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Saints Row 2
Saints Row 2

Genre: Video Game
Release Date: 2007
Voice Director: Douglas Carrigan

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Carlos Joe Camareno
Cholo Adam Bobrow
Construction Worker Carlos Ferro
DJ Veteran Child Neil Patrick Harris
Dane Vogel Jay Mohr
Donnie Andrew Kishino
Hippy Adrienne Wilkinson
Hispanic Male Business Man Alex Fernandez
Hispanic Male Patient Alex Fernandez
Hispanic Male Pimp Alex Fernandez
Johnny Gat Daniel Dae Kim
Julius Keith David
K12 DJ Courtenay Taylor
Maero Michael Dorn
Main Character (Black Male) Kenn Michael
Mascot Carlos Ferro
Matt Anthony Pulcini
Mummy Lisa Tamashiro
Phil Carlos Ferro
Pierce Washington Arif S. Kinchen
Radio Commercial Voices Harry Chase
  Wendell Craig
  Jeff David
  Gary Littman
  Dennis Ostermaier
  Robb Pruitt
  Margaret Reed
  Frank Simms
  Jason Zumwalt
Raver Punk Adam Bobrow
Ronin Courtenay Taylor
Ronin 3 Andrew Kishino
Shaundi Eliza Dushku
Son of Samedi Andrew Kishino
Sorority Girl Adrienne Wilkinson
Stewardess Adrienne Wilkinson
Stillwater Residents Arif S. Kinchen
Stripper Adrienne Wilkinson
Third Street Saint #2 Alex Fernandez
Ultor Goon Andrew Kishino
White Punk Adam Bobrow
Young Asian Female Lisa Tamashiro
(additional voices) Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
  Michael Beattie
  Jocelyn Blue
  Brandon Keener
  Laura Miro
  Courtenay Taylor
  Michael Yurchak

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