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Magical DoReMi
Magical DoReMi

Also Known As: Ojamajo Doremi
Genre: Anime Series
Release Date: 10 September 2005
Voice Director: Tom Wayland

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alexander T. Oyajiide Ginzo Matsuo (Japanese)
Belinda Higgins Cassandra Morris "Believing Belinda"
Caitlyn Goodwyn Liza Jacqueline
Conya Mollie Weaver
Doremi Harukaze Chiemi Chiba (Japanese)
Dorie Goodwyn Amy Palant
Igarashi Gerry Meza (Spanish (Latin American))
Kotake Tetsuya Hyo-sei (Japanese)
Lorelei Andi Whaley
Mirabelle Haywood Serena Clerici (Italian)
  Kether Donahue
  Fily Keita (French)
  Bak Seon Yeong (Korean)
Miss Shannon Kayzie Rogers
Mr. Goodwyn Dan Green
Mr. Griffith Pete Capella
Mr. Haywood Sean Schemmel
Mrs. Cooper Kate Roland
Mrs. Craft Inez GŁnther (German)
Mrs. Goodwyn Bella Hudson
Mrs. Griffith Kerry Williams
Oliver Tom Wayland
Patina Inez GŁnther (German)
  Lisa Ortiz
Principal Hamburg Oliver Wyman
Queen Lumina Carol Jacobanis
Reanne Griffith Tomoko Akiya (Japanese)
  Rebecca Soler
Simon Sean Schemmel
Stewart Michael Sinterniklaas
Todd Kayzie Rogers
Vice-Principal Shoople Eric Stuart

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