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Wild Thornberrys, The
Wild Thornberrys, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 01 September 1998
Voice Director: Charlie Adler

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Adolescent Jaguar Erik von Detten "Temple of Eliza"
Antoinette Mae Whitman "Luck Be an Aye-Aye"
Arctic Hare Leila Kenzle "Show Me the Bunny"
Arioka June Angela "Gobi Yourself"
Asian Black Bear Robert Ito "The Anniversary"
Baby Condor Dom DeLuise "Flight of the Donnie"
Barking Deer Xander Berkeley "Born to Be Wild"
  Chad Lowe "Born to Be Wild"
Barno Paul Greenberg "Bad Company"
Batlaa Dionne Quan "Gobi Yourself"
Ben David Gallagher "Lost and Foundation"
Bobry Leila Kenzle "You Otter Know"
Bryan Andy Hirsch "Born to Be Wild"
Buck the Ibex Chad Lowe "Every Little Bit Alps"
Bull Seal Jay Thomas "Tamper Proof Seal"
Burro Orestes Matacena "Spirited Away"
Bushback Gary Anthony Williams "The Trouble with Darwin"
Camel Tasia Valenza "Gobi Yourself"
Capybara Candi Milo "Vacant Lot"
Castorsky Scott Menville "All Work and No Play"
Cat Nancy Travis "Queen of Denial"
Cody Shannon Kenny "Dances with Dingoes"
Cows Doris Roberts "Critical Masai"
  Pamela Tyson "Critical Masai"
Crocodile #1 Jesse Corti "Only Child"
Crocodile #2 Tom Kane "Only Child"
Crocodile #3 Jesse Corti "Only Child"
Crocodiles Dee Bradley Baker "Bogged Down"
  Michael Connor "Bogged Down"
DJ Jeremy Sisto "Vacant Lot"
Dank Bill Fagerbakke "On the Right Track"
Darwin the Chimpanzee Tom Kane
Debbie Thornberry Danielle Harris
Dennis Tucker Martin Mull "Birthday Quake"
Dog Parry Shen "Dragon Me Along"
Donnie Thornberry Flea
Doorman Michael Moertl "Lost and Foundation"
Dr. Freed Dwight Schultz "Polar Opposites"
Driver Michael Moertl "Lost and Foundation"
Dugong Katherine Helmond "Reef Grief"
Eagle Jeff Coopwood "A Shaky Foundation"
Earl Harvey Korman "No Laughing Matter"
El Gordita John Kassir "Blood Sisters"
Elcio Alfred Molina "Only Child"
Elder Beaver Dimitri Diatchenko "All Work and No Play"
Elephant Dee Bradley Baker "Birthday Quake"
Eliza Thornberry Lacey Chabert
Emu Moira Quirk "Operation Valentine"
Fareri Farani Timothy Dang "Song for Eliza"
Female Jaguar Cub Sabrina Wiener
Female Officer Nora Dunn "Thornberry Island"
Female Seal #2 Liz Georges "Tamper Proof Seal"
Female Viscasha Lynn Milgrim "Blood Sisters"
Feral Girl Cree Summer "Two's Company"
Finch David Paymer "Eliza-cology"
Forest Hog Gary Anthony Williams "The Trouble with Darwin"
Forest Pig S. Scott Bullock "Valley Girls"
Frank Hunter Edward Asner "The Anniversary"
Franz Fensterkopf Bronson Pinchot "Clash of the Teutons"
Gabriella Marabina Jaimes "Where the Gauchos Roam"
Galapagos Penguin Allyce Beasley "Eliza-cology"
  Sally Struthers "Eliza-cology"
Gecko Dana Kaminski "Rain Dance"
Gemsboks M. Emmet Walsh "Rain Dance"
  April Winchell "Rain Dance"
Gillian Gibson Shannon Kenny "New Territory"
Gola Jesse James "Chimp Off the Old Block"
Gola's Mother Anna Maria Horsford "Chimp Off the Old Block"
Gorilla James Avery "Valley Girls"
Grandma Sophie Hunter Betty White "A Tiger By the Tail," "The Anniversary"
Grizzly Bear Jimmie Wood "Pack of Thornberrys"
Ground Finch Allyce Beasley "Eliza-cology"
Harold Ferval Don Lake "Chimp Off the Old Block"
Harriet Conchata Ferrell "Time Flies"
Hartebeest John Ales "Gift of Gab"
Hayden Adams Beau Bridges "Every Little Bit Alps"
Head Dog Max Brooks "Polar Opposites"
Head Finch David Graf "Eliza-cology"
Hippopotamus David Eccles "Matadi or Bust"
Honey Badger #2 John Ales "Gift of Gab"
Hunters Nick Jameson "Show Me the Bunny"
Iguana David Graf "Eliza-cology"
  Estelle Harris "Eliza-cology"
Iguanas David Paymer "Eliza-cology"
  Sally Struthers "Eliza-cology"
Inga Russi Taylor "On the Right Track"
Inspector Tabu Dwight Schultz "Chew if By Sea"
Jackal Tim Conway "Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas"
Jake Robert Morse "Two's Company"
Jamal Thom Barry "Dances with Dingoes"
Jane Goodall Jane Goodall "The Trouble with Darwin"
Jao Olivia d'Abo "Only Child"
Jason Steve Van Wormer "Every Little Bit Alps"
Jim Jeff Coopwood "A Shaky Foundation"
Jimal Thom Barry "Dances with Dingoes"
Jomo Brock Peters "Forget Me Not"
Jope Craig Ferguson "Dances with Dingoes"
Karroo David Ogden Stiers "Luck Be an Aye-Aye"
Katrina Melissa Fahn "On the Right Track"
Killer Whale Christine Belford "Tamper Proof Seal"
Kip O'Donnell Keith Szarabajka
Kito the Jaguar Georg Stanford Brown "Temple of Eliza"
Komodo Dragon Roscoe Lee Browne "The Dragon and the Professor"
Lead Jackal W. Morgan Sheppard "Cheetahs Never Prosper"
Lemurs Michael Connor "Bogged Down"
  Mindy Sterling "Bogged Down"
Lion Gregg Berger "Flood Warning"
Lionesses Eartha Kitt "Flood Warning"
  Sheryl Lee Ralph "Flood Warning"
Macqaques Dee Bradley Baker "Rumble in the Jungle"
  Christina Milian "Rumble in the Jungle"
  Frank Welker "Rumble in the Jungle"
Makai Steve Harris "Critical Masai"
Male Jaguar Cub Jeffrey Licon "Temple of Eliza"
Male Viscasha Michael Stanton "Blood Sisters"
Mali Christina Pickles "Birthday Quake"
Marianne Thornberry Jodi Carlisle
Marsh Deer Jess Harnell "Vacant Lot"
Masai Woman Pamela Tyson "Critical Masai"
Megapode Birds Lisa Raggio "The Dragon and the Professor"
Merrick Dash Rene Auberjonois "Happy Old Year"
Michelle Maidell Swoosie Kurtz "The Wild Snob-Berry"
Monkey Dee Bradley Baker "Monkey See, Monkey Don't"
  Peter MacNicol "Monkey See, Monkey Don't"
Mother Cheetah Jodi Benson "Cheetahs Never Prosper"
Mother Condor Andrea Martin "Flight of the Donnie"
Mother Elephant Iona Morris "Iron Curtin"
Mother Kangaroo Sheena Easton "Pal Joey"
Mr. Culpepper Grant Shaud "The Dragon and the Professor"
Nancy Tucker Mary Kay Place "Birthday Quake"
Ned Ferval Ethan Embry "Chimp Off the Old Block"
Neil Biederman Jerry Sroka
Newscaster Endre Hules "All Work and No Play"
  Mindy Sterling "Bogged Down"
Nigel Thornberry Tim Curry
  Patrick Préjean (French)
Officer Jeff Bennett "Vacant Lot"
Official Marcelo Tubert "Two's Company"
Ostrich Lauri Johnson "Rain Dance"
  Kathy Najimy "Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas"
Panther Cree Summer "Two's Company"
Panther Cub Tom Kane "Two's Company"
Park Worker Donal Gibson "New Territory"
Parrot Candi Milo "Vacant Lot"
Pava Peter Onorati "Pack of Thornberrys"
Phaedra Jane Wiedlin "Forget Me Not," "Birthday Quake"
Pippo Jackie Harris "Bad Company"
Porcupine Danielle Harris "Two's Company"
Professor Spinoza Fernando Escandon "Blood Sisters"
Python S. Scott Bullock "Valley Girls"
Raamba the Jaguar Marabina Jaimes "Temple of Eliza"
Rajah Warren Sroka "Darwin Plays the Palace"
Raju Peter MacNicol "Monkey See, Monkey Don't"
Rebecca the Elephant Queen Marion Ross "Forget Me Not"
Red Colobus Monkey Carl Lumbly "Island Trade"
Rwiti Himona Michael Gough (II) "Hot Air"
Ryan Nick Meaney "Born to Be Wild"
Sam Phyllis Diller "Two's Company"
Sam Gibson Tristan Rogers "New Territory"
Sam Rainwater Michael Horse "Pack of Thornberrys"
Santusa the Llama Tia Texada "Nigel Knows Best," "Happy Old Year"
Sea Lion Dee Bradley Baker "Eliza-cology"
Sea Lions Wayne Federman "Eliza-cology"
Sea Otter Flea "You Otter Know"
Sea Turtle David Huddleston "Gold Fever"
Shaman Mnyambo Kevin Michael Richardson "Gift of Gab"
Shi Shou Dionne Quan "Dragon Me Along"
Short Tail Macqaque Christine Cavanaugh
Skoot William H. Macy "On the Right Track"
Steamboat Captain Phil LaMarr "Matadi or Bust"
Stoat Xander Berkeley "Show Me the Bunny"
Sumatran Rhino Henry Gibson "Born to Be Wild"
Tak the Rat Ron Fassler "The Great Bangaboo"
Tanger Marcelo Tubert "Two's Company"
Tano Pamela Adlon "Cheetahs Never Prosper"
Tapir Rosslynn Taylor Jordan "Vacant Lot"
Teen Michael Moertl "Lost and Foundation"
The Great Bangaboo John Astin "The Great Bangaboo"
Tiger Dee Bradley Baker "Monkey See, Monkey Don't"
Tom Ravenhurst Michael Rosenbaum "A Shaky Foundation"
Tortoise Jess Harnell "Vacant Lot"
Tuka Marquise Wilson "Critical Masai"
Tuku Phil LaMarr "Bad Company"
Tumbulu Carl Lumbly "Chimp Off the Old Block"
Turtle Estelle Harris "Eliza-cology"
Tyler Tucker Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Vulture Mitzi McCall "Gift of Gab"
Warrior Thom Barry "Critical Masai"
Warthog Gregg Berger "Flood Warning"
Weasel Vicki Lewis "Lost and Foundation"
Wild Horse Ron Perlman "Horse Sense"
Winema Kelly McGillis "Pack of Thornberrys"
Wrestlers Charlie Adler "Horse Sense"
Young Elephant Holly Dorff "Iron Curtin"
Young Finch Dee Bradley Baker "Eliza-cology"
Zebra Tim Conway "Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas"

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