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Genre: Animated Series
Release Dates: 02 November 2007 - 07 August 2010
Voice Director: Collette Sunderman

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Alien Meach Tara Strong "The Meach Harvest"
Alligator Jim Cummings "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Arbor Ron Perlman "The Aborians," "Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas," "Gazpacho!"
Arbor's Mom Mindy Sterling "Gazpacho!"
Baby Cop Tara Strong "The Hot Date"
Badge Jim Cummings "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Ball Rider Yuri Lowenthal "Big Ball"
Beaver Cop Diedrich Bader "The Hot Date"
Big Postal Beast John DiMaggio "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Bird Citizen John DiMaggio "Shnitzel Quits"
Bird Player Carlos Alazraqui "Big Ball"
Birdman Jim Meskimen "The Garage Sale"
Bluffer Fish Tom Kenny "The Party Cruise"
Branhull Giant John DiMaggio "The Thousand Pound Cake"
Bricabroccoli Monster John DiMaggio "Shnitzel Quits"
Bubble Gum Vendor Daran Norris "Grubble Gum"
Bully Girl Tara Strong "Gazpacho!"
Carlito Con Questo Carlos Alazraqui "Weekend at Shnitzel's"
Carol Tara Strong "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Carrot John DiMaggio "The Dinner Theatre"
Cash Money Tara Strong "Gazpacho!"
Ceviche Elan Garfias
Charlie #1 Tom Kenny "The Party Cruise"
Charlie #2 Eric Bauza "The Party Cruise"
Chestnut John DiMaggio "Gazpacho!"
  Tone Loc "The Moldy Touch," "Chowder Loses His Hat," "Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas"
Chicken Tara Strong "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Chowder C.H. Greenblatt (Adult) "Chowder Grows Up"
  Nicky Jones
  Hana Takeda (Japanese)
Corn Tara Strong "The Dinner Theatre"
Cow Mindy Sterling "The Dinner Theatre"
Creator C.H. Greenblatt "Shnitzel Quits"
Critter Dave Wittenberg "The Dinner Theatre"
Dancer Stephen Root "The Apprentice Games"
Defender Yuri Lowenthal "Big Ball"
Dog John DiMaggio "Kid Shnitzel"
Dog Citizen Charlie Schlatter "Shnitzel Quits"
Dom Rob Paulsen "The Apprentice Games"
Doozie Carlos Alazraqui "The Lollistops"
Dr. Jalepino Plepper Carlos Alazraqui "The Lollistops"
Driver Dwight Schultz "Gazpacho!'
Duck John DiMaggio "Big Ball"
Eagle Candi Milo "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Eggs Rob Paulsen "Shnitzel Quits"
  Gary Anthony Williams "Shnitzel Quits"
Fois Gras George Takei "Chowder and Mr. Fugu," "Hands on a Big Mixer"
Gazelle Carlos Alazraqui "Weekend at Shnitzel's"
Gazpacho Dana Snyder
Giant John DiMaggio "The Thousand Pound Cake," "Big Ball"
Girl Candi Milo "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Goose Dwight Schultz "The Apprentice Games"
Gorgonzola Will Shadley
  Dave Wittenberg (Adult) "Chowder Grows Up"
Goulash Coach Carlos Alazraqui "Big Ball"
Guy Jim Meskimen "The Garage Sale"
  Dwight Schultz "The Party Cruise"
Hamhock John DiMaggio "The Party Cruise," "Won Ton Bombs"
Hat Customer Dee Bradley Baker "The Thousand Pound Cake"
Hippo Cop Dana Snyder "The Hot Date"
Indian Statue John DiMaggio "Gazpacho!"
Jam Bobby Moynihan "The Grape Worm"
Justice of Peace Dwight Schultz "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Kabob Elan Garfias "Chowder Grows Up"
Kid Nicky Jones "The Dinner Theatre"
Kimchi C.H. Greenblatt
Kimchi's Dad Jim Cummings "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Kimchi's Mom Tara Strong "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
King of All Nerds C.H. Greenblatt "Big Ball"
King of the Sky Dwight Schultz "Big Ball"
Kiwi C.H. Greenblatt
Ladies Lori Alan "Won Ton Bombs"
  Jennifer Hale "Won Ton Bombs"
  Tara Strong "Won Ton Bombs"
Lead Farfel Kevin Michael Richardson "Shnitzel and the Lead Farfel"
Limon Steve Blum "Gazpacho!"
Limon's Mom Tara Strong "Gazpacho!"
Lingon Leader Tom Kenny "The Flying Flinger Lingons"
Lingons John DiMaggio "The Flying Flinger Lingons"
  Dwight Schultz "The Flying Flinger Lingons"
Lip Vendor John DiMaggio "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Lo Muin James Hong "Won Ton Bombs"
Macadamin Player Yuri Lowenthal "Big Ball"
Man John DiMaggio "Won Ton Bombs"
  Ron Perlman "The Garage Sale"
  Dwight Schultz "The Apprentice Games"
  Dana Snyder "The Dinner Theatre"
Man in Lifeboat Dwight Schultz "The Party Cruise"
Meat Oaf John DiMaggio "The Garage Sale"
Monster John DiMaggio "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Mr. Fish Jim Meskimen "The Garage Sale"
Mr. Fugu Bob Joles "Chowder and Mr. Fugu
Ms. Endive Mindy Sterling
Mung Daal Dwight Schultz
Narrator Carlos Alazraqui "Weekend at Shnitzel's"
Ninja Dwight Schultz "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Officer Cheese Steak John DiMaggio "The Wrong Customer." "The Hot Date"
Officer Grinder John DiMaggio "The Wrong Customer," "The Hot Date"
Officer Loose Meat Tara Strong "The Wrong Customer," "The Hot Date"
Officer Monte Cristo Dwight Schultz "The Wrong Customer," "The Hot Date"
Officer PB&J Tara Strong "The Wrong Customer," "The Hot Date"
Officer Po-Boy Dwight Schultz "The Hot Date"
Officer Sloppy Joe Dwight Schultz "The Wrong Customer," "The Hot Date"
Officer Snow Leopard Diedrich Bader "The Wrong Customer," "The Hot Date"
Old Ladies Grey Griffin "The Toots"
Old Man Jeff Bennett "Kid Shnitzel"
Owl Tara Strong "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Owner Dwight Schultz "The Party Cruise"
Panini Grey Griffin (Adult) "Chowder Grows Up"
  Liliana Mumy
Parrot Rob Paulsen "The Apprentice Games"
Pate John DiMaggio "The Dinner Theatre"
Patrons John DiMaggio "Gazpacho Stands Up"
  Dwight Schultz "Gazpacho Stands Up"
  Dana Snyder "The Dinner Theatre"
  Mindy Sterling "The Dinner Theatre"
  Dave Wittenberg "The Dinner Theatre"
Perignon Dwight Schultz "The Apprentice Games"
Pig Woman Tara Strong "The Dinner Theatre"
Pirate Ninja Dwight Schultz "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Porridge Jeremy Shada "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Punk #1 Dave Wittenberg "The Wrong Address"
Rat Dave Wittenberg "The Wrong Address"
Rats Dee Bradley Baker "The Rat Sandwich"
  John DiMaggio "Shnitzel Quits"
  Rob Paulsen "Shnitzel Quits"
  Paul Reubens "The Rat Sandwich"
  Gary Anthony Williams "Shnitzel Quits"
Referee Carlos Alazraqui "Big Ball"
Reuben Paul Reubens "Certifrycation Class," "The Rat Sandwich," "Party Cruise"
Roquefort Phil LaMarr "Schnitzel Makes a Deposit," "Hey, Hey, It's Knishmas"
Rosemary Candi Milo "Gazpacho Fights Back"
Schnitzel John DiMaggio
Scraps Elan Garfias "Chowder Grows Up"
Screaming Vendor Daran Norris "Grubble Gum"
Senorita Mesquite Grey Griffin "Weekend at Shnitzel's"
Sergeant Hoagie Diedrich Bader "The Wrong Address," "The Hot Date"
Shmoast Guard Eric Bauza "The Party Cruise"
Shnitzel Kevin Michael Richardson "The Froggy Apple Crumple Thumpkin"
Sing Beans John DiMaggio "The Sing Beans"
  Jess Harnell "The Sing Beans"
  Tara Strong "The Sing Beans"
  Carmen Twillie "The Sing Beans"
Skeleton Charlie Schlatter "Shnitzel Quits"
Sleep Eater John DiMaggio "The Sleep Eater"
Sour Guards Maxwell Atoms "The Puckerberry Overlords"
  Corey Burton "The Puckerberry Overlords"
Sour Ron Corey Burton "The Puckerberry Overlords"
Stilton Stephen Root "The Apprentice Games"
Sun C.H. Greenblatt "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Tastebuds Maxwell Atoms "The Puckerberry Overlords"
  Dwight Schultz "The Puckerberry Overlords"
Theatre Manager Jess Harnell "The Sing Beans"
Thrice Cream Man Jeff Bennett "The Thrice Cream Man"
Thrice Cream Woman Tara Strong "The Thrice Cream Man"
Timmy John DiMaggio "Won Ton Bombs"
Tofu Gary Anthony Williams "Shnitzel Quits"
Tomato Dwight Schultz "The Dinner Theatre"
Tourist #2 Eric Bauza "The Party Cruise"
Tourists Eric Bauza "The Party Cruise"
  Tom Kenny "The Party Cruise"
Troll John DiMaggio "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Truffles Tara Strong
Voice on Phone John DiMaggio "Gazpacho!"
Wakisashi Mushrooms John DiMaggio "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
  Dwight Schultz "My Big Fat Stinky Wedding"
Warden Frau Brotchen Jeff Bennett "Kid Shnitzel"
Woman Steve Blum "Gazpacho!"
  Grey Griffin "The Toots"
  Mindy Sterling "Gazpacho!"
Won Ton Nicky Jones "Won Ton Bombs"

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