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Emperor's New Groove, The
Emperor's New Groove, The

Genre: Animated Film
Release Date: 2000

Character Actor Episode / Addl. Info
Bucky Bob Bergen
Chaca Kellyann Kelso
Chicha Wendie Malick
Kronk Kristopher Schau (Norwegian)
  Patrick Warburton
Kuzco David Spade
Official Joe Whyte
Old Man John Fiedler
  Esteban Siller (Spanish (Latin American))
Pacha John Goodman
  Eero Saarinen (Finnish)
Theme Song Guy Tom Jones
Tipo Eli Russell Linnetz
  Yuuki Tokiwa (Japanese)
Waitress Patti Deutsch
Yzma Eartha Kitt
(additional voices) Stephen J. Anderson
  Rodger Bumpass
  Robert Clotworthy
  Jennifer Darling
  Miriam Flynn
  Geri Lee Gorowski
  Jess Harnell
  Sherry Lynn
  Danny Mann
  Mickie McGowan
  D.F. Reynolds
  Andre Stojka
  Steve Susskind
(background vocals) Joe Pizzulo

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