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Shorty McShorts' Shorts
Shorty McShorts' Shorts

Also Known As: Shorty McShorts Shorts
Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 2006

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Admiral Bozzelbag Kevin Michael Richardson "Bozzlebag's Zip"
Amber Van Owen Sherrie Jackson "The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare"
April Lara Jill Miller "My Mom Married a Yeti"
Ayako Mailmin Lisa Tamashiro "Bozzlebag's Zip"
Beauty Lisa Loeb "The Imperfect Duplicates of Dodger Dare"
Boomer Derek Stephen Prince "The Phabulizers"
Brian Reacrest Scott Menville "Boyz on da Run"
Cameron Wayne Brady "Boyz on da Run"
Canadian Reporter Grey Griffin "Boyz on da Run"
Colin Mailmin Axel Alba "Bozzlebag's Zip"
Cory James Sie "Boyz on da Run"
Dad Tom Kenny "My Mom Married a Yeti"
Danielle Amy Yasbeck "Flip-Flopped"
Digit Kelly Stables "Too Many Robots"
Donnie Scott Menville "Boyz on da Run"
Dudley Richard Steven Horvitz "Dudley and Nestor Do Nothing"
Duke Jeff Garlin "Flip-Flopped"
Frankie Jeff Bennett "Boyz on da Run"
Fred Mailmin Tom Kenny "Bozzlebag's Zip"
Guard Richard Steven Horvitz "Dudley and Nestor Do Nothing"
Guy / Shezow Jason Earles "Shezow"
Head Scientist Howard Hoffman "Dudley and Nestor Do Nothing"
Henrichven Jim Gaffigan "My Mom Married a Yeti"
Hunky-D John Schneider "The Phabulizers"
Izzy Tara Strong "My Mom Married a Yeti"
Jimbob John DiMaggio "The Phabulizers"
Kelly Emily Osment "Shezow"
Kevin Mitchel Musso "Mascot Prep"
Mom Lauren Martin "My Mom Married a Yeti"
Monte Cosmo / Troy Carlos Alazraqui "Troy Ride"
Mr. Hoffenfoffer John DiMaggio "Mascot Prep"
Nestor Wilmer Valderrama "Dudley and Nestor Do Nothing"
Og the Yeti Jim Gaffigan "My Mom Married a Yeti"
Oki-Dokee Kari Wahlgren "The Phabulizers"
Operator Tom Kenny "Dudley and Nestor Do Nothing"
Phil Kennedy Derek Stephen Prince "The Phabulizers"
Ricky Joey Fatone "Boyz on da Run"
Roboat Brian Stepanek "Too Many Robots"
Ron Shepard Tom Kenny "Boyz on da Run"
Shapiro Sean Marquette "Troy Ride"
Skylar Henry Rollins "Boyz on da Run"
Taffy Ariel Winter "Flip-Flopped"
Tall Skunk Girl Emily Osment "Mascot Prep"
The Kudama Twins Dionne Quan "Dudley and Nestor Do Nothing"
Truant Officer P.J. Fabian Kurtwood Smith "Troy Ride"
Waitress Grey Griffin "Boyz on da Run"
(additional voices) Pamela Adlon "Troy Ride"
  Maria Bamford "Boyz on da Run"
  Grey Griffin "Mascot Prep"
  Alexandra Gold Jourden "Bozzlebag's Zip"
  Mikey Kelley "Boyz on da Run"
  Dennis Messner "My Mom Married a Yeti"
  Cindy Williams "Mascot Prep"

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