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Land Before Time, The
Land Before Time, The

Genre: Animated Series
Release Date: 05 May 2007
Voice Director: Susan Blu

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Ali Nika Futterman "The Brave Longneck Scheme"
Angry Longneck Rob Paulsen "The Brave Longneck Scheme"
Bron Cam Clarke "The Big Longneck Test"
Cera Anndi McAfee
Cera's Father John Ingle
Chomper Max Burkholder
Dara Susan Blu "The Lone Dinosaur Returns"
Doc Jeff Bennett "The Lone Dinosaur Returns"
Ducky Aria Noelle Curzon
Ducky's Mom Tress MacNeille
Grandma Longneck Miriam Flynn
Grandpa Longneck Kenneth Mars
Guido Rob Paulsen "The Hermit of Black Rock"
Hidden Runner Rob Paulsen "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure"
Hyp Mikey Kelley "The Great Egg Adventure"
Kosh Jeff Bennett "The Amazing Threehorn Girl"
  Pete Sepenuk "The Star Day Celebration"
Leading Stegosaurus Rob Paulsen "The Forbidden Friendship"
Littlefoot Cody Arens
Lydia Anndi McAfee "Stranger from the Mysterious Above"
Milo Rob Paulsen "Stranger from the Mysterious Above"
Mother Velociraptor Scott Menville "The Great Egg Adventure"
Mr. Thicknose Dorian Harewood
Mutt Jeff Bennett "The Great Egg Adventure"
Nod Scott Menville "The Great Egg Adventure"
Old One Jessica Walter "The Brave Longneck Scheme"
Petrie Jeff Bennett
Petrie's Mom Tress MacNeille
Plower Meghan Strange "Stranger from the Mysterious Above"
Red Claw Pete Sepenuk
Rhett EG Daily "The Brave Longneck Scheme"
Ruby Meghan Strange
Ruby's Dad Rob Paulsen "Return to Hanging Rock"
Ruby's Mom Nika Futterman "Return to Hanging Rock"
Ruby's Siblings Jeff Bennett "Return to Hanging Rock"
Saro Pete Sepenuk "The Legend of the Story Speakers"
Screech Pete Sepenuk
Scuttle Kevin Michael Richardson "March of the Sand Creepers"
Shorty EG Daily "The Big Longneck Test"
Skip Jeff Bennett "Return to Hanging Rock"
Spike Rob Paulsen
Swooper Jess Harnell "The Hermit of Black Rock"
Thud Rob Paulsen
Tippy Cree Summer "The Forbidden Friendship"
Tria Jessica Gee
Tricia Meghan Strange

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