
Officer O'Hanlon John DiMaggio
Otis the Cow Chris Hardwick
  Kenichi Ogata (Japanese)
Pals Cam Clarke "Otis Season," "Some Like It Snotty"
  Paul Greenberg "Otis Season," "Some Like It Snotty"
Pampered Pets Host Jeff Bennett "Pigmalion"
Passenger Dogs Cam Clarke "A Barn Day's Night"
  Fred Tatasciore "A Barn Day's Night"
Peck the Rooster Rob Paulsen
Pig Tino Insana
Pip the Mouse Jeffrey Garcia
Pizza Twins Steve Oedekerk
  Rob Paulsen
Polar Bear Jim Cummings "It's an Udderful Life"
Polly Lloyd Sherr "The Haunting"
Prank'd Host Dee Bradley Baker "War of the Pranks"
Prince Fripplehoot Jeff Bennett "Pigmalion"
Pro-Triangle Guy Fred Tatasciore "A Barn Day's Night"
Root the Rooster Earthquake
Ryan Earcrust Dee Bradley Baker "Barnyard Idol"
Santa Claus Kevin Michael Richardson "It's an Udderful Life"
Security System Voice Gilbert Gottfried "The Barn Buddy"
Sheep Leigh Allyn Baker "Animal Farmers," "Meet the Ferrets"
  Jeff Bennett "Great Animal Escape"
  Cam Clarke "Animal Farmers"
  Chris Hardwick "Animal Farmers," "Great Sheep Escape"
  Rob Paulsen "Animal Farmers," "Great Sheep Escape," "Meet the Ferrets"
Spanish Man Cam Clarke "Big Top Barnyard"
Squirrel Rob Paulsen "Otis Season"
Stagehand Audrey Wasilewski "A Barn Day's Night"
Stamps the Dog Nika Futterman "Puppy Love"
Stumpity Joe Nolan North "Animal Farmers"
Swimmy Chris Hardwick "The Haunting"
Townspeople Leigh Allyn Baker "Otis Season"
  Cam Clarke "Otis Season"
Veterinarian Julia Sweeney "Doppelganger"
Weird Al Yankovic Weird Al Yankovic "Get Bessy"
Whipcrack McGee Rob Paulsen "Udderado"
Wife Leigh Allyn Baker "Otis Season"
Wild Mike Rob Paulsen "Wild Mike's Dance Party"
Winky John Kassir "The Haunting"

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